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I’m the one you want...

Taylor Dayne (also known as Les Lee), real name Leslie Wunderman, is an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career with small-caliber groups such as Felony and Next.

Then began a solo career under the name of Les Lee, name under which she released 2 singles "I’m the one you want" in 1985 and "Tell me can you love me" in 1986.

But it was especially from 1987 that everything accelerated when she signed with the Arista Records label and began her career under the name Taylor Dayne. The same year, she released her first single "Tell it to my heart", the first single which was to make a real worldwide hit and explode her notoriety overnight.

A meteoric acceleration that gained momentum in 1988 with the release of the album of the same name, which produced 3 new mega hits : "Prove your love", "I'll always love you" and "Dont rush me". In just 2 years, the singer has become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment.

A dynamic that did not weaken the following year in 1989 when the album "Can’t fight fate" was released. Which will produce 4 new mega hits on horseback between 1989 and 1990. The singer is then at the top of her career and her possibilities.

Then all of a sudden a little air hole for 3 years. It is better to come back to 1993 with the album "Soul dancing", album on which she allows herself to cover the cult "Can't get enough of your love" by Barry White, a cover that will do almost as hard as the original. Always from the same album, she will experience another top hit with the title "Send me a lover". Title which will be her last notorious top hit.

She had a last major hit in 1994 with the single "I’ll wait" but it was indeed the last.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I’m the one you want (Les Lee) 1985

  • Tell me can you love me (Les Lee) 1986

  • Tell it to my heart 1987

  • Prove your love 1988

  • I’ll will always love you 1988

  • Don’t rush me 1988

  • With every beat of my heart 1989

  • Love will lead you back 1990

  • I’ll be your shelter 1990

  • Heart of stone 1990

  • Can’t get enough of your love 1993

  • Send me a lover 1993

  • I’ll wait 1994

  • Original sin 1994

  • Say a prayer 1995

  • Whatever you want 1998

  • Naked without you 1998

  • Planet love 2000

  • How many 2002

  • Supermodel 2003

  • I'm not featuring you 2007

  • Beautiful 2007

  • I'm over my head 2008

  • My heart can't changer 2008

  • Love chain 2008

  • Facing a miracle 2010

  • Floor on fire 2012

  • Dreaming 2014

  • Live without 2019

  • Please 2020

  • Thinking out loud 2023


Clips :

1985 ... rather encouraging first steps. A style and a voice which stick well to the musical standards of the moment. All she has to do is unroll ...

1986 ... everything is there but the essential is still missing : the right inspiration. The little extra that makes a correct song an exceptional song ...

1987 ... then THIS title comes ! For once, this time, the inspiration is there, it's clear. The singer signs here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. A title which makes her fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... and that's just the start. The big hits will now follow one another at breakneck speed. This title will be almost on par with its predecessor, that is to say !

1988 ... and here it is, the inevitable Ultimate Slow essential to any major discography. It arrives a little early but hey, we will not sulk its pleasure, it's clear

1988 ... an exceptional year 1988 with no less than 3 top global hits, just that. The singer is on an incredible dynamic that makes her fly to stratospheric heights and makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment !

1989 ... after a totally euphoric 1988 year, 1989 will seem somewhat pale with only 1 title on the clock. Of course, she continues to touch the stars but we feel the little slack ...

1990 ... a new decade that starts gently with this magnificent Intimist title. She excels in Dance, that is indisputable, but her talent in the 'emotional' register is obvious. Beautiful versatility !

1990 ... a BIG year with a plethora of titles, once again, quality is everywhere. A recovery in hand which allows her to stay brilliantly in the leading pack

1990 ... just like the year 1988, the year 1990 will produce 3 hits of very high caliber. Admittedly, the level of success will be a notch below, but the sales figures are still well above average. The competition had better watch out !

1993 ... she signs here its biggest success of the decade with a luxury cover of the cult title of Barry White dating from 1974. A cover a little easy but extremely effective. On the other hand, when you start with covers to the detriment of new songs, it's never a good sign ...

1993 ... a bad sign which is confirmed because here comes his last planetary top hit. And yes, when inspiration begins to fail, the sanction is immediate ....

1994 ... but she hangs on, she hangs on and never lets go. The attempt to adapt to the new standards of the moment gives rather interesting results. The proof with this title ! she is now in soundtrack mode for the film 'The Shadow'. She is far from unworthy on this one but the title will go somewhat unnoticed unfortunately...

1995 ... the level of success has nothing to do with that of the end of the 80s but she is holding up for the moment rather well in the Anglo-Saxon sphere. For how long... any case she doesn't give up and says to herself that the adventure is worth continuing with this revisited version of Tina Turner's title dating from the year 1996. A desire to believe in it until end which undoubtedly commands respect...

1998 ... the end of a decade that rhymes with gentleness and tenderness. She surely signs here one of her most beautiful Intimist titles, a little more than 10 years after her debut. Like what, nothing is ever finished. Neither did she, because she would even come back the following decade ...

2000...back in Ultra Dance mode to start this new decade. And in this area she shows once again that she has lost none of her talent...

2002...of course success is now limited exclusively to the Dance Charts but it's always better than nothing as they say. Let's hope it lasts... soundtrack this time for the film 'The Lizzie McGuire movie'. And like its previous soundtrack, this title will go somewhat under the radar...

2007...we lost sight of her for almost 4 years but here she is back once again. All in a form that we would describe as certain...

2007...a second part of the decade which saw her manage to stay afloat without too much problem. And this 20 years after its debut, pretty good right...?

2008...certainly the best years are now behind her but what she continues to offer is far from unworthy, that's clear... the end a decade of the 2000s which saw her manage to stay in the race and it doesn't matter if she hasn't occupied the top places for a long time...

2008...with each new title we say to ourselves that it may be the last. And every time she comes back again and again...

2010...and one more decade, one more ! Impossible to stop her at this stage, it is clear. Which obviously delights the basic fans... is clear that we risk seeing her again regularly during this new decade. On the other hand, the opposite would be a real shame...

2014...we won't see her again as often as in previous decades but we will see her again, that's for sure. Who would complain about that...

2019...we will lose sight of her for almost 5 years this time but here she is once again faithful to the post. A desire to believe in it until the end is still present...

2020...she will have gone through the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s, then the 2010s and here she is at the gates of this new 2020 decade. Who would have thought it...?



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