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I’ve seen that face before...

Grace Jones, whose real name is Beverly Grace Jones, is a Jamaican singer and model who spent her teenage years in Jamaica before joining her parents in New York at the age of 13.

It was at the age of 18 that she began her modeling career in the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, which sent her to Paris in the year 1970.

Her androgynous side will immediately set her apart from other girls and attract attention to her. St Laurent, Montana, Kenzo and Alaia tear her away and she appears very quickly in Elle, Vogue and Stern. Career as a model that she will put aside from the year 1974, when she signed with the label Island Records.

Label which allows her to release his first Single "I need a man" in 1975. Single which is a hit in the clubs in the USA.

We had to wait until 1977 to see her release her first album "Portfolio", and for a first try, it was a master stroke, notably thanks to her cover of "La vie en rose" by Edith Piaf. Single which has had great success worldwide and has brought her to the fore.

In 1978, the album "Fame" was released, which went strong in the United States and produced the hits "Do or die" and "Fame" there.

Followed in 1979 by the less successful album "Muse".

Two years later in 1980 released the album "Warm leatherette" with relative success, which essentially produced the hit of the same name in the USA but also and above all the hit "Pars" in France.

It was the year 1981 and the enormous album "Nightclubbing" which will consecrate the artist through two mega hits that are "I’ve seen that face before" and "Pull up to the bumper". Album which will remain as her biggest commercial success. These two titles make Grace Jones an essential global star.

Less success in 1982 for the album "Living my life", from which the minor hits "My Jamaican guy" and "Cry now, laugh later" will be extracted.

The year 1984 saw her temporarily turn to the cinema with roles noted in 'Conan the destroyer' and the Jamesbondian 'A view to a kill'.

Back to the song in 1985 and winning return with the release of the album "Slave to the rhythm". Album which turns out to be a huge success, in particular thanks to the eponymous title which makes a real success worldwide.

Shortly followed by the album "Island life" compilation album which in turn is a hit and which offers a second life to the title "Pull up to the bumper". New success for this Single after that of 1981.

A year later in 1986, the album "Inside story" was released, the Jonesmania did not falter and the album in turn was a hit thanks to the flagship titles "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You)" and "Party girl". These will be her last notable successes.

Other titles will be released later but will no longer find the same echo as before with the public.

The singer will also take the opportunity to play the actress again with more or less success this time.

End of career sawtooth for this extraordinary singer, with an extra-terrestrial physique and certain talent, who will have left in the musical history of the 80s pieces of anthology of which she alone has the secret ...

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• I need a man 1975

• I'll find my way to you 1976

• Sorry 1976

• That's the trouble 1976

• La vie en rose 1977

• Do or die 1978

• Am I ever gonna fall in love in New York city 1978

• On your knees 1979

80s Decade :

• Love is the drug 1980

• Private life 1980

• The hunter gets captured by the game 1980

• Pars 1980

• I’ve seen that face before 1981

• Pull up to the bumper 1981

• Walking in the rain 1981

• Nipple to the bottle 1982

• The apple stretching 1982

• My Jamaicain guy 1983

• Cry now, laugh later 1983

• Unlimited capacity for love 1983

• Living my life 1983

• Slave to the rhythm 1985

• I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You) 1986

• Party girl 1986

• Crush 1987

• Victor should have been a Jazz musician 1987

• Love on top of love 1989

90s Decade :

• Amado mio 1990

• 7 day weekend 1992

• Sex drive 1993

• Love bites 1996

• Hurricane (Cradle to the grave) 1997

• Storm 1998

2000s Decade :

• Corporate cannibal 2008

• William's blood 2008

• Well well well 2009

2010s Decade :

• Love you to life 2010

• Dancefloor 2011


Tracks :

1975 ... the very Disco beginnings of the Black Diva. Difficult to imagine at this stage the 'phenomenon' that she will become in the years that follow ...

1976 ... a sequel which unfortunately will go somewhat unnoticed because it will only be released in Italy. But what is certain is that she is not without quality, it is clear !

1976 ... this woman really has everything for her : beauty, talent, charm and grace. An incredible cocktail that will allow her to achieve very great things in the years that follow ...

1976 ... the increase in power is linear and positions the singer ideally for the continuation of events. A suite that promises to be under the best auspices !

1977 ... then comes THE title that will change everything ! Her first interplanetary hit which propels her One shot to the top of the Charts and literally explodes her notoriety. All thanks to this particularly successful revisited version of the title of Edith Piaf dating from 1947. HU-GE !

