Her lifelong dream...

Céline Dion is a Quebec singer who can boast, apart from being the youngest of a family with no less than 14 children, to have sold to date around 230 million records worldwide.

Little Céline, a name she receives in reference to the song "Céline" by Hugues Aufray, grew up surrounded by musical instruments as her whole family played them. From the age of 5, she gave voice and stood out for the first time at a family wedding. Then, surrounded by her brothers and sisters, in the family restaurant Le Vieux Baril when they improvise entertainment and shows. An obvious predisposition for music which counterbalances academic aptitudes after all quite limited.

Things will start to accelerate for her in 1980, when she was only 12 years old, when her brother Jacques and her mother decided to write her first song "Ce n'était qu'un rêve". The model was sent to a certain René Angélil by his other brother Michel who discovered the name of the producer on the back of a record cover.

Which literally falls under the spell of the voice of the young singer and summons her in stride to audition. An audition which took place in 1981 and which exceeded Angelil’s expectations. So much so that he mortgages his house to finance the future albums of the young Celine. A first album "La voix du bon dieu" was released the same year and for a first try, it was rather successful because the album was a significant success in Canada. Followed by little "Celine Dion chante Noel" which will go more unnoticed.

A year later in 1982, she crossed the Atlantic and appeared for the first time on French television, where she sang the song "L’amour viendra". A service that also goes somewhat unnoticed. New album "Tellement j'ai d'amour..." the same year, an album which recorded significant sales scores once again on the other side of the Atlantic.

But it was a year later, in 1983, that fate decided to give the young singer a serious boost. Indeed, her stint on the Michel drucker program Champs Elysées, and especially the title she performs "D'amour ou d'amitié", will not go unnoticed, far from it. The title will be a hit in France and will take off the artist's career in a notable way.

New album "Les chemins de ma maison" still in 1983 and new success. Followed by "Mélanie" in 1984. An album which contains the title "Une colombe", song which she performs in front of 65,000 people at the Olympic stadium in Montreal for the coming of John Paul II. Title which becomes a huge success in Quebec. A year 1984 which ended in style with a return to France to act as the opening act for Patrick Sébastien on his end-of-year tour in France.

The year 1985 saw the release of the album "C’est pour toi" but slight disappointment because the album did not meet the expected success and did not produce any major hits. Followed by the release of the single "Billy" in 1986 which will not do much better.

Faced with this relative failure, Angélil decides to totally change her strategy and above all, to radically change the image, especially the physical one, of her little protégé. A radical change that takes place in 3 phases : change of look, teeth and express, and above all intensive, learning of English.

A total change of look in 1987 which is also accompanied by a change of record company namely CBS. Record company which also produces a certain… Michael Jackson of which she is totally a fan. Under this new label, the album "Incognito" is released, an album whose sound is much more contemporary than its predecessors. An album that is selling well around the world and which confirms the singer's obvious rise to international importance.

Then came the year 1988, the year that would forever change the artist’s fate. Indeed, she is selected to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the title "Ne partez pas sans moi". A competition which she won with a short head but which she wins and which finally allows her to achieve the long-awaited international recognition.

An international career that grew in 1990 with the album "Unison", the singer's first English-speaking album. It was a risky bet but a winning bet because the album was a worldwide hit and sold nearly 3 million copies. Album from which his first mega hit will be extracted, namely “Where does my heart beat now” and to a lesser extent “The last to know”.

The year 1991 saw her singing again in French on the album "Dion chante Plamondon", an album in which she took over Starmania standards but also unpublished songs composed by Plamondon. The album is a success but not the singles which are extracted from it paradoxically. A year 1991 when she nevertheless recorded a notorious success on the single side with the title "Beauty and the beast", soundtrack of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast which she performed in a duet with Peabo Bryson.

A title that appears on the album "Céline Dion" which was released a year later in 1992. Album which will sell more than 5 million copies and produce two huge singles that are "If you asked me to" and " Love can move mountains ”. The singer is now on a dynamic of incredible success that even allows her to sing at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles and to open for Michael Bolton during his tour of the latter across the United States. .

