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He saw rainbows everywhere...

Al Jarreau, whose real name is Alwin Jarreau, was an American singer who started his musical career in 1962 in a jazzy trio led by a certain… George Duke. The same George Duke who would later become one of the big hitters of the Disco-Funk era.

At the end of the 60s, we find Al Jarreau alongside guitarist Julio Martinez, who will travel to clubs in the south and west of the United States. And at the beginning of 70, a new collaboration, we find him this time alongside pianist Tom Canning.

It was in 1975 that everything accelerated when he released his first album "We got by", an album which was a notorious success and which propelled him overnight to the center of the stage.

The 1976 album "Glow" only confirms the trend and blatantly reinforces the singer's rising status.

Real recognition came in 1981 when the album "Breakin 'away" was released, from which two flagship singles "We’re in this love together" and "Breakin’ away "were extracted. The artist is then at the height of his possibilities.

Possibilities that they confirmed again two years later in 1983 when the album "Jarreau" was released. Album which contains the future hits "Mornin" and "Boogie down".

Future hits which will be these last major ones and the albums which will be released thereafter will no longer meet with the same fervor from the public as the previous ones.

This artist with multiple gifts (this incredible scat and this amazing ability to imitate instruments like guitar, bass or percussion) will unfortunately leave us on February 12, 2017 at the age of 76 as a result of heart failure.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Rainbow in your eyes 1976

  • Thinkin' about it too 1978

  • Distracted 1980

  • Gimme what you got 1980

  • Never givin’ up 1980

  • We’re in this love together 1981

  • Breakin’ away 1982

  • Teach me tonight 1982

  • Your precious love 1982

  • Roof garden 1982

  • Boogie down 1983

  • Mornin’ 1983

  • Trouble in paradise 1983

  • After all 1984

  • Day by day 1985

  • Raging waters 1985

  • L is for lover 1986

  • Tell me what I gotta do 1986

  • Pleasure 1986

  • The music of goodbye 1986

  • Moonlighting 1987

  • So good 1988

  • All of my love 1989

  • All or nothing at all 1989

  • Blue angel 1992

  • It’s not hard to love you 1992


Clips :

1976 ... the first steps. And everything is already there : the style like the voice. You just have to wait for the ramp-up ...

1978 ... a slow but certain rise in power. The 70s to break in, the 80s to explode !

1980 ... a change of decade which rhymes with an obvious sonic evolution. A recognizable sound among all and which will become his trademark for years to come ...

1980 ... a first year with 3 hits. A beginning of the 80s, to say the least, ideal as they say. And this is just the start, the best is yet to come !

1980 ... his biggest hit of the year. And always this unique gesture, both in the mouth and in the body which make him a truly unique model

1981 ... change of vintage which rhymes with the first global top hit. A well-deserved take-off thanks to this beautiful Intimist title which ideally positions him for the rest of the events. MA-GIC !

1982 ... there was the year with 3 hits. Well, this one will produce no less than 4 ! Including this first HUGE title which will remain as one of his most emblematic. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... his first big-caliber Ultimate Slow. Tailor-made for his languid voice, this title is bound to hit the mark !

1982 ... in the same vein. Except that this time, he is in duet mode that he plays it to us. Or let them play it on us. And it all works pretty well !

1982 ... a year that ended in fireworks with this HUGE intergalactic hit which definitively established him as one of the major artists of the decade. All carried by a So 80's clip !

1983 ... a new year with 3 hits ... But not just simple hits. No, this time, he will sign 3 legendary hits. Including this first title where his style of phrasing so particular gives a truly amazing result !

1983 ... which will surely remain as the biggest hit of his entire career, at least on the Charts side. A marvel of softness and finesse that literally takes us on board and takes us to countries that we never even suspected existed ...

1983 ... return to Dance mode to close this absolutely exceptional year which saw him reach new heights! A HUGE year !

1984 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, the rest will prove to be more difficult to manage than expected ... Starting with this year which will see him produce only one hit and in addition, of low fame, despite its obvious quality ...

1985 ... when you take 2 of the leading figures of the moment, we imagine that the result will be up to the task. And it necessarily is !

1985 ... a complicated second part of 1985 with a title on the Ultra Dance side which confuses fans and the public ... Not really his favorite style !

1986 ... back in force with a song that suits him much more. Phew, we thought he was definitely lost ... which fortunately is not the case

1986 ... it's swinging, it's groovy, it's Jarreau as we like. A healthy recovery that shows that with him everything is still possible ...

1986 ... and what to say about that one. A first-rate inspiration for a title that is no less. Good job once again !

1986 ... a grandiose year which ends in the best possible way with this new charming duo. This time with Melissa Manchester on the soundtrack of a small film ... A small film that will become one of the most emblematic films of the last 30 years ...

1987 ... not much to eat this year except this soundtrack of the cult series 'Moonlighting'. Well, it's always better than nothing ...

1988 ... another rather poor year with this unique Ultimate Slow, certainly of quality, but which will not allow the artist to renew lasting success

1989 ... a year 1989 a little more dense with two hits in quick succession. We find an Al Jarreau in great shape. Rather reassuring ... but it still has to last ...

1989 ... not necessarily his best title but that's enough to ensure the minimum union and that's already it. But the end of the decade sees him all times struggling as they say ...

1992 ... small cut of 3 years and we find ourselves directly in the following decade. A winning return that allows the artist to return to success. But for how long...

1992 ... his last notorious hit. Final clap of an extraordinary adventure which will have allowed the artist to enter the musical legend of the 80s and to be consecrated as one of the very best artists of his generation

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