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Haooouuuuu Tcha tcha tcha !

Coming from the so-called 'A la Rennaise' sector, so prolific at that time (Marquis de Sade, Etienne Daho, Billy Ze Kick, Marc Seberg ...), Muriel Moreno and Daniel Chenevez will cross paths and their destinies in 1982, the year when they will together found L'Ombre Jaune. The Yellow Shadow that turns 2 years later into Niagara, in homage to Henry Hathaway's film with Marilyn Monroe. This now legendary duo will produce in the space of 5 years an impressive number of hits, with pop-rock sounds of very high bills, making the happiness of all the DJs of France and Navarre of the time. The impressive plastic of Muriel Moreno doing the rest, namely igniting concert halls and other TV sets ... Completely disappeared from radar screens in the 2000s, this group left an obvious void for all fans of this era ... a void that has still not been filled to date !

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• Tchiki boum 1985

•  L'Amour à la plage 1986

• Je dois m'en aller 1986

• Quand la ville dort 1987

• Assez ! 1988

• Soleil d'hiver 1988

• Flammes de l'enfer 1989

• Baby Louis 1989

90s  Decade :

• J'ai vu 1990

• Pendant que les champs brûlent 1990

• Psychotrope 1991

• La Vie est peut-être belle 1991

• La Fin des étoiles 1992

• Un million d'années 1993

• Le Minotaure 1993


Tracks :

1985 ... the HUGE hit that will reveal them. France is in shock, or rather the charm, of a Muriel Moreno with devastating charm !

1986 ... they reoffend in the process and deliver a 2nd Dance opus of very large caliber. The confirmation of an undeniable talent. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... a Muriel at the top of her form and who literally set fire to all the Dancefloor of France and Navarre

1987 ... a pivotal year where we see the group evolving in an obvious way. After the mega Dance hits, it's time for Intimist titles. And it works perfectly !

1988 ... another title with certain quality but the evolution of the group disconcerts fans from the start ...

1988 ... increasingly worked clips are unfortunately not enough to raise the bar ...

1989 ... new vintage but for the rest, nothing changes ... The group remains on the same melodic line and can no longer create the event as in the past ...

1989 ... a very nice baby Louis. A title that spins at 200 km/h but watch out for the road ...

1990 ... change of decade and come back in force with a literally boosted title. The group finally found the success that had been fleeing it for 3 years ...

1990 ... but this will not be enough to put the group back on track for success. A decade of 90 that will sound the death knell for one of the best French groups of the end of the 20th century ...

1991 ... it's rock, it's serious groove, Muriel is always as beautiful and always as much in cleats. But the mayonnaise doesn't take anymore ...

1991 ... the group falls more and more in a wacky side which it is sometimes difficult to follow. It is sure that visually, it pulsates !

1992 ... wow, here comes Wonder Muriel. The two lovebirds are starting to make a strong impression ... A little megalomaniac side seems to appear ...

1993 ... after Muriel the blonde, Muriel the redhead, here comes Muriel the brunette. A very pretty psychedelic delirium that can not erase the repetitive side of a sound that has not changed, or changed little, for ages ...

1993 ... come on, we end up with an Altermondialist delirium, the story of. No need to say, they will have done everything to us !


Top Bonus : the story of a life...incredible but tortured !


Top Bonus: the Phoenix rises from the ashes .....


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