1978 ... another excellent 1000 % Dance title but which will go somewhat unnoticed. Like what the years follow but do not necessarily look alike. Pity...

1978 ... a title with inevitably limited success since it will only be released in Australia. A singles release strategy to say the least astonishing and which necessarily limits the impact of titles with the general public ...

1979 ... just like the previous one. Definitely, a title package with obvious quality and dating from the 70s will have gone unnoticed on the Old Continent ...

1980 ... when Grace takes over Roxy Music from 1975, the least we can say is that the result is up to par ! And as paradoxical as it may seem, this title will not even be classified. But it will come out in 1986, and there it will be another matter ...

1980 ... a little red riding hood like never seen before...! The myth of Grace la Barrée is on the move ...

1980 ... a bloated year in terms of titles but which, for the most part, will go completely unnoticed. And yet, she is far from demerit. Cruel paradox ...

1980 ... surely one of his most famous titles in France. Normal, it only came out in this country ! Like many other titles that will only be released in 1 country ...

1981 ... THE title that will surely remain as his most incredible and emblematic hit. The notoriety of the singer literally explodes and the world is inevitably under the spell of this extraordinary frozen beauty. MO-NU-MENT !

1981 ... here she is back in a Dance register that suits her particularly well. Result : after having signed one of the biggest hits of the decade with the previous title, here she obtains a new global mega hit which adds a new line to the legend !

1981 ... this time she takes us from Flash And The Pan dating from 1978. Each time, when she revisits the titles of others, the least we can say is that it works rather not wrong

1982 ... the tigress in full gothic-decadent delirium. The more she provokes, the more it works. A new hit that allows her to maintain herself at the highest level with the most obvious ease !

1982 ... a year 1982 which will not remain as its best vintage, that's clear. There is quality, certainly, but without common measure compared to what she could offer the previous year ...

1983 ... the great adventure continues, certainly in a mixed tone, but it continues. The singer cannot find this trait of genius that made all the difference at the start of the decade. But it will come back, that's for sure ...

1983 ... another targeted release, this time exclusively for the North American continent. Targeting to say the least astonishing and which necessarily restricts the possible target of an achievable audience ...

1983 ... this time it will be the Netherlands which will have the exclusivity of this title. A title with more than certain quality but which will go completely unnoticed. An aberrant planetary dissemination strategy ...

1983 ... this time, in the big draw for lucky countries, it will be England and Portugal who will have the exclusivity of this title. Each in turn as they say ...

1985 ... the title of the consecration. Here she signs a HUGE intergalactic tube that makes her a definitive legend. His biggest commercial hit to date and unquestionably one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... The Jonesmania does not falter ... But it will be his last world class hit. Almost 10 years at the top, who says better ? Never has a simple fashion model made such a career in song !

1986 ... still as inspired, always effective, another track that hits the bull's eye. And a Grace Jones still so helmed. But with her, it's a habit !

1987 ... the decline really starts from this title and nothing, or anyone, can stop it. Tough law of the trade as they say ...

1987 ... a very astonishing piece, particularly inspired and which clashes completely with its usual register. MA-GIC !

1989 ... still delirious to end the decade in style. But will she survive the 90s, that's another story ...

1990 ... after a decade 70 which saw her hatch, a decade 80 which saw her explode, what does the decade 90 hold for her ? Hum hum...

1992 ... even if she is not yet completely sinking, the level of success in this 90s is in free fall. However, what she continues to offer is far from being ridiculous ...

1993 ... a decade which will unfortunately be unfavorable to her, to say the least. The move to House will not be really a success... But anyway, it will remain an exceptional career, colorful and unique in its kind

1996 ... one last high class title. Like what, nothing is ever finished. A title which will unfortunately pass completely under the radars ...

1997 ... this time, it does indeed feel the end. The inspiration frankly leaves something to be desired on this song and shows blatantly that the singer does not have much more to offer interesting ...

1998 ... a title which will appear on the soundtrack of the film The Avengers and which allows the singer to go out through the front door. At least for this decade, because she will try to return the following decade. Unfortunately, without much success ... she is again 10 years later in what we would call certain form. Certain but insufficient to return to the race unfortunately...

2008 ... she will still obtain a nice success of esteem with this title, like what, in music, as always, everything is possible ...

2009...she continues to believe in it no matter what. And it doesn't matter if there is success or not, as long as she enjoys doing what she does...

2010...and given what she continues to offer, we can only encourage her to continue. Because the titles released are far from being devoid of interest...

2011...a totally surreal title where she shares the bill with Brigitte Fontaine. Two singers at odds with each other except perhaps in the mysteriously wacky side...


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