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In tribute to Ransom Eli Olds...

REO Speedwagon is an American band formed in 1967 by Alan Gratzer, Joe Matt, Mike Blairet and Neal Doughty. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 40 million records to date and having classified no less than 13 titles in the US Top40.

The name of the REO Speedwagon group is actually a reference to the transport truck dating from the 1910s and ancestor of the Pickup. REO being the initials of the truck manufacturer (Ransom Eli Olds).

The beginnings of the group revolve mainly around covers of standards. It was not until 1971 that things started to pick up steam with the signing to Epic Records. A first eponymous album was released immediately. Album with great success esteemed thanks to the title "157 Riverside Avenue". "R.E.O./T.W.O." which came out a year later in 1972 did not produce any notorious hits.

The albums "Ridin 'the storm out", "Lost in a dream", "This time we mean it", "R.E.O.” released in 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976, respectively, achieved decent sales scores but did not once again produce any major hits.

It is the live album "You get what you play for" which allows the group to come back in the race during the year 1977. Springboard album which allows them to reach the following year a sufficient level to engage the first real successes. Starting with “Roll with the changes” and “Time for me to fly”, both extracts from the album “You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish” which was released in 1978. An album which will sell more than 2 million copies in the United States alone.

New hole in 1979, the album "Nine lives" did not produce any major hits.

We have to wait for the change of decade to see the miracle be accomplished with the release of the album “Hi infidelity”, an enormous album which will remain as the biggest success of their entire career and which will produce their two biggest hits, to namely "Keep on loving you" in 1980 and "Take it on the run" in 1981. The change in tone has something to do with it, the transition from hard-rock to a more pop-oriented sound will completely change the situation.

A decidedly exceptional year 1981 for the group because 2 other major hits will also be released that year : "Don’t let him go" and "In your letter". Regarding this album, nearly 10 million copies will be sold !

New global successes the following year with the release of the album "Good trouble". Of course, the level of success is lower but the group still manages to stay on top. With as flagship single the title "Keep the fire burnin".

The group slipped away in 1983 and made a strong comeback in 1984. The album "Wheels are turnin" was a real hit across North America. And produced the planetary mega-hit "Can’t fight this feeling". The group is undoubtedly at the peak of its possibilities during this decade and it is far from over !

New hole in 1986 followed by another noticeable comeback in 1987 with the album "Life as we know it". Even though the sales levels have nothing to do with previous years, he will produce several hits, the main one being "That ain’t love".

The last notorious success of the group which will produce other major titles thereafter. But who will never regain the level of excellence of the mid-80s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sophisticated lady 1971

  • Roll with the changes 1978

  • Time for me to fly 1978

  • Keep on loving you 1980

  • Take it on the run 1981

  • Don’t let him go 1981

  • In your letter 1981

  • Tough guys 1981

  • Keep the fire burnin 1982

  • Sweet time 1982

  • Stillness of the night 1982

  • I do’ wanna know 1984

  • Can’t fight this feeling 1984

  • One lonely night 1985

  • Live every moment 1985

  • That ain’t love 1987

  • In my dreams 1987

  • Here with me 1988

  • Live it up 1990

  • Love is a rock 1990

  • Half way 1991

  • All heaven broke loose 1991

  • Haven't we lost enough (I still love you) 1996

  • Then I met you 1996

  • Just for you 1999

  • I needed to fall 2007

  • Run away baby 2007

  • Find your own way home 2008

  • Can't stop rockin' 2009

  • I believe in Santa Claus 2009

  • The white snows of winter 2009

  • Happy Xmas 2009


Clips :

1971 ... after a first title that went somewhat unnoticed, here comes the time for recognition with this title which spins at the speed of light. Rather promising beginnings !

1978 ... then much more interesting until this title. A much more inspired end of the 1970s which ideally positions them for the change of the decade to come

1978 ... the group takes time for this ballad and immediately shows a versatility of the most interesting. The group will therefore be effective in all registers, that's clear !

1980 ... then comes THIS title. They sign here an absolutely sumptuous title, surely one of the most inspired of the beginning of the decade. A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic. With the key to a planetary success which literally explodes their notoriety !

1981 ... a dynamic of success was set up and will allow the group to garner top hits after top hits. All thanks to a talent more than obvious !

1981 ... very BIG year 1981 with a wave of impressive hits. Inspiration is at its peak and makes the group one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1981 ... the pass of 3 ! Everything works for them and every title that comes out immediately turns to gold. When it wants, it wants !

1981 ... for the year 1981, it continues, and it continues, and it continues ! Admittedly, this title will not be the biggest success of the year but once again shows the incredible firepower of the group

1982 ... after an incredible 1981, 1982 started again on almost the same bases. With this new planetary top hit, one more !

1982 ... new foray into Intimist which feels good after a succession of particularly punchy tracks. Once again a good job !

1982 ... short-lasting sweet break and return of punchy. Another big year with a plethora of titles to boot. When the inspiration is there, you can't fight ...

1984 ... small air gap in 1983 and a strong comeback the following year. Starting with this track which, once again, spins at the speed of light. It's a mania with them !

1984 ... then here comes the WONDER. A beautiful title which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography. A well-deserved success. MA-GIC !

1985 ... the years go by and look the same. Of course, this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but will come closer to it more or less. The group literally walks on water !

1985 ... quality, time and time again. The group maintains a level of inspiration worthy of the greatest and which allows him to remain in the leading pack of the big names of the moment

1987 ... new air hole in 1986. From now on, it is almost every other year. And each time, it is to come back better the following year. Once again the proof with this title which gives them a new top hit !

1987 ... here comes a new, perfectly orchestrated and highly inspired sweet break. An undeniable know-how that hits the mark every time !

1988 ... a single title for this new year and once again in Intimist mode. But what happens to them ? It is not their habit to stay good too long ...

1990...the 70s will have revealed them, the 80s will have seen them explode and here they are now in the 90s. A new decade which will be far from being as favorable to the group as the previous ones...

1990...this year 1990 will be the only year of the decade to offer them some pretty major successes and the rest will therefore prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected...

1991... the adventure is still not quite over. Admittedly, the best years are now behind them, but they still have things to offer at first sight...

1991...a 90s decade which will not have much to do with the 80s in terms of success but which will still see the group succeed in staying afloat a little bit...

1996...a new opus which will pass 'through', no Singles which will be extracted from it, in short all the indicators are orange in this second half of the decade. Attention danger...

1996...yet they put an obvious good will in the realization of their titles but that is not enough anymore unfortunately. They will have to ask themselves the right questions and quickly...

1999...the production of titles has slowed down considerably and for the few that come out, the level of success is at the level of the daisies. Hard law of the trade...

2007...we will lose sight of them for almost 8 years but here they are again ! A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2007... we are still at 35 years of career concerning them which is not nothing ! Even if they now do more some figuration than anything else, they are still there anyway, which is not the case for everyone...

2008 ... still there and what they continue to offer is far from devoid of interest, that's clear. We therefore necessarily ask for more...

2009...a title that will not be credited to them but in which they participate with obvious goodwill. We will appreciate the gesture as they say...

2009...ah, the good old Christmas album, what band didn't produce it when they didn't know how to get back in the game. They won't necessarily escape...

2009...nothing exceptional in their approach to well-known and well-covered Christmas standards, but just a good job. Isn't that the main thing...

2009...they revisit here the title of John Lenon dating from 1971 and my faith, the result is not devoid of interest, far from it. Even if their version will not match the original, it offers an alternative version of the nicest. It remains to be seen when they will decide to come back next time...


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