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Regina, whose real name is Regina Richards, is an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career by frequenting the New York Punk and New-Wave scene.

His first Single "Tyger" was released in 1980. Single that will go somewhat unnoticed. Ditto for "Deep dreaming" which will be released shortly after.

Annoyed by these repeated failures, she turned only to songwriting and that's how she composed "Baby love", a song she wanted to see performed by another singer.

But her record company refuses and forces her to perform it herself. Happy inspiration because this time, the success is indeed at the rendezvous for the singer, the Single is a real worldwide hit. We are then in 1986.

The album "Curiosity", which comes out in stride and of which "Baby love" is a part, will produce three other hits : "Beat of love", "Head on" and "Extraordinary love".

A second album "Best kept secret" should have been released but will never see the light of day in the end.

For the anecdote, the quality of "Baby love" is such that Dannii Minogue, who covers the title in 1991, will in turn experience significant success with this title.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Tyger (Regina Richards And Red Hot) 1980

  • Don't want you back (Regina Richards And Red Hot) 1980

  • Ton of bricks (Regina Richards And Red Hot) 1981

  • Daytime dream (Regina Richards And Red Hot) 1981

  • 'Cause you're not mine (Regina Richards And Red Hot) 1981

  • Head on 1986

  • Beat of love 1986

  • Baby love 1986

  • Say goodbye 1986

  • Sentimental love 1986

  • Extraordinary love 1988

  • Track you down 1990

  • Look who's crying now 1990

  • 2 of a kind 1990

  • Step it out 2021


Clips :

1980 ... a very typical US Rock sound for a debut that in no way suggests the singer's future career...

1980 ... in the same vein. Like an aftertaste of Bangles but without having the same career unfortunately ...

1981...and even if she will not succeed in this typical rock musical path that will not prevent her from achieving something great in the future...

1981...but at this stage no one knows it yet, not even her. For now the aim of the game for her is to simply start getting people to talk about her...

1981...and frankly, even in this rather punchy musical mode she is far from ridiculous. The basics are good in any case from all points of view...

1986 ... 6 years have passed and we find a Regina literally metamorphosed and in a totally different register !

1986 ... now, hard rock is over. Now it's Dance, Dance, Dance. And the best is yet to come !

1986 ... which will remain as his most successful title and consequently, the best known. The title of the consecration. Finally !

1986 ... a nice foray into the Intimist which shows that she is not just a Dance singer. Beautiful versatility !

1986...a title which will go somewhat unnoticed but which would have deserved a little more spotlight all the same. It’s now done ! she plays the luxury backing vocalist with this group that few people remember, that's for sure. A parenthesis quickly closed...

1988...return solo once again in pure dance mode. A title which will not remain as her most famous but we will be largely satisfied with it whatever happens...

1990 ... a change of decade which will unfortunately rhyme with the end of the adventure. Adventure that was beautiful, anyway ...

1990...come on, the adventure isn't quite over. We find her in soundtrack mode for the Dëka Kizoku series and frankly we want more...

1990...really a shame that the adventure doesn't go further because it would have deserved to be extended a little longer, that's clear...

2021...when we thought we would never see her again, here she is back in a completely unexpected way, to say the least...


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