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In the shadow of the giants...

Fields Of The Nephilim is an English band formed in Stevenage in 1984 and originally composed of Carl McCoy, Tony Pettitt, Gary Wisker and Paul Wright.

The first achievement of the group is a mini album called "Burning the fields", mini-album which leaves in 1985 but will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed.

The group did it again the following year in 1986, this time releasing their first single "Power". And for a first single it is rather successful since they finally get their first success. Certainly in the Independent Charts, but it is already that.

But it is the year 1987 which will see them rise in power in an impressive way with to begin the release of their first album "Dawnrazor", album which allows them to finally access the traditional Charts notably thanks to 2 flagship singles that are “Preacher man” may also, and above all, “Blue water”.

A year 1987 which also sees the reissue of the mini-album "Burnign the fields", a reissue that will not go unnoticed this time.

But that's without counting on the album "The Nephilim" which was released in 1988 and which would become their biggest record success on the album side. Album from which will be extracted mainly the single "Moonchild", single which definitively consecrates them as one of the outstanding groups of this decade.

New hit single a year later in 1989 with the release of "Psychonaut".

Then in 1990, it was the album "Elizium" which won the favor of the public notably thanks to the singles "For her light" and "Sumerland (Dreamed)".

Two successes which will unfortunately be the last because the group will simply die out the following year. The group was reborn from its ashes during the 2000s, but without being able to regain the level of success reached at the end of the 80s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Power 1986

  • Preacher man 1987

  • Blue water 1987

  • Moonchild 1988

  • Psychonaut 1989

  • For her light 1990

  • Sumerland (dreamed) 1990

  • From the fire 2002


Clips :

1986 ... a first title which immediately sets the trend : this group does not intend to cut corners, that's clear. Rightly or wrongly, only the future will tell ...

1987 ... a sound to say the least obscure, just like the style. This does not prevent them from being classified in the independent Charts and from existing somewhat in the light of day ...

1987 ... the first 'real' classified title. The rise in power is slow but constant and finally allows the group to reap a first major success. Like what, it was enough to be patient ...

1988 ... then THIS title comes ! They achieve here the biggest success of all their discography and return in the musical legend of the Eighties thanks to this last. A style at least particular but which will have ended up paying !

1989 ... a group outside the standards of the moment and which fully assumes it. After that, there is a price to pay necessarily. Especially in terms of notoriety among the general public ...

1990 ... the group continues its momentum in this new decade and does not intend to change much to its style or its sound at first sight. A daring bet to say the least ...

1990 ... up to the endism that unfortunately will not succeed. Yet the potential was real but they will not have known how to question themselves and will have paid a high price for it ...

2002 ... come on, it's not quite over. They will attempt a totally improbable return during the 2000s, a daring bet, a risky bet and especially a lost bet unfortunately ...


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