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In the light of love...

Change is an Italian-American concept-project formed in Bologna in 1979 by businessman and producer Jacques Petrus associated with Mauro Malavasi, the latter being more in songwriting.

A first album "The glow of love" was released in 1980. A particularly successful first which will find its audience right away. In particular thanks to the flagship title "A lover's holiday" which will be a real worldwide hit. And to a lesser extent "Searching" which will also perform well in the Charts. A title sung by a certain Luther Vandross. Singer in the making and who will literally explode in the years that will follow.

A year later in 1981 the less successful album "Miracles" was released. Partly due to tensions between Vandross and the production which caused the singer to refuse to sing on almost all of the songs except as a backing vocalist. Only the single "Paradise" will painfully pull out of the game.

New album "Sharing your love" in 1982, without Vandross replaced by James Robinson, and which will do little better than its predecessor if not worse in terms of ranking in the Charts. Once again, only one title will stand out, namely “The very best in you”.

New singer change in 1983 on the new album "This is your time". The arrival of Rick Brennan and the rise of Deborah Cooper on the vocals side will not change anything, on the contrary.

Faced with his repeated failures, Petrus takes the matter back in hand, reorganizing a large part of the team, especially in songwriting. The result was not long in coming, the album "Change of heart" which came out in 1984 allowed the group to finally return to success. This is the first album to be ranked in most Charts around the world. Album carried at arm's length by the single which bears the name of the album and which will also be a hit worldwide.

Short-lived success because the tensions between Petrus and part of the team weighed down the writing quality of the album "Turn on your radio" which came out the following year in 1985. There was success but once again to the decline. And the single "Let’s go together" which will be the main extract of the album will be the last notorious hit of the project.

Petrus’s death in 1986 brought the adventure to an end.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • A lover’s holiday 1980

  • The glow of love 1980

  • Searching 1980

  • Paradise 1981

  • Hold tight 1981

  • The very best in you 1982

  • Keep on it 1982

  • Sharing your love 1982

  • This is your time 1983

  • Magical night 1983

  • Don't wait another night 1983

  • Got to get up 1983

  • Change of heart 1984

  • You are my melody 1984

  • Say you love me again 1984

  • Let’s go together 1985

  • Oh what a feeling 1985


Clips :

1980 ... a first title which will shatter everything in its path and become the group's first global hit. The ideal launch pad !

1980 ... a BIG 1980 with several big caliber titles. This one will not be the best of the vintage but will largely do well

1980 ... a year 1980 which ends in beauty with this title which offers a new major success to the group. The dynamic is now on !

1981 ... after a euphoric 1980s, the group is pursuing its path quietly but surely. And line up the hits ...

1981 ... admittedly, the year 1981 will not have the same level of success as the year 1980, but the group continues to align titles of certain quality. We will largely be satisfied with it !

1982 ... a Dance sound which fits perfectly with the times and which allows them to start the year 1982 on the hats of wheel. All good !

1982 ... a sumptuous foray into the Intimist domain. They sign here a very finesse and highly inspired piece. Who will not even be classified, go figure !

1982 ... an astonishing year 1982 with a plethora of high quality titles but most of which will not be classified. There are times, there is no point in struggling ...

1983 ... as a rule, they get their biggest hits at the start of the year. The year 1983 will be no exception to the rule with this colorful title which works very well

1983 ... another unranked title which would have deserved a very different destiny. There is really talent in this group, that's clear !

1983 ... just like this title. A super neat sound that fits perfectly with its time. But that's not always enough ...

1983 ... a year 1983 which could have been, and should have been, a Grand Cru with so many titles of more than certain quality. And yet, this was not the case ...

1984 ... then comes THIS title. The group signs here quite simply the biggest hit of all its discography. An enormous Dance title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most emblematic of the decade. A well-deserved ultimate recognition. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... already 4 years at the top, a dynamic which does not weaken and which allows the group to remain among the best in Dance

1984 ... new Ultimate Slow of big caliber, an obvious know-how which allows the group to have one of the best versatility of the moment. MA-GIC !

1985 ... the last notorious hit. For a group that will undeniably remain as one of the best of its generation

1985 ... and they still have a little under the pedal, the adventure is not quite over. But in the process of being ...


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