A success story which will take place on horseback on 2 continents the following year in 1993 with on the one hand the release in France of the single "Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)", still taken from the album dating from 1991 “Dion chante Plamondon”. The single will be one of the biggest hits of the year in France.

And on the other hand in the United States where his notoriety is such that he is asked to sing during the inauguration of Bill Clinton ! But also released his new English album "The color of my love", album of planetary consecration. The album will sell more than 20 million copies, produce 4 mega hits and make the singer one of the biggest phenomena of the moment ! Starting with the huge single "The power of love", cover of Jennifer Rush's flagship title from 1984. Single that will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest hits of his career. Followed by little "Misled", "Think twice", "Only one road" which came out in 1994.

An exceptional year from all points of view, both professional and personal, as she took the opportunity to finally make her relationship with René Angélil public, a relationship that would even end in marriage a year later in 1994.

Return in French in 1995 on the album "D’eux", album written especially for the singer by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Although the album is in French, it will sell over 10 million copies worldwide and almost 5 million in France alone. An album transcended by the odd single "Pour que tu m’aimes encore", a single that will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest hits of the decade on the French side.

But that's without counting on the album "Falling into you" which was released a year later in 1996. An album which will sell 32 million copies, despite some criticism from the specialized press and remains to this day its record in terms of album sales. The singer literally walks on water and attains a level of success and fame unlike any singer before her of all ages. The album will produce 3 new huge hits which are "Becaused you love me", "It's all coming back to me now", a cover of Jim Steinman's track dating from 1989 and "All by myself", another cover but this time from Eric Carmen's title dating from 1975.

A triumphant 1996 that also saw her sing at the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics, with 83,000 spectators in the stadium and 3.5 billion viewers watching their TV, just that !

The year 1997 came with the release of a landmark movie that would become one of the greatest films of all time, namely Titanic. It is James Horner, composer of the film's music, who will deliver to her on a set a real musical gem that is "My heart will go on". An amazing title which remains to this day the singer's biggest single success and which will forever remain one of the most striking titles of the end of the 20th century.

Title that will be part of his new album "Let’s talk about love" which comes out the same year. An album that will almost equal the incredible sales scores of its predecessor with 31 million albums sold this time around. Album of prestigious duets with on the one hand the title "Tell him" which she performs with Barbra Streisand and "Immortality" which she performs with the Bee Gees. Two titles which will know their hour of glory on a planetary level.

A new collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman the following year in 1998 with the release of the album "S'il suffisait d'aimer". Album with limited success since written in French but the album will still sell more than 4 million copies worldwide, including almost 2 million in France. Their first collaboration had produced a sumptuous track with "Pour que tu m’aimes encore". They repeat with the title which bears the name of the album, namely "S'il suffisait d'aimer", a title which will sell more than 260,000 copies in France and add an additional line to the legend of the 2 artists.

A year 1998 that never ends with the release of the album "These are special times", a special Christmas album that she performs in a duet with R. Kelly and which, like the other albums, will go around the world .

The 1990s ended in style with her third consecutive appearance at the Oscars, not as an actress but as a singer of course. She also released at the end of the year a best of her greatest English-speaking titles, to which were added seven new titles including a virtual duet with Frank Sinatra. Album that will sell more than 17 million copies worldwide and thus end an absolutely amazing decade for the singer.

A decade that will have elevated her to the rank of a planetary star, a planetary star whose exceptional talent has literally crushed the competition and made her one of the greatest singers of all time. And the adventure is far from over because the 2000s will still hold some very nice surprises ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ce n’était qu’un rêve 1981

