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I love Paris...

Mica Paris, whose real name is Michelle Wallen, is an English singer and TV and radio presenter, as well as an actress in her spare time.

She started her artistic career from a very early childhood by singing in the Gospel Choir "The Spirit of Watts". Then played the singers for the group "Hollywood Beyond" at the age of 17.

It was in 1988 that his solo career really began when the album "So good" was released, an album that would make a real global success and produce the top hit "My one temptation".

New hit the following year in 1989 when she performed in duet with Will Downing the title "Where is the love", a cover of a famous title interpreted by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack in the early 70s.

Two years later in 1991, the album "Contribution" was released, an album with less success. Who will produce the minor hit "If I love U 2 nite".

1993 saw the release of the album "Whisper a prayer" from which the flagship single "I never felt like this before" was to be extracted, which enabled the singer to find her way to success. And to a lesser extent the minor hit "I wanna hold on to you".

Other albums will be released later but will not compete with the quality of the first.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • My one temptation 1988

  • Like dreamers do 1988

  • Breathe life into me 1988

  • Where is the love 1989

  • Contribution 1990

  • South of the river 1990

  • If I love U 2 nite 1991

  • I never felt like this before 1993

  • I wanna hold on to you 1993

  • Whisper a prayer 1993

  • One 1995

  • Stay 1998

  • Black angel 1998

  • Tracks of my tears 2005

  • Baby come back now 2009


Clips :

1988 ... a very jazzy-groovy first try which offers the singer her first top hit. A start to say the least shattering ! HU-GE !

1988 ... a suite of quality and perfectly mastered. Admittedly, the level of success has nothing to do with that of its predecessor but we will largely be satisfied

1988 ... one last title of the highest caliber to end the year in style. One of his best titles if not the best ! MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1989 ... a duo of shock and charm to start this new year. A single title for this year 1989 but a result to measure : new hit !

1990 ... a smooth change of decade. A dynamic that does not weaken and that allows the singer to maintain a level of success of the most acceptable

1990 ... inspiration, as well as quality, is always in order and the result is necessarily up to it, once again

1991 ... at the best of its form even if this title will not remain as the best classified of its discography. A great adventure that is taking place quietly but surely

1993 ... a BIG year 1993 with a first title to start the year which offers the singer a new major hit. One more !

1993 ... a very cluby-lounge sound typical of this mid-90s. A discography that is growing month after month, year after year ...

1993 ... she signs here a sumptuous title, very soft and which literally floats in the air. A foray into the Intimist realm of beauty !

1995 ... when the singer takes over U2. You had to dare but anyway, the copy is of quality and gives a new angle of the most interesting compared to the original song

1998 ... the last notorious hit. After 10 years of a busy career which will have produced several very large titles

1998 ... the last title of a busy decade and which will undoubtedly have confirmed her as one of the sure values of the decade

2005 ... she will attempt the transition to the 2000 decade without great success unfortunately. What she offers is far from being ridiculous, but the gap with the competition is now far too great to close ...

2009 ... she will still get a 'little' hit during this decade, it's always better than nothing as they say. But mass is said, whatever happens ...


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