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In the heat of the moment...

Asia is an English group formed in 1981 in London and composed of 4 great members who are John Wetton (ex King Crimson), Steve Howe (ex Yes), Geoff Downes (ex The Buggles) and Carl Palmer (ex Emerson, Lake & Palmer ), just that !

A first eponymous album was released the following year in 1982. And for a first opus, it was a real masterstroke. The album is a worldwide hit, selling 4 million copies in the United States alone. Almost 10 million of these will be sold worldwide.

An enormous success due in part to the flagship title "Heat of the moment" which will also be a real hit. And to a lesser extent “Only time will tell”. A success partly due to the clips that loop on MTV. The tracks are becoming so popular that they are even performed in many stadiums in the United States at sporting events.

Success was confirmed a year later in 1983 when the album "Alpha" was released, despite fairly negative reviews. The album is even more successful on the old continent than its predecessor, that's to say. But paradoxically, of less importance across the Atlantic. Thanks to clips of great quality once again, titles like "The smile has left your eyes" but also, and above all, "Don’t cry", will experience their heyday. The group is then at the height of its popularity and especially of its possibilities.

Despite this notorious success, tensions within the group are more and more numerous and the departures and arrivals will now follow one another. The year 1984 will already be an empty year. And the year 1985, even if it sees the release of the album "Astra", will be a year in there because the album is only a mixed success. A semi-success announcing by itself the inevitable decline of the group. Only the single "Go" will be successful.

The end of the 80s and the following decade will not allow the group to bounce back despite the release of several other albums.

The group not being close to a paradox, it was at the end of the 2000s that they made a dazzling comeback with the release of several albums, which in turn enjoyed a nice run in the Charts.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Heat of the moment 1982

  • Here comes the feeling 1982

  • Only time will tell 1982

  • Sole survivor 1982

  • Time again 1982

  • Wildest dreams 1982

  • Don’t cry 1983

  • True colors 1983

  • The heat goes on 1983

  • Daylight 1983

  • The smile has left your eyes 1983

  • Go 1985

  • Wishing 1986

  • Too late 1986

  • Days like this 1990

  • Who will stop the rain 1992

  • Heaven on earth 1992

  • Love under fire 1992

  • Anytime 1994

  • Summer 1994

  • Two sides of the moon 1996

  • Falling 1996

  • Awake 2001

  • Wherever you are 2001

  • You’re the stranger 2001

  • The longest night 2001

  • Long way from home 2004

  • Blue moon monday 2004

  • Silent nation 2004

  • Nothing's forever 2008

  • Heroine 2008

  • An extraordinary life 2008

  • Holy war 2010

  • Ever yours 2010

  • Listen children 2010

  • End of the world 2010

  • Bury me in willow 2012

  • I know how you feel 2012

  • Face on the bridge 2012

  • Reno (Silver and gold) 2012

  • Valkyrie 2014

  • The closer I get to you 2014

  • Jo Dimaggio's glove 2014


Clips :

1982 ... when 4 super sizes join forces, here is the result ! First title of the group and first global mega hit. The Class, the real one! HU-GE !

1982 ... a somewhat muddled sequel. Yet it had started from the fire of God. But the year is far from over, let's be patient ...

1982 ... like what, it was enough to wait. Here comes their second global mega hit and surely the most emblematic of the 2 even if the previous one was better ranked. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a decidedly exceptional 1982 for the group with a plethora of titles and premium quality for the most part. Normal given the quality of the members who make up the group !

1982 ... a year 1982 that never ends. With exceptional titles and others a little less inspired. This one would rather make the 2nd category ...

1982 ... come on, this time, it is indeed the last song of the year. For a first year of existence, the least we can say is that there is quantity and quality !

1983 ... already two mega hits on the clock. Here comes the third. Another exceptional track, highly inspired and which once again shows the full extent of the extraordinary talent of this group

1983 ... as for the previous year, we alternate the exceptional with the all-rounder. Well, they're good, that's for sure. But we understand that they can not produce either Masterpieces ...

1983 ... BIG year 1982, we start again on the same bases for the year 1983. A group with a plethora of production where the inspiration fluctuates according to the songs and the mood of the times

1983 ... a beginning of the decade which sees them at the cleats and to follow title after title. Not sure it could go on like this for years ...

