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Heaven will wait...

The Danse Society is an English group formed in Barnsley in 1980 and originally composed of Steve Rawlings, Paul Nash, Lyndon Scarfe, Tim Wright and Paul Gilmartin.

A first Single "Clock" was released in 1980 and enjoyed great success on the English independent scene.

A first album called "Seduction" was released two years later in 1982. The same year released the Single "Somewhere" which then became their biggest success to date.

But it was a year later in 1983 that things suddenly accelerated when the album "Heaven is wainting" was released, the band's flagship album and which produced the 2 biggest hits of all their discography, namely "Wake up” and “Heaven is waiting”. The notoriety of the group then takes on a global dimension thanks to this particularly successful album.

The group will release a new album "Looking through" in 1986 but it will be unable to compete with its predecessor. And all the Singles that follow thereafter will meet with limited success as well.

Either way, this band will stay as one of the most unusual and original bands of the 1980s and just as such, we had to put them in the spotlight.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Clock 1980

  • There is no shame in death 1981

  • Somewhere 1982

  • We’re so happy 1983

  • Wake up 1983

  • Heaven is waiting 1983

  • Red light (Shine) 1983

  • 2000 light years from home 1984

  • Say it again 1985

  • Saturn girl 1987

  • Love it 1987

2010s Decade :

  • Revelation 2011

  • God cry 2011

  • Slowfire 2011

  • End of days 2011

  • Sinking 2011

  • Message in the wind 2013

  • The scarecrow 2013

  • The tale 2013

  • Star whisperer 2015

  • Dangerous 2015

  • Scream 2018

2020s Decade :

  • Sailing mirrors 2020

  • If you were only listening 2023

  • Divided to the end 2024

  • The sound and the fury 2024

  • The lies 2024


Tracks :

1980 ... the beginnings of a small group resolutely oriented Cold Wave. A rather particular niche in which they will really excel ...

1981 ... it is clear that some songs can be frankly disorienting and that there is still work to be done. Let's be patient ...

1982 ... the Cold Wave orientation is accentuated but allows the group to find its style and its sound. The rise in power is slow but obvious ...

1983 ... they operate in a typically English niche which will only be competed with by a few rare German groups. A unique know-how but difficult to approach ...

1983 ... the inspiration is taken up a notch and even if the sound remains difficult to reach for ordinary people, it is clear that this group, in its register, has a talent more than certain !

1983 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most successful titles. A unique sound for a unique group, therefore a unique result ! HU-GE !

1983 ... a year 1983 which saw the group reach a level of maturity sufficient to produce large caliber pieces. A new proof with this title !

1984 ... and still that unique sound of its kind that really makes them a band unlike any other. Their strength and their weakness !

1985 ... a hallucinating track which sees the group launch out in the Dance. A domain with 1000 places of their know-how. And my faith, they are far from being ridiculous !

1987 ... a second part of the adventure which sees the group losing part of its soul. And his style. Suddenly, all the original side is gone. Pity...

1987 ... in the same vein. It is high time for the adventure to end because the change is not the most successful. Well tried but failed ...

2011...while we thought that the group had definitely hung up the gloves, here they are back in this year 2011. All with a group format that no longer really corresponds to what it was previously, it's clear...

2011...on the other hand, who have been reborn so much reborn in a form that has nothing to do with what they were before. And on this one, the change is radical to say the least...

2011... what is certain on the other hand is that the group still does sound for an informed public. At this level, nothing has changed...

2011...certainly what they now offer is not accessible to all audiences, but there is quality, at least in their style. Anyway, we'll be happy with that...

2011...a somewhat unexpected rebirth, that's for sure. But many bands that had more or less disappeared during the 90s will try the same comeback more or less at the same time...

2013...especially since they came back in force during this decade with the production of several opuses. A return that will mainly delight grassroots fans but could possibly attract a younger audience who knows... so often in these cases, bands from the 80s who come back decades later have a rare ability to mix old and new influences. This group will be no exception...

2013...we're not going to lie to each other, the group will never again regain the level of excellence he enjoyed in the 80s. But what he offers today is far from deserving, that's clear !

2015... the albums follow one another at an impressive speed. We feel that the group had kept some under the elbow and that it is more than time to produce what could not be produced before...

2015... whatever it is, it's always nice to see the rebirth of bands that we thought were gone forever. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished...

2018...a dense decade rich in titles produced. It remains to be seen whether this return will be limited to the 2010 decade or not...

2020... we have the answer directly with this title. We therefore imagine that this title will surely not be the last and that we may find them later...






Top Bonus : 1986...The story of a lifetime


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