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Donald Fagen is an American singer-songwriter who began his artistic career with a world-famous group Steely Dan.

It was in 1982, a year after his split from his former band, that he released his first solo album "The nightfly". And for a first try, it's a masterstroke. The album is a worldwide hit and will exceed one million copies sold in the United States alone.

The album is not going to be extracted from the massive hit "I.G.Y. (What a beautiful world)". And to a lesser extent "New frontier", which will be carried by a particularly successful clip that will loop on MTV.

It will take him over 10 years (!) to release his second album "Kamakiriad", which will record equally impressive sales scores even though they will be lower than the previous album. Album which allows him to work again with his former alter-ego of Steely Dan Walter Becker. The singles "Tomorrow's Girls" and Snowbound "will be extracted mainly.

Other albums will be released later, but they will not experience the same level of success as their predecessors.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Do it again 1972 (Steely Dan)

  • Reelin' in the years 1973 (Steely Dan)

  • Rikki don't lose that number 1974 (Steely Dan)

  • Haitian divorce 1976 (Steely Dan)

  • Peg 1977 (Steely Dan)

  • Deacon Blues 1978 (Steely Dan)

  • FM (No static at all) 1978 (Steely Dan)

  • Josie 1978 (Steely Dan)

  • Hey nineteen 1980 (Steely Dan)

  • Time out mind 1981 (Steely Dan)

  • True companion 1981

  • I.G.Y. 1982

  • New frontier 1982

  • Ruby baby 1982

  • Century’s end 1988

  • Trans-Island skyway 1993

  • Tomorrows girl 1993

  • Snowbound 1993

  • Almost gothic 2000 (Steely Dan)

  • West of Hollywood 2000 (Steely Dan)

  • Things I miss the most 2003 (Steely Dan)

  • Pixeleen 2003 (Steely Dan)

  • Morph the cat 2006

  • The great pagoda of funn 2006

  • I'm not the same without you 2012

  • Miss Marlene 2012


Clips :

1972 ... after a first title that went completely unnoticed, the group did it again with this title. And the least we can say is that this one, unlike the other, will not go unnoticed. Race results : first global top hit !

1973 ... a dynamic of success which is confirmed with this title. Even if this one will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it confirms in any case all the good that one could think of the group

1974 ... the consecration arrives with THIS title ! A title which allows the group to obtain the biggest success of all its discography and to obtain at the same time a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

1976 ... here they arrived in reggae mode, a first. And my gosh, the result is far from ridiculous. Unfortunately, this title there will know only a very limited success with the public ...

1977 ... business resumed the following year thanks to this title. A title which will be the only one for this year 1977. The minimum union as they say ...

1978 ... as the year 1977 was not very prolific, as the year 1978 will be quite its opposite. So much so that this year 1978 will remain as the best vintage of the group ...

1978 ... with this title as a highlight ! The group obtains here a new planetary top hit which adds a new star to an already very well prize list as they say !

1978 ... a last success to end in style this year 1978, exceptional in all respects for the group. Not sure that the rest is of the same level unfortunately ...

1980 ... not necessarily their highest ranked title but surely one of their most emblematic. The group made a sensational entry into this new decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... unfortunately, the great adventure draws to an end. After 10 years spent at the top, the group will bow out with more or less diverse fortunes for its former members in the years to come ...

1981 ... Donald Fagen is going to do the best. With this first solo title which already gives serious indications on the sequel to come. And the rest promises to be huge !

1982 ... THE title that will change everything and propel the artist to the top of fame. Here he delivers an amazing title, completely outside the musical standards of the time and which will nevertheless remain as one of the greatest titles of the decade. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1982 ... a sequel in which is entirely in the continuity of the previous jewel. A truly inimitable style that will forever remain its trademark...

1982 ... an exceptional year 1982 with a plethora of very high caliber titles. And always this jazzy base, completely out of the ordinary and which makes all the difference !

1988 ... then nothing for 6 years. A big air hole that will be very difficult to fill despite the arrival of new titles of certain quality ...

1993 ... new big air hole. A checkered career that will inevitably end up marginalizing the artist. Frankly shame ...

1993 ... the artist will never find the genius inspiration of the early 80s. The style will remain almost the same. A style out of step this time too important in this decade of 90 where everything goes faster and faster ...

1993 ... we end as we started. Gently and quietly. An astonishing career, completely shifted and which will leave in the history at least 1 title of legend. It's already that !

2000...we ended the 90s but certainly not the adventure. Here he is again 7 years later in 'Steely Dan' mode to write a new page with his favorite group...

2000... the group will not produce any hits with this new opus but the album will work particularly well for them in the Charts. Like what the group has not been forgotten, it's clear...

2003... the group will not produce any hits with this new opus but the album will work particularly well for them in the Charts. Like what the group has not been forgotten, it's clear...

2003...and still this inimitable style which will forever remain the 'signature' of the group. Afterwards, not sure that it attracts more than that the younger generations unfortunately...

2006...return to solo from the year 2006. A return which also delights his own base fans who of course rushed to buy his new opus...

2006...the quality is in order but it lacks the little + that will have made all the difference at the beginning of the 80s. It doesn't matter, we will be largely satisfied with what he now offers...

2012...he now produces only one album per decade but at least he produces at least one. It is therefore always with pleasure that we see him return even if the return is at least furtive...

2012...the main thing is that it is always present at one time or another. Will he return next decade, only time will tell...


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