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Bill Deraime, whose real name is Alain Deraime, is a French singer who saw his artistic career really start in 1979 not as a solo artist but within the group Milteau, a very blues oriented group with which he released an album this year there. Album that will go completely unnoticed.

Back in solo from the year 1980, the year of release of his first personal album "Plus la peine de frimer", an album from which his first notorious success was to be extracted, namely "Faut que j'me tire ailleurs".

This success was confirmed a year later with the release in 1981 of the album "Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire ?", album from which will be extracted the biggest success of all his discography, namely" Babylone tu déconnes".

Unfortunately, the bellows will fall as quickly as it is mounted and the album "Entre deux eaux" which came out a year later in 1982 was not going to meet the success of the two previous opus. Just like the other albums that will be released later.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sur ma chaine bon marché 1979

  • Faut que j’me tire ailleurs 1980

  • C'est dur 1980

  • Plus la peine de frimer 1981

  • Babylone tu déconnes 1982

  • Fauteuil piégé 1983

  • Loser 1984

  • Un jour tu trouves 1986

  • La porte 1987

  • Sur le bord de la route 1989

  • Toujours du bleu 1989

  • Pamela 1991


Clips :

1979 ... the arrival of the UFO. The beginnings of a singer for the less atypical and whose course will prove to be particularly sinuous ...

1980 ... which will surely remain as his most emblematic title. A title which makes him fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. What more !

1980 ... he knows how to do punchy but he also knows how to ballad. The proof with this title which really has nothing to do with the previous one ...

1981 ... in the same vein. A totally offbeat style for the time and which necessarily marginalized him. At the time of synths and drum machines, obviously, he clashes ...

1982 ... his biggest record success. The efforts to stick to the latest trends are obvious and are not lost on the general public. And who says general public, necessarily says success ...

1983 ... the rest will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected. Even an obvious goodwill will not be enough to keep him in the big league unfortunately ...

1984 ... his style is atypical, just like his look. Not easy to find your place among artists all formatted in the same way ...

1986 ... anyway, he hangs on and does better than resist. Even if the level of success is after all limited, he continues to offer titles of obvious quality

1987 ... the country-blues side is and will always remain his trademark. His strength and weakness at the same time ...

1989 ... when Bill plays in the 'Luxury Revival' category. His cover of Otis Redding's cult title 'Dock of the bay' is far from ridiculous, to say the least

1989 ... a decade that ends with joy and good humor. A decade that saw him reach the heights and then gradually disappear from radar ...

1991 ... he played it shifted during the 1980s but there, we don't even talk about shifting, we're talking about an abyssal pit between him and the competition ...


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