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He didn't want to be alone...

Very little information about Georgio, real name Georgio Allentini, other than the fact that he is an African-American singer-songwriter.

Artist who will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for his flagship single "Sexappeal" released in 1987.

As such alone, he deserved this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sex appeal 1987

  • Tina Cherry 1987

  • Lover’s lane 1987

  • I won’t change 1987

  • Bedrock 1988

  • I don’t want to be alone 1988

  • Car freak 1989

  • Romantic love 1989


Clips :

1987 ... first title and direct jackpot. A dazzling success to say the least and which ideally positions the singer for the rest of the events ...

1987 ... a nice sequel but one that will not be able to compete with the huge previous single. Like what nothing is ever acquired ...

1987 ... plethora of titles in this year 1987. Nothing exceptional about this one but a good job all the same, the essential is preserved as they say

1987 ... after a shattering debut to say the least, the rest promises to be somewhat disappointing. The singer is easy and can no longer produce titles capable of competing with the competition. Hard law of the trade ...

1988 ... after an Intimist episode of fairly average level, return to pure and hard Dance. It's nice once again but it will unfortunately not be enough to put the singer back in the race ...

1988 ... he retries the Intimist experience with a little more success this time. But there is nothing to do, apart from his first title, the rest of his discography will remain fairly average level ...

1989 ... the adventure continues for good even if it is the last year of existence on the media scene. We are far from the top of the Charts but the whole remains more or less coherent and in accordance with the standards of the moment. It's always that ...


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