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He had promised himself ...

Nick Kamen was an English singer whose particularity is to have been a model before being a singer and especially to have been propelled to the front of the stage by a certain ... Madonna.

But he will be remembered especially in the advertisement for Levi’s in which he undresses in a laundromat and which remains one of the cult pubs of the 80s.

His musical career will be limited to a few titles but two will have particularly set fire to all the dancefloors of the planet during the 80s.

Namely "Each time you break my heart", released in 1986 and "I promised myself", released in 1990.

Artist who will leave us prematurely at the age of 59 on May 4, 2021 following bone marrow cancer.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Each time you break my heart 1986

• Loving you is sweeter than ever 1987

• Nobody else 1987

• Come softly to me 1987

• Win your love 1987

• Tell me 1988

• Bring me your love 1988

• Don’t hold out 1989

90s Decade :

• I promised myself 1990

• Oh how happy 1990

• Looking good diving 1990

• Agony and ectasy 1990

• You're not the only one 1992

• We'll never lose what we have found 1992


Tracks :

1986 ... Mister Jean Lewis Beau Gosse arrives and smashes everything with this HUGE tube which will surely remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. At the same time, he signed the biggest success of all his discography. This is called an 'All in 1'. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... a nice suite which confirms that the little boy is not just a shooting star and that he is not there to do only some figuration !

1987 ... a BIG year 1987 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. The handsome kid confirms, title after title, all the good one could think of him...

1987 ... the playboy also knows how to be gentle. Multitasking the boy and above all good in all areas !

1987 ... not necessarily his best title but good job, that's already it. Nor can he be on top all the time !

1988 ... back to Dance. Well, there's no photo, it's really the area that suits him best and in which he will achieve his biggest successes...

1988 ... another excellent title which confirms the certain talent of Mister Lewis. Who could have predicted by seeing this pretty headliner that he would last as long ...

1989 ... the handsome kid in reggae version. Well, why not...especially since he is far from being ridiculous once again the guy

1990 ... a change of decade made with obvious mastery thanks to this title. After having signed one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s, he signed here one of the biggest Dance hits of the 90s. Like what it was important not to underestimate. HU-GE !

1990 ... an astonishing title, all in finesse, far from everything he has been able to offer until then. A daring bet which allows him to show another facet of his talent but which will not pay in the Charts unfortunately ...

1990 ... 4 years after his startling beginnings, the boy is still here. And very little waste, only heavy gauge. Like what, you can have impeccable plastic and know how to sing ...

1990 ... unfortunately all good things come to an end. Unscrewing in the Charts is confirmed title after title and nothing, and no one, can stop it ...

1992 ... the year 1992 will not change anything. The mass is said as they say and the audience of midinettes is already going to another beautiful kid. Tough law of the trade ...

1992 ... the last title before the final bow. A career that will have lasted only 6 years but which will have produced 2 mega Dance hits of world class, a performance that we can only salute !


Top Bonus : 1985...the legendary ad


Top Bonus : 1986...a story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : ?...a story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 1992...a story of a lifetime III


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