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Good guys only win in movies...

C.C. Catch, whose real name is Caroline Catherine Müller, is a German singer of Dutch origin who started her artistic career in a girls band called Optimal.

It is her parents who, aware of their daughter's obvious talent, will push her to embark on a career as a singer. To the point that his father will become his manager and the organizer of his tours.

Dieter Bohlen, of the famous Modern Talking group, notices her first and takes her under her wing.

She released her first single "I can lose my heart tonight" in 1985. For a first try, it was a master stroke. The single is a real hit on the Old Continent.

A year later in 1986 released his first album "Catch the catch" which in turn hit all over Europe. Album that will produce two of his biggest hits: "Cause you are young" and "Strangers by night".

Also in the same year, another album "Welcome to the heartbreak hotel" was released. Album with less success but still success. From which the eponymous single will be extracted and which remains to this day its biggest success.

The album "Like a hurricane" was released in 1987 and made an honorable journey in the Charts. But the C.C. Catch’mania is slowing down somewhat. Except in Spain where the singer records her best sales score with the single "Soul survivor".

She again performed very well in Spain the following year in 1988 when the album "Big fun" was released. Album from which the hit "Nothing but a heartache" will be mainly extracted.

A last album "Hear what I say" was released in 1989, this time without the help of Bohlen who preferred to leave the ship following his refusal to see the singer more invested in the conception of the titles. An investment that will include Andy Taylor (formerly Duran-Duran), one of his new mentors. As paradoxical as it may seem, the album will experience relative success on the Charts side but will sell better than the previous 2. And will even ensure the singer a last top hit with the title "Big time".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I can lose my heart tonight 1985

  • Cause you are young 1986

  • Strangers by night 1986

  • Heartbreak hotel 1986

  • Heaven and hell 1986

  • Are you man enough 1987

  • Soul survivor 1987

  • Good guys only win in movies 1988

  • House of mystic lights 1988

  • Backseat of your Cadillac 1988

  • Nothing but a heartache 1989

  • Baby I need your love 1989

  • Big time 1989

  • Midnight hour 1989

  • Backgirl 1989

  • Silence 2004

  • Unborn love 2010

  • Supernature power 2010

  • Another night in Nashville 2014


Clips :

1985 ... it looks like Modern Talking, it tastes like Modern Talking, it sounds like Modern Talking. What do we say : thank you Uncle Dieter !

1986 ... well, it's not going to be complicated. From now on, it's almost a title released, a guaranteed hit ! The singer is on a hyper positive dynamic that is not ready to stop ...

1986 ... a HUGE year 1986 where there is really nothing to throw away, everything is good at Uncle ! We are already in the second top hit. There will be four in all !

1986 ... mighty vintage as this year 1986, no less than 4 world class titles. It must be said that when you see who is behind, there is nothing surprising in this meteoric success. She simply signs here the biggest hit of her entire career !

1986 ... a year which ends in apotheosis with this 4th title which will remain as the least well titled of the four. A relative success that many other singers would be happy with !

1987 ... a year 1987 which started almost on the same basis as the previous year. A dynamic that continues to take the singer to the highest levels of success ...

1987 ... an inspiration without limit and which allows the pretty Caroline to obtain her first title classified across the Channel. But who will also be the one and only. A style actually that is hard to take in Anglo-Saxons, go figure ...

1988 ... unquestionably, one of its titles among the best and which however will not really meet the expected success. This time, it is clear that the public disaffection is now becoming a reality ...

1988 ... but she hangs on and never lets go. Her persistence pays off in any case because she continues to record some good sales scores, particularly in Germany and Spain ...

1988 ... even if the public does not necessarily follow, the production of titles, her, hardly slows down. And allows the release of particularly punchy Dance titles like this one !

1989 ... four years after her shattering debut, the singer is still there. Deserved longevity thanks to titles with always certain quality !

1989 ... of course, one title out of two will no longer even be classified. But whatever, we will be largely satisfied with what she continues to produce !

1989 ... the last notorious hit. She will have tried everything, will have fought against all odds but at some point, when it does not want anymore, it does not want anymore. And yet she is far from being ridiculous on this last title !

1989 ... a magnificent adventure which ends with this title. An adventure that would have deserved to continue during the 90s but the fate of the singer will have decided otherwise ...

1989 ... go, as a bonus, this title which will not even be released as a single but which proves once again that this young girl really had everything to succeed !

2004 ... she will try to rise from the ashes during the 2000 decade. Even if the title is of quality, to return to the race will unfortunately be impossible for her. Tough law of the trade ...


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