He saw the light...

Todd Rundgren is an American singer-songwriter who began his artistic career in 1966 with a group from Philadelphia called Woody’s Truck Shop, a group that allowed him to cut his teeth and start making people talk about him.

Then we find him in 1967 in a new group called Nazz. Group with which he will experience some major successes, first in 1968 with the title "Open my eyes". But also and above all "Hello it’s me" in 1969.

We find him solo from the year 1970, when he released his first album called "Runt", an album which was to meet with great esteem success thanks to the single "We gotta get you a woman".

Success confirmed but not amplified a year later in 1971 with the release of the album "Runt. The ballad of Todd Rundgren ”, album which will mainly produce the single “Be nice to me".

It is the next album, "Something/Anything", which will allow the artist in 1972 to pass the stage of recognition, the real one. The album is a huge success and allows the artist to land his biggest single hit with "I saw the light". But also with the revisited version of "Hello it’s me", title which he had created with Nazz a few years before.

A dynamic of success that did not prevent the album "A wizard, a true star" from passing "through" as they say in 1973. More than disappointing results in the Charts Album and no single ranked.

The only highlight of the album, the quarrel which will oppose him to John Lennon via the title "Rock 'N' Pussy", a title which follows a settling of scores between the 2 artists following Lundgren's remarks concerning Lennon in the Melody Maker review. Indeed, Lundgren accuses Lennon of having hit a waitress in a Hollywood restaurant and takes the opportunity to call him a "fucking idiot" ...

It was not until the next album "Todd" that the artist returned to the race for a little while in 1974, notably thanks to the greater use of synthesizers. Album carried at arm's length by the single "A dream goes on forever".

At the same time, the artist started the group Utopia and released a debut album "Todd Rundgren's Utopia" the same year. The album is a great success but paradoxically struggles to produce any large-caliber single ...

Back in solo in 1976 with the album "Faithful", album of which the only remarkable single will be an almost literal cover of the mythical "Good vibrations" of the Beach Boys, a gamble to say the least daring ...

On the Utopia side, two albums were released the following year in 1977 : "Ra" and "Oops! Wrong planet”. The two albums will not go unnoticed, especially the second. But still no notorious hit in sight…

On the solo side, the album "Hermit of mink hollow" which came out in 1978 will bring the artist his biggest personal success on the album side. Album that will produce one of his biggest singles with the title "Can we still be friends".

On the Utopia side, 1979 would prove to be the band's Big Year with the release of the album "Adventures in Utopia". Album which will remain as their best opus on the Charts side and which will also produce their biggest success on the single side with the title "Set me free".

We find Utopia again at the start of the 1980s with the release of the album "Deface the music", an album which is a direct reference to the Beatles. Album where one of the songs "Everybody else is wrong" targets Lennon again. The same Lennon who will be assassinated that year by a certain Mark Shapman, unconditional and above all obsessive fan of…Rundgren !

The artist returned solo in 1981 with the album "Healing", one of the highest ranked album of all his discography but which unfortunately failed to produce a major single. "Time heals" which will be the flagship song of the album will still have the merit of being one of the first songs to be broadcast on MTV ...

A year 1981 which will not be remembered as the best of the artist because he also made the headlines that year following the burglary of his residence. Burglary by armed men who do not hesitate to tie him and his girlfriend while they ransack the house ...

The year 1982 will be much more favorable with the release of 3 albums, just that ! Utopia will release 2 albums “Swing to the right” and “Utopia” and Rundgren for his part will release “The ever popular tortured artist effect”. Utopia's albums will not produce notorious hits again, however, his solo album will produce one with the title "Bang the drum all day".

Surprisingly, not much will happen in 1984 on the solo side and it is Utopia who will save the year with the release of the album "Oblivion". The album will perform relatively well like all the others but will not do any better than its predecessor on the high caliber single.

Change of label from 1985 and move to Warner Bros. Records, label with which he released his first solo album called "A cappella". Disappointing album that will not produce any major single. Ditto for the album "P.O.V." which will be released the same year for Utopia. Album which will be the last opus of the group ...

