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Is nothing sacred...

The Lords Of The New Church is an English group formed in 1982 and composed of Stiv Bators, Brian James, Dave Tregunna and Nick Turner. All former members of punk bands like "The Dead Boys", "The Damned", "Sham69" and others "The Barracudas".

We will mainly remember the album "Is nothing sacred", released in 1983 and which will produce their biggest hit, namely the excellent "Dance with me".

They will experience other hits, admittedly minor, but of good quality such as "New Church", "Open your eyes" as well as "Live for today".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • New church 1982

  • Open your eyes 1982

  • Russian roulette 1982

  • Live for today 1983

  • Dance with me 1983

  • Murder style 1984

  • Like a virgin 1985

  • Making time 1989


Clips :

1982 ... beginnings that will be qualified as rhythmic, to say the least. The general trend is given : it will be gothic-decadent rock in the 80s version ...

1982 ... the rest is already more structured. The tempo has slowed down considerably, which allows the melody to find a place worthy of the name

1982 ... a year of break-in which allowed the group to build up slowly but surely. And the rest will prove that this group has talent. In their style ...

1983 ... THE best year of the group. A year with 2 big hits and which allows the group to gain notoriety and recognition from the public

1983 ... which will surely remain as their biggest title. A global hit that makes them definitively join the musical legend of the 80s. Crazy bet but won !

1984 ... a single small single for 1984. The group finds its basic inspiration and a much less commercial sound. The sanction is immediate ...

1985 ... unbelievable but true ! They dare to take over one of the flagship titles of Madonna. Yes, yes, they did. And the result is inevitably...stripping !

1989 ... 4 years with nothing to eat. Then we find them as at their beginnings : that is to say the bowls thoroughly ! A suicidal bet that will definitively bury the group ...


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