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In love with Santa's daughter...

Bijou is a French group that started in the early 1970s and is made up of Alain Salan, Vincent Palmer, Dynamite Yan and Philippe Dauga. A group that used to be called Pura Vida.

A quator which will become a trio again when Salan leaves the group prematurely. A trio that will quickly be spotted, especially by their costume and tie stage outfits !

A first album "Danse avec moi" was released in 1977 and produced a first large-scale 45 RPM with the title "C’est un animal". The same year, the group took the opportunity to cover one of Jacques Dutronc's flagship titles "La fille du Père Noel". New title that does not go unnoticed either.

It ramped up the following year in 1978 with the release of the album "OK Carole". Added to this is the nice gift from Serge Gainsbourg who offers them on a plate the excellent title "Betty Jane Rose". A Great year as they say.

At the rate of one album per year, the year 1979 saw the release of "Pas dormir". An album produced by the Sparks, just that ! Album from which will be extracted mainly the flagship title "The kid".

The supreme consecration came not in 1980 but a year later in 1981 when the album "Jamais domptés" was released. The album really hit the mark thanks to the single "Rock à la radio" which will undoubtedly remain as one of their biggest hits.

A particularly prolific year since the group allows itself the luxury of releasing a second album called "Bijou pop". Unfortunately, who says quantity does not necessarily mean quality. This opus is a failure and indirectly signs the death sentence of the group.

Group which will be reborn from its ashes 7 years later in 1988 with the release of the single "Lola". Unfortunately, a losing comeback because the single will be a failure as well.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • C’est un animal 1977

  • La fille du père Noel 1977

  • OK Carole 1978

  • Betty Jane Rose 1978

  • Le kid 1979

  • Je pense à toi 1979

  • Woo Ho Ou Woo Ho 1980

  • Bijou pop 1981

  • Rock à la radio 1981

  • Lola 1988


Clips :

1977 ... particularly promising beginnings thanks to a style, and above all a sound, particularly innovative for the time in France

1977 ... the group confirms all the good we can think of him with this luxury cover of the title of Jacques Dutronc. The copy is not worth the original but it is clear that it is a good job !

1978 ... suddenly, the tempo accelerates, a rhythm typical of this end of the decade at the planetary level, and more particularly in France

1978 ... yet another track that spins at the speed of light, all on a 100 % rock base. There is quality and talent in all of this, that's clear. But it lacks the stroke of genius that can make all the difference ...

1979 ... the group reorients its sound in this new year and frankly, we can see the difference. Frankly a shame, because they really didn't lack much to become one of the major groups of the decade

1979 ... once again, a good job. But that is still not enough to make them take off in a radical way and put them in geostationary orbit ...

1980 ... here they are in the 80s. One would have thought that this decade would allow them to explode. Certainly, the best is yet to come but the competition is now formidable and will not give them a gift

1981 ... here they are in RockaBilly mode. Well, had to try this one, why not. Despite a lively song, this is not enough to set the Dancefloor on fire

1981 ... then comes THIS title. The title which finally allows them to be recognized at the height of their talent. Like what, it was enough to be patient !

1988 ... the Phoenix tries to rise from its ashes. On a title of more than certain quality. Unfortunately, the train has already passed and they will never be able to hang up the wagons again and return to the race for a long time


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