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I should have been me...

Carol Jiani, whose real name is Uchenna Carol Ikejiani, is a singer of Nigerian descent who immigrated to Canada in the 1970s.

Her musical career began in 1977 when she was auditioned to participate in the production of Joe La Greca's "Montreal" album.

She recorded 2 titles for the project "If you believe in me" and "Higher and higher".

But it was not until 1980 that everything accelerated when she recorded what would become a major hit, namely "Hit‘ N Run lover" as well as "All the people of the world".

Faced with this unexpected success, the record company decides to release a complete album which will contain another unexpected hit namely "Mercy".

In 1982, the singles "Ask me", "X-rated" and "You’re gonna lose my love" from the album "Ask me" were released.

Less successful.

In 1983, the singer left for England but it was only 2 years later that she found success with the release of the single "Vanity".

This success will be his last major. Other singles will be released but without real success...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Hit’n run lover 1981

• The woman in me 1981

• Mercy 1981

• Ask me 1982

• X-Rated 1982

• Your heart is safe 1982

• Dancing in the rain 1984

• Touch and go lover 1984

• Love now pay later 1984

• Vanity 1985

• Such a joy honey 1987

• Turning my back and walking away 1987

• Car wash 1989

• I should have been me 1990

• No matter where 1990

• I didn't know 1994

• Superstar 1995

• Stop the music 2007

• You've changed 2007

• First time I saw you 2007

• Keep on 2007

• Are you man enough ? 2008

• Radio active love 2009

• Let me show you 2009

• No more 2011

• Hold that sucker down 2015

• Feel it 2018

• A deeper love 2018


Clips :

1981 ... the HUGE tube which will reveal her and raise her One Shot to the rank of planetary star. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... a very honorable suite but which cannot compete with the previous steamroller necessarily

1981 ... back to the Dance big caliber version and new hit to end the year in style. One of the best know-how in this field at the moment is indisputable !

1982 ... this one is not bad in the same genre either. Even if she will never find the level reached with 'Hit 'N run lover', she still manages to stay ahead of the pack without much difficulty

1982 ... an obvious resemblance to 'Hit 'N run lover', but the copy is not worth the original. Nice try but bet lost unfortunately ...

1982 ... one of his very rare appearances in the Intimist domain. And the least we can say is that she also provides in this area. Versatility that is only found in the Best !

1984 ... change of vintage and change of tone, you have to try everything. Unfortunately, the best is rather behind her now ...

1985 ... the singer searches for herself, goes through all the diverse and varied styles. There is good and not so good. This title would rather be part of the 1st category ...

1987 ... the singer hangs on and resists whatsoever. She is still hoping for a possible return to the lead pack which will unfortunately never happen

1987 ... she is not ridiculous, far from it. But the level of inspiration is really not enough to hope to be around the stars at least once again ...

1990 ... she will even try the adventure of the 90s. And my faith, the result is almost better than anything she could offer at the end of the previous decade. Happy surprise in sight ?

1994 ... here she came in Euro-Beat mode, she will have made a splash on us ! And she is far from being ridiculous, that's what is crazy. Like what, nothing is never finished !

1995 ... she still believes in it again and again. Even if the competition is light years ahead, she says that everything is still possible. Unfortunately, this time, the carrots are well and truly cooked ...

2007...when we thought we would never see her again here she is back nearly 12 years later in what we would call certain form. Certain but insufficient to return to the race unfortunately...

2007...certainly she won't be able to catch up with the leading pack but what she's going to offer is far from devoid of interest. Anyway, we'll be happy with that...

2007...she will multiply the various and varied partnerships and show in an astonishing way that she is able to stick to the latest musical trends of the moment. Who would have thought it possible, not many people that's for sure...

2007... like what in music nothing is ever finished as long as we believe in it a little bit. She makes a clear demonstration here... she shares the poster with Evelyn Thomas, a duo of former glories of the 80s who are worth their weight in peanuts. With the key to a title of more than certain interest !

2009...not only did she come back, but she also showed that she didn't come back just to do extras. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect... impressive number of titles produced during the 2000s. And only quality, which does not spoil anything, quite the contrary !

2011...and here she is even attacking the 2010 decade with the desire to continue the adventure as far as possible. Respect as they say...

2015...she decides to revisit here the flagship title of O.T. Quartet dating from 1994 and even if its version will not be able to equal the original, it is far from deserving, it is clear... she is once again determined not to let go. You still have to remember that she started her career more than 40 years ago, which highlights the performance achieved all the more...

2018 ... so we imagine that this new title will not be the last. Because we now know with her that nothing is ever over...


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