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Hold on tight...

Few interesting information about Fantasy except the fact that it is an American group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "You're too late" which will be released in 1982.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to him.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • (Hey who’s gotta) Funky song 1981

  • You’re too late 1981

  • Hold on tight 1982

  • Ready, willing & able 1982

  • So easy to say 1982

  • Live the life I love 1983

  • Move to the groove 1985

  • He’s number one 1986

  • I'm still waiting 1990

  • Feeling lonely 1990

  • I'm not a bad girl 1990

  • Stop playing with my heart 1991

  • Like a baby 1991

  • Hollywood 1991


Clips :

1981...a first title which shows from the start that this group has potential, that's clear. A potential that will be rewarded from the first title...

1981...and from the second title it's the jackpot on the Charts side. The group will win here the biggest success of his entire career and return quickly to the musical Pantheon of the 80s. HU-GE !

1982...a band that won't stay in history as the best known of all and that frankly would have deserved a much higher recognition than it was in the end. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand...

1982...titles with certain quality and perfectly in tune with the times, everything you need to make this group one of the sure values of the moment. We definitely want more !

1982 ... especially since they are good in all areas, which does not spoil anything, quite the contrary. A versatility that is only found among the most talented, of course...

1983...paradoxically they will not have classified a lot of titles but this one will be part of it anyway. Afterwards, classified or not, their entire discography largely holds up and that's the main thing !

1985...good job again. How is it that this group has not been talked about him more, it's a real mystery...

1986... on the Charts side, this title will be the last to appear there. The adventure will continue thereafter but more in general indifference than anything else...

1990 ... in any case we will not hesitate to continue to appreciate this sequel to the quality more than certain. And everything that will come behind as well...

1990... what is certain is that the group continues to believe in it too. As they say the main thing is to have fun and regardless of the results in the Charts...

1990... they will have been really good in all tempos and this from the beginning to the end. This article will at least have had the merit of putting this more than certain talented group back in the light...

1991... it is clear that the best years will have been the first but they will never have been unworthy thereafter, far from it. After the competition will have been such during this end of the 20th century that all the groups will not have been able to find a place in the sun as they would have liked to do...

1991... they can always console themselves by saying that they will have produced one of the big Dance hits of the 80s. Not everyone can say the same...

1991...the adventure won't go any further, at least for the current version of the group. The group will rise from its ashes thereafter but in a completely revised form...


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