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Hey amigo...

Few interesting info about Tower except the fact that it is a Dutch band originally composed of Ben Peterzen, Cor Van Der Hooght, Henk Von Loon, Marian Pijnaker and Ton Hoogenboom.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the 20th century for the high-caliber single "Goin' home" which will be released in 1982.

For this reason alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • See you tonight 1981

  • Goin’ home 1982

  • Get back 1982

  • Titan 1982

  • Spaceman 1982

  • Hey amigo 1983

  • It’s allright 1984


Clips :

1981... beginnings that were rhythmic to say the least. And which also show that this group has everything he takes to do great things later...

1982... they confirm with THIS title all the good one could think of them. In just two years the group will have proven that he has its place at the highest level. The proof !

1982...certainly the sequel will not be as glorious but the group is on a rather flattering dynamic of success. Hope it lasts...

1982...unfortunately, the group begins to show its limits and the deceleration will be, to say the least, violent. Watch out for danger... the end the adventure will end much more quickly than expected. But what happened to make the group tumble down the stairs at such speed... adventure that only lasted three short years. While we saw them left for a good decade of success, it is quite the opposite that will happen. Hard law of the trade...

1984...and yes, it's already the end of the adventure. A flash career for a shooting star group that will not have found its place in the end in this blessed decade...


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