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Philippe Lavil, born Philippe Durand de la Villejegu du Fresnay, is a French singer originally from Martinique, descendant of French colonists and whose parents operated a banana plantation in the commune of François.

It is a certain Graeme Allwright (!), Then an English teacher, who will introduce young Philippe to song. And above all to make her want to sing.

He thus released his first title "A la califourchon" in 1969. Single which will not be remembered. On the other hand, the following one which comes out a year later in 1970 will be talked about. "Avec les filles je ne sais pas" allows him to finally stand out from the competition and launches his career for good.

Unfortunately the test is not transformed, his career skates and it will be necessary to wait 8 years before seeing the release of the album "Février in 1978. An album which will go somewhat unnoticed despite the fact that the lyrics on the album are from a certain… Alain Souchon !

It was in 1982 that everything suddenly accelerated again when he crossed paths with the "maker of tubes", namely Didier Barbelivien, who wrote to him the enormously "Il tape sur des bambous". Single flagship that will immediately propel the singer into the spotlight.

The two friends did it again three years later in 1985 with "Elle préfère l'amour en mer", a new flagship title which in turn hits the peaks of the Charts. The singer literally becomes essential.

West Indian music being an endless source of inspiration and luck for him, the latter will give him a third - and ultimate - gift when he records the title "Kolé Séré" in duet with Jocelyn Beroard of Kassav. Another major success.

But who will unfortunately be the last. Other titles will be released later, but the singer will never find the same level of success as before.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • A la califourchon 1969

  • Avec les filles je ne sais pas 1970

  • Plus j'en ai, plus j'en veux 1971

  • Hey Mister Lee 1976

  • Il tape sur des bambous 1982

  • Rio 1982

  • Sauvage 1983

  • San Miguel 1983

  • Jamaicaine 1984

  • Elle préfère l’amour en mer 1985

  • Elle tricote des pulls pour personne 1986

  • Kolé séré 1987

  • Pa palé 1989

  • La chica de cuba 1989

  • Savanna kumba 1990

  • De Bretagne ou d'ailleurs 1991

  • Y'a plus d'hiver 1992

Clips :

1969 ... a first title which will go unnoticed to say the least but which immediately sets the trend : with him, it will be festive and joyful, that's clear !

1970 ... after a few unsuccessful attempts, little Philippe finally had his first success. A title that confirms the previous trend : it will be a colorful career, placed under the sign of the sun and the tropics !

1971 ... we continue in the same vein. Since it works, why change. Except that this title will not meet quite the same success as its predecessor ...

1976 ... finished congas and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, little Philippe plays it for us in Country mode. So there, you have to dare !

1982 ... Papa Noel Barbelivien has just placed a superb gift in Philippe's little shoes. THE title that will change everything and literally explode the notoriety of the singer. Undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the decade on the French side !

1982 ... of course, it is almost impossible to match the success of the previous title as the bar is high. A nice suite but nothing more ...

1983 ... come on, we hadn't yet had the Mexican-Latino style. It is now done. And my faith, it works rather well in this field after all quite particular ...

1984 ... back to the Caribbean. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. With little Philippe, we come back to it no matter what. Normal, these are its roots !

1985 ... Papa Noel Barbelivien has once again left a big gift with the Durands of Villejegu du Fresnay. Race result : new mega hit. Anyway, when Barbelivien is around, success is guaranteed. And big !

1986 ... when Philippe plays rock, the result is correct but nothing more. A return to basics is essential !

1987 ... and there you go ! You just had to ask ! Back to basics and immediate success. A duet with Jocelyne Beroard which works wonderfully and which produces one of the biggest dance hits of the decade. Hot boiling !

1989 ... an incursion into the extremely rare intimist field on the part of the artist. And which produces a particularly successful result. Take out the tissues !

1989 ... back to Dance, we suspected that the foray into Intimist would be short-lived. And a new change of style. He makes us dizzy by force ...

1990 ... change of decade which rhymes with exploration of a new continent. Welcome this time to Africa. But that will not be enough to straighten the bar unfortunately ...

1991 ... and here it is in Latin-Celtic mode. Missing more than that. He will have done everything to us. The only one to dare and above all to be able to do that ...

1992 ... another foray into the Intimist which once again works perfectly. A decade of 90 which, like many colleagues, will be the decade of slow but irremediable decline ...

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