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Figures On A Beach is an American band formed in 1981 in Detroit and composed of Anthony Kaczynski, John Rolski, Christopher Ewan, Perry Tell and Michale Smith.

Not much information about them except that they will release mainly two albums, one called "Standing on ceremony" in 1985 and "Figures on a beach" in 1989.

Albums which produced only a few hits but a few big-caliber singles all the same, the main one of which will remain "You ain’t seen nothing yet" in 1989.

As such, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Swimming 1983

  • Breathless 1984

  • In camera obscura 1985

  • No stars 1987

  • Accidentaly 4th St. 1989

  • You ain’t seen nothing yet 1989


Clips :

1983 ... a very promising start to his career. Nothing exceptional at this stage but high-level inspiration and talent, which bodes well for the future ...

1984 ... an original sound to say the least from a group from the USA, closer to that found in Anglo-Saxon groups. Anyway, we want more !

1987 ... the group reaches full maturity and produces titles of more than obvious quality. Unfortunately, they still cannot achieve this 1st global success after which they have been chasing since their beginnings. Frankly shame because they fully deserve it ...

1989 ... they had to wait 6 years to finally be rewarded for all their efforts. Recognition widely deserved but which will hardly go beyond American borders, a cruel paradox ...

1989 ... the BIG year of the group with a second top hit in the wake. But like its predecessor, its fame will not exceed the North American continent. A group that would have frankly deserved recognition much greater than what it was !


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