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If it makes you feel good...

Mandy Smith is an English singer who started her artistic career at the age of 13 not singing but having a relationship with Bill Wyman, the Rolling Stones bassist, then 47 !

Her musical history will be remembered mainly for the title "I just can't wait" released in 1987 and which has enjoyed significant worldwide success.

She had a second minor hit the following year in 1988 with the title "Victim of pleasure".

She will release a single eponymous album still in 1988. Which will go strong in Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • I just can’t wait 1987

  • Positive reaction 1987

  • Terry 1987

  • Boys and girls 1988

  • Victim of pleasure 1988

  • Stay with me tonight 1988

  • If it makes you feel good 1988

  • He's my boy 1988

  • You're never alone 1988

  • Got to be certain 1988

  • Don’t you want me baby 1989


Tracks :

1987 ... first title and first direct mega hit. A notoriety which literally explodes overnight and which propels the singer to the top of fame at the speed of light. HU-GE !

1987 ... a nice sequel but nothing more. And this despite a trendy Hi-NRG tempo. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to keep the singer at the top of the Charts. Pity...

1987...a title which will go somewhat unnoticed because it was not officially released as a Single. Here it is, to say the least, brought back to light...

1988 ... we start again on the same bases the following year. It's top Dance but once again, it lacks the flash of genius that made the incredible success of his first title...

1988 ... then comes THIS title. A track with obvious inspiration and which will allow the singer to reconnect with success, the real one. Like what, nothing is ever finished ...

1988 ... a title out of competition, not classified but which nevertheless shows that the little one still has some under the pedal !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with an impressive succession of big caliber titles. Including this one which will undoubtedly remain as one of its most successful. HU-GE !

1988 ... and it continues, and it is not over. Dance, Dance, Dance, over and over again. This girl is a war machine to ignite the Dancefloor !

1988 ... the exception that makes the rule. A sweet parenthesis, unexpected but incredibly effective. Like what, it was enough to try !

1988 ... a title she shares with a certain...Kylie Minogue. Just that. And regardless of the singer, the result is up to par in each version !

1989 ... we end with this luxury cover of the cult title of Human League dating from 1981. And once again, the copy is almost worth the original. We will have started 100 % Dance, we will end 100 % Dance !


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