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Huey discovered the incredible power of love...

Huey Lewis and The News is an American group formed in 1978 in San Francisco and originally composed of Huey Lewis, Sean Hopper, Bill Gibson, Johnny Colla and Mario Cipollina. A group that was originally called Huey Lewis & The American Express, a name that was quickly abandoned because it was too easily attacked by the well-known credit institution of the same name.

A first eponymous album was released two years later in 1980, an album which produced no classified titles and which met with only limited success. So it took the next album, "Picture this", which came out in 1982, to see the group finally rewarded for their efforts with the single "Do you believe in love". Single which will know its hour of glory mainly in the Anglo-Saxon sphere.

Success amplified a year later in 1983 with the release of the album "Sports". Album that will hit the world and sell more than 10 million copies in the United States alone. Four mega hits will be extracted starting with "Heart and soul" which also came out in 1983. In 1984 followed "I want a new drug", "The heart of Rock & Roll" and "If this is it", three singles which owe their enormous success to the fact that the clips are almost looped on MTV. An exceptional year 1984 for the group, which saw its notoriety literally explode.

But it was the year 1985 which made them definitively return to the musical legend of the 80s with the release of the enormous single "The power of love". A title specially produced for the soundtrack of a short film called...Back to the Future. Which will become one of the cult movies of the decade, as will the single.

New album “Fore!" in 1986, album which will remain as the best classified of all their discography. The album produced 3 new mega hits which are "Stuck with you", "Hip to be square" released in 1986 and "Jaccob's ladder" released in 1987. The group is on a dynamic that nothing and no one seems to be able to stop.

Because the dynamic of success continued in 1988 with the release of the album "Small world". Album which will certainly not know the success of its predecessor but which will still allow the band to record a new major success with the title "Perfect world".

The end of the decade will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected, as will the next decade. The successes will become rarer and the year 1990 will even be an empty year. We will have to wait until 1991 to see them come back in force with the album "Hard at play".

Album which will mainly produce the top hit "Couple days off". Single which will be their last notorious success. Anything that came out later would never match the level of success they enjoyed in the mid-1980s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Do you believe in love 1982

  • Heart and soul 1983

  • I want a new drug 1984

  • The heart of rock & roll 1984

  • If this is it 1984

  • The power of love 1985

  • Stuck with you 1986

  • Hip to be square 1986

  • Jaccob’s lader 1987

  • Doing it all for my baby 1987

  • Perfect world 1988

  • Couple days off 1991

  • It hit me like a hammer 1991

  • He don't know 1991

  • (She's) Some kind of wonderful 1994

  • But it's alright 1994

  • 100 years from now 1996

  • Let her go and startd over 2001

  • I ain't perfect 2001

  • I'm not in love yet 2001

  • Never found a girl 2010

  • Soulsville 2010

  • While we're young 2020

  • Her love is killin' me 2020

  • I am there for you 2020


Clips :

1982 ... after a somewhat sluggish start, the group achieved its first notable success here. A deserved recognition when we see the level of talent of the latter. And this is only the beginning !

1983 ... after a year 1982 which saw the group appear in a sensational way on the front of the stage, the year 1983 saw them rise in power in a spectacular way. They will only deliver one title this year, but what a title !

1984 ... the rise in power is linear and above all, regular. After laying the foundations in 1982 and consolidating them in 1983, the group reached maturity in 1984. We can therefore expect the best for the future !

1984 ... the best will happen, that's for sure. But not this year at least. The year 1984 will be of quality, of course, but nothing exceptional for the moment

1984 ... there is the quantity, that's for sure. But it's missing the hint of awesome inspiration that makes all the difference. Let's be patient, it won't be long ...

1985 ... then comes THIS title. The brilliant inspiration that was somewhat lacking this time is indeed there. The group will sign here one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and at the same time of all its discography. A title specially written for a short film called...'Back to the Future'. Cult soundtrack for cult film. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1986 ... after a year 1985 which saw the release of only one major title but what a title, 1986, it, will be a year rather provided in titles. With a somewhat fluctuating quality. We start with the high level, even the very high level with this title which offers a new global mega hit to the group. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... this will be a little notch below but the level is still particularly high. The group is on a dynamic that does not weaken and it is set to last !

1987 ... 2 other titles will be released in 1986 but of average quality. Back in force at the beginning of 1987 with this title of certain quality and which allows the group to easily stay in the leading pack

1987 ... no mega hit in this year 1987 but titles that hold up and it's always better than nothing. The group unrolls quietly with an alternation of great years and others a little less inspired. It's like that...

1988 ... business resumes in this new year with a new top hit on the clock. Once again, nothing exceptional but a level of quality largely sufficient to appear at the top of the Charts. And it has been going on for 6 years !

1991 ... slight dropout of 3 years which sees the group much less inspired. Here he is back in Olympic form, a form that allows him to come back to the race and at the same time grab a nice top hit

1991 ... a particularly inspired year which saw the group return to his best form. Not sure that it lasts but what is taken is no longer to be taken !

1991 ... in any case, for the moment, it lasts. A BIG year 1991 with a plethora of titles and quality across the board. A renaissance that we can only welcome !

1994 ... the last notorious hit. This time, the adventure is getting closer and closer to its epilogue. The group has lost none of its ardor and its desire but it is true that on the inspiration side, the group no longer plays in the court of the Very Great ...

1994 ... of course, they no longer meet the top of the Charts but the average quality of the titles remains all the same at a good level. Once again the proof with this title which works very well !

1996 ... a great adventure which ends with this title. An adventure which will have lasted all the same for more than 15 years and delivered several titles of very very big caliber including one of anthology. Good job !

2001 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. He will attempt the transition to the next decade even if it will not be really successful ...

2001 ... of course he will never regain the level of success achieved in previous decades, but what he continues to offer is far from being ridiculous. It's already that...

2001 ... the problem is that he doesn't really stick to the latest musical trends anymore. It's not easy in these conditions to keep your head above water even when he plays it as a duo of shock and charm...

2010 ... how to make something new with old ? Well, quite simply by bringing old titles up to date, mostly from the Stax Records label. And it works !

2010 ... at least that allows him to continue to exist a little at the highest level and thus spend a new decade. A will to believe in it always and again which necessarily commands respect ...

2020 ... he will disappear from the radar for nearly 10 years and here he is again in this new decade of 2020. To do what, we do not really know but he does in any case ...

2020 ... what is certain is that he is there to continue to have fun, it is clear. And who would blame him for continuing the adventure for this reason my faith very laudable...

2020 ... which artist at the planetary level will not have released his special 'COVID' song in this year 2020. A year that will have marked contemporary history as much for good as for bad, that's for sure...


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