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Hangin’ on a string...

Loose Ends is an English trio formed in 1980 and originally composed of Steve Nichol, Carl McIntosh and Jane Eugene.

Group which started its artistic career by signing with the label Virign Records in 1981 and released a first single "In the sky" a year later in 1982. Single which will go somewhat unnoticed ...

They will have to wait for 1984 and the release of their first album "A little spice" to see their efforts finally rewarded. Album which will produce 3 titles of great caliber which are "Tell me what you want", "Emergency (Dial 999)" and "Choose me (Rescue me)". Three titles which finally offered them their first major successes.

The real consecration came a year later in 1985 when the album "So where are you ?", album which will produce the biggest single of all their discography with the title" Hangin' on a string (Contemplating)". Single which will make a real worldwide hit and literally explode their international reputation.

Global success confirmed the following year in 1986 with the release of the album "Zagora". Album with less success but success nonetheless. Ditto for "The real chuckeeboo" which was released in 1988. The 2 albums produced several top hits but unfortunately none of a sufficient level to keep them in the Elite.

They will still experience a last notorious success with the single "Don’t be a fool" in 1990, a flagship single from the album "Look how long". Album which will be their last this time ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • In the sky 1982

  • Tell me what you want 1984

  • Emergency (Dial 999) 1984

  • Choose me (rescue me) 1984

  • Hangin’ on a string (contemplating) 1985

  • Magic touch 1985

  • Stay a little wild, child 1986

  • Slow down 1986

  • You can't stop the rain 1987

  • Mr. bachelor 1988

  • Watching you 1988

  • Don't be a fool 1990

  • Love's got me 1990

  • Cheap talk 1991

  • My way 1993


Clips :

1982 ... a first title with more than obvious quality and which immediately shows the potential of this small group. It remains to be seen what they will offer next ...

1984 ... they will still have to wait 2 years to finally see their efforts rewarded. With the key to a first classified title on both sides of the Atlantic

1984 ... a year 1984 which saw them reveal themselves to the height of what could be expected of them. A year 1984 to emerge and a year 1985 to explode ...

1984 ... a BIG year 1984 with no less than 3 classified titles, that's what we call a full box. And again, the best is yet to come ...

1985 ... comes THIS title ! THE title of the consecration which offers the group its biggest global success and which above all offers him a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

1985 ... a sequel which will not really know the same level of success and which will above all send the group back to the depths of the Charts. Cruel reversal of fortune ...

1986 ... a year 1986 which saw the group come back somewhat in the race. We cannot speak of euphoria but the level of success is on the rise again, it is clear

1986 ... the improvement is confirmed with this title. After a slight breeze, the group was able to pull himself together and start afresh. Hope it lasts ...

1987 ... a title that will not remain as their best ranked but which shows another aspect of their talent that we had not seen until then. They deliver here a track full of finesse which proves once again that this group is not there by chance ...

1988 ... the adventure continues for some reason and the group manages to stay in the big league without too much difficulty. All thanks to a level of inspiration which, for the moment, remains at a high level

1988 ... a year 1988 which will not necessarily remain as their best vintage but which sees them remaining in contact with the best. It's already that !

1990 ... the beginning of the decade which saw them record one of their biggest hits. Like what, nothing is ever finished, you just have to believe it !

1990 ... a good job, once again. Nothing exceptional but at least it allows the group to continue their adventure quietly but surely ...

1991 ... we can not blame them but the level is really no longer sufficient to hope to fight on equal terms with the competition. The exit is fast approaching ...

1993 ... this time, it's definitely the end. A great adventure which will have lasted more than 10 years all the same with several high-caliber titles including 1 mega hit. What more !


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