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In mysterious ways...

John Foxx, whose real name is Dennis Leigh, is an English singer who began his artistic career by forming in 1973 a group called Tiger Lily. Group that will release a single called "Ain’t misbehavin" in 1975.

Group which changed its name the following year in 1976 to take the name...Ultravox. A name change accompanied by a signing with the Island Records label. Label which will allow the group to produce no less than 3 albums including "Ultravox !" And "Ah! Ah! Ah! "In 1977 and" Systems of romance" in 1978. Three albums that will unfortunately go more or less unnoticed ...

Counter-performances which lead the label to simply thank the group at the beginning of 1979. A landing that will not benefit the singer, who leaves the group and gives way to a certain Midge Ure. The same one that would make the new version of Ultravox one of the most successful bands of the decade in the years to come !

His solo career therefore began in 1980 when he signed with the Virgin Records label. A solo career which will prove to be much more prosperous for the singer starting with a year 1980 which sees him aligning 4 high-caliber singles which are "Underpass", "No-One driving", "Burning car" and "Miles away", 4 titles which will be his first classified titles. Year which also sees the release of his first album "Metamatic" which will also be popular with the public.

This success was confirmed the following year with the release in 1981 of the album "The garden", an album which produced two new hits with the titles "Europe after the rain" and "Dancing like a gun".

New album "The golden section" in 1983, album from which one of his most successful titles will be extracted, namely "Endlessly" and to a lesser extent "Your dress".

The year 1985 will see the release of the album "In mysterious ways", album which will be his last classified album and of which the single "Stars on fire" will also be the artist's last classified title ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Underpass 1980

  • No-One driving 1980

  • Burning car 1980

  • Miles away 1980

  • Europe after the rain 1981

  • Dancing like a gun 1981

  • Endlessly 1983

  • Your dress 1983

  • Like a miracle 1983

  • Stars on fire 1985

  • Enter the angel 1985

  • Enter the angel II 1985


Clips :

1980 ... the Ultravox page closed, the singer decides to stand on his own feet and offers us a perfectly trendy first track. Race results : first classified title !

1980 ... a first solo year which saw him go on hit after hit. A level of success which blatantly shows that he was right to leave Ultravox. Except at the same time, the new Ultravox will literally explode onto the international stage after its departure. No luck as they say ...

1980 ... anyway, he is already in the 3rd title for this year 1980 alone. And like the 2 previous ones, this one will also be classified. A more than flattering result !

1980 ... a year 1980 that never ends. And which allows him to assert himself as one of the biggest revelations of the year 1980 across the Channel. After that, all the good we can think of him remains to be confirmed ...

1981 ... 1981 started again on more or less the same bases as 1980. A good job certainly but still no major title on the clock for the moment ...

1981 ... things get complicated with a title that will go completely under the radar. Mishap or beginning of the end. To be continued ...

1983 ... a first version of this title will be released in 1982 but it is this new version released in 1983 which will remain as the most emblematic. And which allows him to indisputably sign one of his best titles. Best title which paradoxically will only experience a limited level of success in the Charts. Go figure ...

1983 ... a year 1983 which sees him at the best of his form, force is to note. Each title is inspired and fits perfectly with the times. But in vain we stick to the times, that's not why the general public necessarily follows ...

1983 ... on this one, the general public will not follow at all. And yet, he is far from demerit, it is clear. But the competition is bloated at the beginning of the 1980s and it is more and more difficult for him to stand out from the crowd ...

1985 ... the last title classified. And yes, already. A solo career to say the least ephemeral but which will have seen him produce several titles of great caliber. It's already that !

1985 ... the adventure is not quite over but the singer will never come back in the race unfortunately. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1985 ... a last title to finish gently and exit through the front door. He will have been as good in the Dance as in the Intimist. But without ever having found the little + that could have made him a very Great ...


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