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Härlig är vår jord...

Frida, whose real name is Anni-Frid Lyngstad, is a singer of Norwegian origin but who grew up in Sweden and more particularly known for being one of the leading singers of the group ABBA.

A singer who shows from an early age above average skills in singing, so much so that her teacher makes her sing regularly in front of the other students. And from the age of 13, she joined the Eval Eks Orchestra in which she immediately stood out for the extraordinary quality of her voice. Troupe with which she sings every weekend in front of an audience that has come there to dance.

We find her a few years later in a big bang that takes up the repertoire of Glenn Miller, Duke Ekkington and Count Basie. Then in 1963, she decided to stand on her own feet by creating the group The Anni-frid Tour, a group that would go relatively unnoticed.

Everything changed in 1967 when she won the New Faces tele-hook organized by the EMI label with the title "En ledig dag". Victory which allows her to obtain his first contract in a label and especially to appear in the most popular TV show of the moment in Sweden, namely Hylands Hörna. A TV passage that made the buzz, to the point that several other labels called her immediately to have her signed with them. Without success.

At the very beginning of the following year, it was precisely while performing this title on TV that she first encountered a certain Agnetha Fältskog, who like her, performed her first title. The same one who a few years later would become his alter ego in the ABBA group.

She released her first album in 1971. An album produced by a certain Benny Anderson, who is also her fiancé and which will also be one of the future centerpieces of ABBA. The album was a real success and the reviews once again particularly rave for the singer. An album from which will be extracted his first top hit in Sweden, "Min egen stad", a track on which the 3 other future members of ABBA accompany her by playing the backing vocals.

It was the following year, 1972, that the extraordinary ABBA adventure began. An absolutely incredible adventure, which will produce a number of incredible planetary top hits and which will last nearly 10 years.

This does not prevent her from continuing to publish solo, notably the album "Frida ensam" in 1975. An album that will be a huge hit ... only in Sweden.

Full solo return from 1982. A year that saw the release of the album "Something's going on", an album which, this time, will be a huge planetary hit. The single that bears the name of the album will become one of the biggest hits of the year and remains his biggest personal success to this day. The singer is then at the peak of her career and literally walks on water.

A year later in 1983, she signed a remarkable duet with a little French singer by the name of… Daniel Balavoine, on the title “Belle”. Title that will only work well in France.

It was not until 1984 that the album "Shine" was released. The success was less and would produce only one flagship single, a single bearing the name of the album. An album that sees the singer's aura decline somewhat. For the first time in decades ...

And that will mark the starting point of a slow, but irremediable decline for one of the most incredible singers of her generation. An extraordinary singer who will have written, both solo and with others, some of the most beautiful pages in the musical history of the end of the 20th century.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • En ledig dag 1967

  • Simsalabim 1968

  • Härlig är vår jord 1969

  • Där du går lämnar kärleken spar 1970

  • Min egen stad 1971

  • Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan 1972

  • I know there's something going on 1982

  • To turn the stone 1982

  • Tell me it's over 1982

  • Here we’ll stay 1983

  • Belle 1983

  • Time 1983

  • Shine 1984

  • Twist in the dark 1984

  • Heart of the country 1984

  • Come to me (I am a woman) 1984

  • Saltwater 1992

  • Även en blomma 1996


ABBA Adventure :


Clips :

1967 ... the first steps of a totally unknown young girl, except maybe in her native country. Impossible to imagine at this stage that she will become a few years later one of the most famous singers on the planet ...

1968 ... the talent is real, but nothing exceptional yet. We will therefore have to give time to time and above all let fate be ...

1969 ... the level rises year after year, it is obvious. The singer's talent is gaining depth and it bodes very well for the future ...

1970 ... after a particularly promising start in the 1960s, here she is in the 1970s. A decade that will radically change her life, her destiny and make her become a legend, the one with a capital L

1971 ... the style evolves, it is obvious. We are slowly but surely getting closer to the style that will make her glory and her fortune. It only remains to work with the right people ...

1972 ... the providential encounters having taken place, all that remains is to open the ABBA period. An absolutely extraordinary period to come that will make her a real star

1982 ... 10 incredible years will pass between this title and the previous one. 10 years in which the singer will literally explode in the eyes of the whole world and become one of the most famous singers. The ideal launch pad for this solo sequel that starts with this HUGE title. Title that will stay in history as her biggest personal global hit and definitively consecrate her as one of the major singers of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... after an absolutely incredible first solo title, we could have imagined that she would have just had to unroll to chain the mega hits. Unfortunately, the rest will be more complicated to manage than expected ...

1982 ... this title will not even be classified and this despite a certain quality, that is to say. Like what, we may be one of the biggest stars of the moment, everything can turn around very quickly ...

1983 ... 1983 is starting again on a better basis than the end of 1982, it is clear. But it is also clear that the singer will never find the same level of success that she experienced on 'I know there's something going on' ...

1983 ... an astonishing duo which sees Daniel Balavoine pushing the song with the pretty Norwegian. But who had the truly incredible idea of bringing them together...? Of course, the title will only work in France ...

1983 ... the year of duets. We take the same song and perform it this time in English. The result unfortunately in the Charts will be the same ...

1984 ... sudden return of inspiration which allows the singer to finally find a level of success worthy of her rank. But it will indeed be the last time she will know the favors of the public ...

1984 ... the dropout in the Charts accelerates and the singer is now forced to do only some figuration. Turnaround to say the least violent and above all irreversible ...

1984 ... she does not demerit, it is clear. But what people expect from a musical point of view in the mid-1980s no longer really corresponds to what she offers ...

1984 ... impossible to reverse the trend despite a profusion of titles in this year 1984. She will have tried everything. Unfortunately without effects ...

1992 ... big 8 years air hole and back in 1992, in a style which unfortunately does not correspond to any of the new standards of the moment. She delivers here a nice Intimist title but which can not compete in any way with what the competition offers ...

1996 ... going back to basics will not reverse the trend either. This time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. But not just any adventure, an extraordinary adventure for one of the most emblematic singers of the end of the 20th century


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