There followed a big air hole hat would last 4 years before he returned in 1989 with the album "Nearly human", an album of average success.

All the albums that will be released subsequently, and there will be more than a significant number of them, will also experience only a mixed level of success. And this despite a quality that is still omnipresent ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Open my eyes (Nazz) 1968

  • Hello it’s me (Nazz) 1969

  • Not wrong long (Nazz) 1969

  • We gotta get you a woman 1970

  • Be nice to me 1971

  • A long time, a long way to go 1971

  • I saw the light 1972

  • Hello it’s me 1973

  • A dream goes on forever 1974

  • Wolfman Jack 1974

  • Real man 1975

  • Good vibrations 1976

  • Love is the answer (Utopia) 1977

  • Can we still be friends 1978

  • Set me free (Utopia) 1980

  • The very last time (Utopia) 1980

  • Time heals 1981

  • Compassion 1981

  • Hideaway 1982

  • One world (Utopia) 1982

  • Hammer in my heart (Utopia) 1982

  • Feel don’t fail me now (Utopia) 1983

  • Bang the drum all day 1983

  • Crybaby (Utopia) 1984

  • Something to fall back on 1985

  • Loving you’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it 1986

  • The want of a nail 1989

  • Change myself 1991

  • Property 1.0 1993

  • World epiphany 1.2 1993

  • Day job 1993

  • Beloved infidel 1995

  • Love is the answer 1997

  • Love of the common man 2000

  • Future 2004

  • Afterlife 2004

  • Afraid 2008

  • Weakness 2008

  • Dancing barefoot 2011

  • Nothing to lose 2011

  • Take it all 2011

  • Something from nothing 2013

  • Party liquor 2013

  • Sir reality 2013

  • Flesh and blood 2015

  • Rise 2015

  • Holyland 2015

  • Come 2017

  • Fiction 2017

  • Beginning of the end 2017

Clips :

1968 ... beginnings which are combined with several within the group Nazz. A successful group adventure since it will produce several high-caliber titles ...

1969 ... which will undoubtedly remain as the group's finest achievement. And that the young Todd will cover a few years later in a brilliant way ...

1969... the Nazz adventure will at least have allowed him to do his classes and start to make talking about him. It's already that...

1970 ... the first solo steps. The young singer decides to free himself from his playing colleagues and he will take it into account given what will happen to him later ...

1971 ... very quickly, he will display talents of composition more than certain. This young man is gifted and he will prove it again and again in the years, even decades to come ...

1972 ... starting with this title. He will win his first planetary star here and find himself projected onto the front of the international stage in a way that is spectacular to say the least. HU-GE !

1973 ... then comes his resumption of the title of Nazz achieved a few years earlier. His version will go far beyond the original and remains to this day one of his most emblematic titles. MAS-TER-FUL !

1974 ... the dynamic of success is now firmly in place even if this title will be a little lower than its predecessor. It must be said that the bar has been set so high that it is difficult to compete in these conditions...

1974 ... a title that will be declined in 2 with the Dj Wolfman Jack. In the end, a year 1974 which will not remain as the best vintage of the singer but which will have produced at least 2 interesting titles. It's already that...

1975 ... only one title on the clock for this year 1975 but a good job once again. The level of success is not optimum but largely sufficient to keep the singer in the leading pack ...

1976...daring to tackle the cult title of the Beach Boys released 10 years earlier is a bet that is audacious to say the least, even very audacious. And yet, the copy is so close to the original that he will manage to come out with flying colors on this one. Even if his version does not bring much more...

1978 ... on the other hand on this one he owes nothing to anyone because this title is his. And the success that goes with it too. Like what, when he wants, he does very well on his own...

1980...he will have hatched during the 60s and then reached its highest level during the 70s. What the 80s have in store for him, the future will tell us...

1980...for now, it's off to a good start with a level of success that's more than enough to keep him in contact with the best. Hope it lasts ...

1981...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind him. The quality level remains high, however, which makes it possible to avoid a too brutal stall with the young generation pushing hard behind...

1981... the decline in the Charts is accentuated title after title, year after year. He will still have to be careful not to lose too much ground because he will never be able to get back in the race...