  • D’amour ou d’amitié 1982

  • Mon ami m’a quittée 1983

  • Ne me plaignez pas 1984

  • Une colombe 1984

  • Mon rêve de toujours 1984

  • Un amour pour moi 1984

  • C’est pour toi 1985

  • L’univers a besoin d’amour 1986

  • Fais ce que tu voudras 1986

  • Je ne veux pas 1987

  • On traverse un miroir 1987

  • Lolita (Trop jeune pour aimer) 1987

  • Incognito 1987

  • Comme un cœur froid 1988

  • Ne partez pas sans moi 1988

  • D'abord c'est quoi l'amour 1988

  • Can’t live without you 1989

  • (If there was) Any other way 1990

  • Unison 1990

  • Where does my heart beat now 1990

  • The last to know 1991

  • Have a heart 1991

  • Beauty and the beast 1991

  • If you asked me to 1992

  • Nothing broken but my heart 1992

  • Love can move mountains 1992

  • Water from the moon 1993

  • Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy) 1993

  • Did you give enough love 1993

  • When I fall in love 1993

  • The power of love 1993

  • Misled 1994

  • Think twice 1994

  • Only one road 1994

  • Pour que tu m’aimes encore 1995

  • Je sais pas 1995

  • Next plane out 1995

  • To love you more 1995

  • Falling into you 1996

  • Because you loved me 1996

  • It's all coming back to me now 1996

  • The power of the dream 1996

  • All by myself 1996

  • Call the man 1997

  • J'attendais 1997

  • Tell him 1997

  • My heart will go on 1997

  • Immortality 1998

  • Zora sourit 1998

  • I’m your angel 1998

  • S’il suffisait d’aimer 1998

  • On ne change pas 1999

  • The prayer 1999

  • Treat her like a lady 1999

  • Dans un autre monde 1999

  • That’s the way it is 1999

Clips :

1981 ... the beginning of the genesis of a truly incredible adventure which will propel in a few years a young unknown woman who came out of nowhere to the rank of one the greatest Pop Diva of the end of the 20th century. A dream that will quickly turn into reality !

1982 ... France discovered the young Quebecer in 1982 with a certain astonishment to which even a significant interest. And the least we can say is that the current flows immediately. The beginning of a - very - privileged relationship that will last for decades ...

1983 ... the talent is certain but at this stage we can not imagine how far she will be able to hoist it. For now, we see a frail young girl pushing the song with a desire to do well more than obvious

1984 ... year after year, the style is refined and the rise in power is evident. It only remains to stick a little more to the new trends of the moment for the adventure to finally take off

1984 ... still no noticeable success but she begins to seriously talk about her. We will say that it is rather a good sign !

1984 ... his talent is expressed wonderfully in the Intimist, a field that suits her like a glove. And the future will vividly prove it !

1984 ... the beginning of a career remained fairly confidential despite an obvious desire to do well. And yet when we see the significant amount of high-caliber titles already produced, we are more than impressed !

1985 ... the number of titles released increases year after year, but she still cannot pass the stage which will allow her to reach the big league. Patience, patience ...

1986 ... small year 1986 with few titles on the clock. And a fairly average title quality. We therefore know that it will not be for this year either ...

1986 ... the only good surprise of this year 1986 will be this title which holds the road rather well. This is called saving the furniture ...

1987 ... something is happening, that's clear. Everything evolves, the style, the sound, the look and rather in a good way. There is really the BEFORE this title and the AFTER ...

1987 ... an incredible metamorphosis that sees the release of titles that have nothing to do with what she produced before. Impressive !

1987 ... we have the impression of no longer dealing with the same person, the change is so bluffing. Well done the record company ...

1987 ... she does not necessarily obtain more success than before with its last titles but the evolution is notorious. And we suspect that something and something big will happen quickly

1988 ... here she delivers a high-class Ultimate Slow that unfortunately went completely unnoticed. It really smells better and better ...

1988 ... then THIS title comes ! The title that will finally change everything and take her to the heights of fame that has been reaching out to her for so long. Of course, success will be limited to the French-speaking sphere but all the same...

1988 ... an exceptional year in all respects with a plethora of titles and Premium quality. The singer puts on the international star costume she's been waiting for so long

1989 ... the pivotal year at the international level. The switch to English will radically change the course of her career and propel her to a truly astounding level of success

1990 ... Céline Dion Season 1 has just ended and starts in this new decade Céline Dion Season 2. A Season 2 that will make her one of the greatest Pop Divas of the end of the 20th century ...