1983 ... a year 1983 which ends in the same way as it started, that is to say with a bang. Two years that saw them align 4 mega planetary hits. The mark of the Great !

1985 ... I said it didn't last like that for years. Air gap in 1984 and single-title year in 1985. A little pumping up, as they say ...

1986 ... it is obvious that the band gave everything in previous years. No more exceptional titles but a good job anyway !

1986 ... and still this very particular style which made them famous but which today begins to show its limits ...

1990 ... this time it's a big 4 years air hole. So here they are back in 1990 with this title of certain quality and which will remain as their last notorious hit

1992 ... a change of decade which will not have brought much change in the style of the still rock band. Difficult to compete with the competition in these conditions ...

1992 ... when the group finally offers us a choice foray into the Intimist field. Unfortunately, a good idea that unfortunately comes too late ...

1992 ... even if the group lost its place of leader for a long time, that does not prevent him from continuing to deliver songs of choice. It just goes to show that talent does not disappear overnight !

1994 ... the years go by and they hang on and on, without asking too many questions. And continues to unroll quietly ...

1994 ... yet another proof of their ever-expanding inspiration. They don't care about current sound standards and they are right !

1996 ... an inspiration which does not weaken and which allows them to maintain themselves at the highest level with a certain ease. On the other hand, given the pedigree of the different members of the group, nothing surprising !

1996 ... since their beginnings, each album that comes out has been a real success. Even if this one will not be their big success on the Charts side, the overall qualitative level is impressive to say the least ...

2001 ... they will have gone through the 80s, then the 90s and here they are in the 2000s. And they have not lost any of their will to do well, the proof once again !

2001 ... another excellent title, one more ! And which shows above all that they still have some under the pedal and that they certainly do not intend to stop in such a good way ...

2001 ... and what to say about it ! What is truly incredible is that this album is surely one of their best and that it will only experience a very limited level of success. Strange paradox ...

2001 ... a festival of very large-caliber titles which will find only a limited echo among the general public. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

2004 ... for each title we say to ourselves that it may be the last but each time they come back for more. Exceptional longevity for a group which is no less...exceptional !

2004 ... they are still in their 3rd decade of activity and they have not lost any of their splendor. Frankly unfortunate that the fans of the first hour left to look elsewhere ...

2004 ... anyway, the band continues to believe in it and we do. With such potential, it would still be frankly unreasonable not to continue to be interested in them !

2008 ... and history will prove them right because success in the Charts is back ! Like what, it was enough just to hang on and continue to believe in it !

2008 ... where most of the competitors of the time have disappeared body and soul, the group is still there. And he intends to continue the adventure in the best possible way !

2008 ... 'an extraordinary life' for an extraordinary group ! Who could have imagined in 1982 that the group would still be there 26 years later and especially in this Olympic form ?!

2010 ... and here they are starting this new decade 2010 with a will to believe in it always and again which commands respect, that is clear. Nothing, and no one, seems able to stop them and this for our greatest pleasure ...

2010 ... especially that they continue to excel and whatever the tempo is fast or much softer as on this title. Once again the proof of an extraordinary talent !

2010 ... even if their style has changed little since their debut, the advantage with this one is that it is out of fashion. An advantage as a weakness depending on the circumstances ...

2010 ... the 'end of the world' but certainly not the end of the adventure ! Because with them, everything is always possible and the rest will prove it in a brilliant way !

2012 ... the comeback in the Charts is confirmed once again with this new opus. The inspiration of the group is truly amazing when you see how it manages to constantly regenerate !

2012 ... already 30 years at the highest level, we can only salute this remarkable performance. The brand of the very great necessarily !

2012 ... and the adventure continues unabated. Undoubtedly one of the most prolific groups of its generation and which certainly does not intend to stop there ...

2012 ... always and again a good job ! The qualitative level remains at a level to say the least bluffing and allows the group to remain at the highest level with obvious ease once again ...

2014 ... and yes, there they are again. Unstoppable little guys ! Each time we tell ourselves that they have said everything and that the adventure will end there once and for all. And no !

2014 ... as always, still as effective in soft tempos. A know-how which will have enabled them to deliver several titles of very high caliber of which they can be proud !

2014 ... in the same vein. The group continues to perfectly master its level of inspiration and we hope that it will be the same for the years to come ...


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