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In tribute to Elvis...

Jesse Garon, whose real name is Bruno Fumard, is a French singer-songwriter whose artist name is said to refer to the first names of Elvis Presley's twin brother who died at birth.

Artist with strong Rockabilly influences, he will have marked his time with his reference title "C’est Lundi".

He will have produced other titles which will certainly not have had the same success as "C’est Lundi" but which it would have been a shame to ignore.

A complete artist, he is also a painter, illuminator and calligrapher.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• C’est Lundi 1983

• Boy bop boogie 1983

• Lucky dom dom 1984

• Nous deux 1984

• Prince du rock’n’roll 1986

• Bizness bizness 1986

• La fille de l'été 1986


Clips :

1983 ... the title of a lifetime. This song, a huge Rockabilly hit, was enough for the singer to enter One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. Strikethrough !

1983 ... a continuation, certainly sympathetic, but which is unable to compete with the previous title. It is true that on the wacky side, the previous title will remain truly one of a kind !

1984 ... an obvious aftertaste of Stray Cats. Why have complexes when you can do as well as the competition !

1984 ... a nice ballad in the 50s US version. The Ultimate Slow Crooner version, he can also do it. Pretty versatility !

1986 ... 100 % Rock, 100 % vitamin ! To say the least, a piece with a big potato !

1986 ... and to finish in style, he signs here a last little hit on the soundtrack of the film "Les frères pétard". Disjointed from start to finish !

1986 ... as a bonus, the B side of the previous title. Nothing extraordinary but just a good job. What more...


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