1990 ... 1990 is only an appetizer compared to what is on the horizon. When we already see the changes made, we imagine the rest !

1990 ... his first global mega hit. That's it, this time the Dion rocket has just taken off for good and it's gone to circle the Galaxy at the speed of light. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... the fact of singing in English will have totally changed the situation and each title that comes out now is an event in itself on a planetary level

1991 ... the beginning of 90 sees her pass several stages with disconcerting ease but she has not yet reached its maximum. We can therefore imagine the level of the suite ...

1991 ... the end of the year is - and always will be - particularly favorable. Here she gets a new global class hit thanks to this sumptuous Intimist title which will be part of the soundtrack of the film 'Beauty and the Beast'

1992 ... decade after decade, year after year, the singer climbs the levels one by one and is no longer very far from the summits. And when she will reach them, no one will be able to compete with her anymore !

1992 ... its level of classification in the Charts begins to make you dizzy. Each new title brings her inexorably closer to a leadership position that no one will dare to challenge her

1992 ... an end of the year 1992 in line with the other ends of the previous year, of course at the top ! An Olympic form that will take her to the top of the world the following year ...

1993 ... 1993 starts off calmly, but you shouldn't trust it. Because what awaits her at the end of the year is truly amazing !

1993 ... when Céline takes over from Plamondon and makes this version of the title Starmania even more sublime than that of the musical, we are speechless. MA-GIC !

1993 ... slight air gap with this 'little' hit. And yet the title is far from lacking in quality, that's clear. But in an ocean of Premium titles, some may seem a little more pale than others ...

1993 ... already the original title of Jeri Southern dating from 1952 was sublime, it could not be different for all the luxury covers that will be made of it. Including this one...

1993 ... in the luxury cover series, here is the most incredible. She delivers here a hallucinating version of the title of Jennifer Rush dating from 1984. A copy that matches the original version, even surpasses it, and which will make her one of the biggest planetary phenomena of the moment. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1994 ... she takes advantage of the enormous suction effect generated by the previous title and takes the opportunity to prance at the head of most planetary Charts. And let's go to last !

1994 ... she achieves an absolutely mind-blowing level of success in the Intimist. It must be said that her voice lends itself perfectly to it. New mega hit !

1994 ... and it continues ! Everything that comes out now turns immediately into solid gold, especially when she comes to the 'emotional' register !

1995 ... when 2 of the biggest names of the moment in their field unite, we suspect that the result will be up to the task. But who could have imagined that this title would become one of the most emblematic titles of the end of the twentieth century on the French side. We are close to ultimate perfection. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1995 ... we suspected that this title could not match the previous gem but it is doing more than well, to say the least. So, whether she is in French or in English, it is a sure hit !

1995 ... from time to time, some titles go under the radar, we do not necessarily know why. This will only meet with modest success. Go figure ...

1995 ... she alternates between two careers, French and international, with remarkable mastery. A truly breathtaking career, masterfully led and which leaves nothing but crumbs to the competition ...

1996 ... a year 1996 which will see the singer reach an absolutely incredible level of success. Starting with this absolutely incredible title which once again confirms her indisputable and undisputed status as Queen of the Intimist. MA-GIC !

1996 ... we started with a top hit, we continued with a mega. And still in the Intimist, area in which she really feels most at ease, it's obvious. MAS-TER-FUL !

1996 ... second mega hit thanks to this deluxe version of Jim Steinman's track. Mega hits, there will be 3 in total just for this year 1996. Few singer of her generation reach her ankle so much she was able to raise her level of talent almost to the maximum of her possibilities !

1996 ... the supreme consecration. When one is chosen to perform the official anthem of an Olympiad, it means that one is necessarily considered as the maxi star of the moment !

1996 ... a luxury cover that brings her luck once again. This time, she takes over Eric Carmen dating from 1975 and gives us a title with crazy lyricism and which will undoubtedly remain as one of her most emblematic titles. MAS-TER-FUL !

1997 ... his talent in the Intimist is really out of the ordinary and far outclasses the competition. Even if this title will not reach the same level of success as its predecessor, it is well above the general average, it is clear