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He's that kind of guy....

LL Cool J, real name James Todd Smith, is an American singer who started his artistic career in 1984 with the release of a first single called "I need a beat". Single which will be a great esteem success.

First album "Radio" the following year in 1985, an album which will meet a significant success on both sides of the Atlantic, notably thanks to the titles "I can’t live without my radio" and "Rock the bells".

Success confirmed but especially amplified the following year in 1987 with the release of the album "Bigger and Deffer", album carried at arm's length by 2 flagship singles that are "I'm bad" and "I need love" and which will ultimately sell more than 2 million copies in the United States alone.

New album "Walking with a panther" two years later in 1989. Album with less success than its predecessor, partly due to its too commercial aspect from the point of view of basic Hip-Hop fans, but which will still produce two huge singles that are "I'm that type of guy" the same year and "Going back to Cali", single which will be released the previous year in 1988.

Business resumed a year later in 1990 with the release of the critically acclaimed album “Mama Said Knock You Out” which produced two of the singer's biggest hits with “Around the way girl” the same year and “Mama said knock you out” the following year in 1991.

It took three years and the year 1993 to see the release of the album "14 shots to the dome", an album which saw the artist unscrewing once again in the Charts. Only the title "How I’m comin" will painfully stand out.

Back in force in 1995 with the album "Mr Smith", enormous album which will produce the 3 biggest hits of the artist side single. Starting with "Hey lover", title he performs with the Boyz II Men, just that. Followed by "Doin’ it "and" Loungin "which will be released the following year in 1996.

A great adventure that continued in 1997 with the release of the album "Phenomenon", which in turn became popular with the public in particular thanks to the enormous single which bears the name of the album.

Then the albums "G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) ”in 2000,“ 10 ”in 2002,“ The DEFinition ”in 2004,“ Todd Smith ”in 2006… among others. Albums which in turn will be more than certain success and which will allow the artist to maintain a level of success that is bluffing to say the least ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I can’t live without my radio 1985

  • Rock the bells 1986

  • I’m bad 1987

  • I need love 1987

  • Going back to Cali 1988

  • I’m that type of guy 1989

  • One shot at love 1989

  • The boomin’ system 1990

  • Around the way girl 1990

  • Mama said knock out you 1991

  • 6 minutes of pleasure 1991

  • Strictly business 1991

  • How I’m comin 1993

  • Stand by your man 1993

  • Hey lover 1995

  • Doin’ it 1996

  • Loungin 1996

  • Ain’t nobody 1996

  • Phenomenon 1997

  • Father 1998

  • Hot hot hot 1998

  • Deepest bluest 1999

  • Imagine that 2000

  • You and me 2000

  • Luv U better 2002

  • Paradise 2003

  • Headsprung 2004

  • Hush 2005

  • Control myself 2006

  • Baby 2008

  • No more 2011


Clips :

1985 ... after a first title released the previous year and gone completely unnoticed, the singer finally sees his efforts rewarded with this first classified title. All in an ultra targeted area reserved for a public at the very least informed ...

1986 ... we start again on the same bases in this new year 1986. A style where the music is at least reduced to the strict minimum ...

1987 ... the years go by and nothing changes, or very little. This does not prevent the singer from slowly but surely spreading his fame on a planetary level ...

1987 ... something happened, that's clear. Music finally becomes a main component and that changes everything. Especially when the bad boy plays it in Intimist mode, the result is all the more disturbing and above all, effective. HU-GE !

1988 ... after 2 years rich in title, the year 1988 and its only title may seem somewhat pale. All the more so when the music is once again relegated to the background ...

1989 ... the end of the decade that rhymes with a rise in power. Always in this inimitable style which will truly remain one of the most improbable musical trends of this incredible decade ...

1989 ... a title which will pass completely under the radar and which nevertheless shows a facet of the artist among the most interesting. Frankly shame ...

1990 ... the transition to the 90s is done under the best conditions with a level of success that remains high. Frankly surprising for such a particular style ...

1990 ... as a general rule, in such particular fields, the artist's lifespan is extremely limited. The exception that makes the rule !

1991 ... a style that has hardly changed since the artist's beginnings. People could have got bored but on the contrary, the adventure continues for some reason and it is set to last a few more years ...

1991 ... the singer does not ask questions and continues to chart his course. Rightly so given the level of success he continues to garner ...

1991 ... a title which has nothing to do with the others and which would frankly have deserved a much higher recognition than it was. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1993 ... one would have thought that his absence in 1992 meant the end of the adventure. It was very bad to know him. Because here he is back in this year 1993 and he certainly does not intend to stop there ...

1993 ... a BIG year 1993 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. What more !

1995 .... it was the 1980s that revealed him, but it was the 1990s that would consecrate him. Starting with this title which gives it its first global mega hit !

1996 ... when the singer samples Art Of Noise, of course, the result can only be out of the ordinary. And he is ! The proof with this title which allows him to touch the stars once again !

1996 ... three titles will be released during 1996 and the 3 will end at the top of the Charts, a real feat, a little over 10 years after its debut. HU-GE !

1996 ... here he samples one of Chaka Kan's flagship titles and once again, the result is up to par. Past Master in the art of cover the titles of others !

1997 ... the year 1997 will not have the same incredible level of success as the year 1996 but this title will still obtain a level of success which would make more than one pale. A dynamic of success that remains at a stratospheric level to say the least !

1998 ... here he has already arrived at the end of the 90s and nothing, and no one, seems to be able to stop him. But how far will he go ...?

1998 ... in a somewhat outdated style, the singer continues to display his convictions loud and clear. A claim that works in any case given the results in the Charts !

1999 ... the last title of the decade. Admittedly, this title which is part of the soundtrack of the film Deep Blue sea will not remain as his biggest success but it holds up, to say the least ...

2000 ... and here he is attacking the 2000s with an obvious desire to continue the adventure at all costs. And the future will prove that he still has some under the pedal !

2000 ... when we see what he offered at the start of his career and what he now offers, it is clear that the progress made is impressive to say the least ...

2002 ... never out of fashion, never out of date, the singer believes in it hard as iron and continues to appear in the best places in the Charts. Longevity at this level to say the least bluffing !

2003 ... he has multiplied the duets for a few years and the least we can say is that he succeeds. Once again the proof with this title !

2004 ... and it continues. Each year of this new decade offers him its share of hits. Even if this year 2004 will be single title, as was the year 2002, the main thing is that the singer remains in contact with the best. Which is the case once again !

2005 ... new luxury duo. Rarely will an artist from the 80s have been so successful during the 2000s. A real feat !

2006 ... here he signs his biggest hit of the decade and one of the biggest hits of all his discography. Where most of his colleagues in the 80s have simply disappeared from radar for a long time, he continues his adventure in a remarkable way. What talent !

2008 ... we suspected that at some point, the great adventure would come to an end. Admittedly, the end is not yet for now but this title is his last planetary class hit. Unfortunately, the rest will be much less favorable ...

2011 ... the last hit, and again, of very small caliber. This time, the singer has arrived at the end of his adventure and everything that will come out thereafter will not change anything. But what a career !


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