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Jacques Higelin was a French singer-songwriter who saw his musical career take on meaning, first of all by passing an audition at the Théâtre des 3 Baudets when he was only 14 years old. Then in a second step by playing in the musical New Orleans alongside a certain… Sydney Bechet !

He joined the famous Cours Simon at the age of 16. And thus began his artistic career in the early 60s by playing small roles in several films and television series.

We find him at the end of the 60's with Brigitte Fontaine and Rufus in the play 'Maman j'ai peur', a play which triumphed over Paris and which will remain on display for two seasons. The same Brigitte Fontaine who encourages him, along with Areski Belkacem, to try a solo career. Solo career which he started in the early 1970s with street theater.

His career as a singer really began in 1971 when his first album "Jacques ‘Crabouif’ Higelin" was released, an album that went completely unnoticed. We will have to wait 3 years and the year 1974 to see the release of the album "BBH 75", a pivotal album that will reveal him, in particular thanks to the title "Cigarette".

A year later in 1975 the album "Irradié" was released, followed in 1976 by the album "Alertez les bébé", for which he received the Charles-Cros Academy Award. Its notoriety skyrocketed.

It was two years later in 1978 that the artist reached new heights when the album "No man's land" was released, an album that would bring him one of his biggest hits, namely the enormous "Pars".

Colossal success confirmed a year later in 1979 with the album "Champagne et Caviar" from which the incredible "Champagne" will be extracted, a particularly crazy and sarcastic title which raises him to the rank of star, as equal with Lavilliers and other Téléphone .

The following years will be more complicated. The Higelinmania fell back somewhat and the album "Higelin 82" which came out in 1982 did not meet with the same enthusiasm as the previous albums. Ditto for the album "Aï" in 1985. The singer's jazzy and surreal deliriums muddle the waters and the public is confused.

It was not until 1988 and the release of the album "Tombé du ciel" that the artist returned to success, notably thanks to the enormous eponymous single which was to be one of the big hits of that year.

Ephemeral success because the albums which will be released thereafter will gradually relapse into oblivion and only meet with very limited audience success.

A whimsical and colorful character, he will definitively draw his reference on April 6, 2018 at the age of 77, leaving behind an original work that will have profoundly marked the French musical landscape.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dans mon lit 1966

  • I love the queen 1971

  • Cigarette 1974

  • La rousse au chocolat 1976

  • Pars 1977

  • Champagne 1979

  • Tête en l’air 1979

  • Beau beau ou laid 1980

  • Informulé 1983

  • La croisade des enfants 1985

  • Tombé du ciel 1988

  • Poil à la main 1989

  • Ce qui doit être dit doit être fait 1991

  • Électrocardiogramme plat 1994

  • Le berceau de la vie 1994

  • Adolescent 1994

  • Une tranche de vie 1998

  • Broyer du noir 1999

  • La vie est folle 2001

  • Prise de bec 2006

  • Crocodaïl 2007

  • J'ai jamais su 2009

  • Coup de foudre 2010

  • Seul 2013

  • La joie de vivre 2013

  • Elle est si touchante 2016

1966 ... beginnings that will be qualified as particularly happy. The style, the voice, the phrasing, everything is already in place. Just like the wacky side ...

1971 ... first change of decade. The style evolves slowly, very slowly. This does not prevent him from being perfectly in tune with the times. Come on, some more efforts ...

1974 ... the first step to the top. The song that will change everything and start him for good

1976 ... the years pass quietly and the singer follows his little path. The best is yet to come !

1977 ... no more supporting roles, welcome to the limelight. The singer's notoriety literally explodes thanks to this title which will undeniably remain as one of his most emblematic

1979 ... his Masterpiece. Surely one of the most incredible titles of the decade on the French side. A totally stripped song, with a sumptuous melody and tailor-made text. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... we find the euphoric Higelin of the beginning of the decade. It works well but it cannot compete with the previous gem

1980 ... 2nd change of decade. After the 60s which saw him hatch and the 70s which saw him explode, what the 80s has in store for him. Hmm, hmm ...

1983 ... an unclassifiable title, wacky and combined with 2. Pure Higelin version 80. A delirious mode which unfortunately will no longer find its audience ...

1985 ... he sometimes comes back to earth. The proof with this much quieter song. But his excesses and escapades ended up boring ...

1988 ... an undeniable talent which allows to produce, when concentrated, this kind of piece. Its biggest title of the decade. Like what, when he wants. HU-GE !

1989 ... in Afro-Caribbean fashion. So there, this one, he hadn't given us yet. Wacky to the end ...

1991 ... he will have gone through the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s and here he is attacking the 90s with a certain brilliance. And always this quirky style which will forever remain his trademark !

1994 ... he tries to adapt to the new musical trends of the moment but loses his style suddenly. Bad pickaxe as they say ...

1994 ... we find a Higelin already much more comfortable in his trainers and especially in his style. Unfortunately, that will not be enough to put him back in the saddle in a notable way ...

1994 ... a title totally out of time and with a certain inspiration. A nice surprise where we find the best of the singer

1998 ... slight air gap of 4 years and he is back in great shape in this year 1998. A single title year but a title that works very well

1999 ... the end of the decade that ends in a festive and joyful way. A decade 90 which will have seen him somewhat disappear from the radars and frankly drop in the Charts. And yet, he will not be unworthy far from it

2001 ... he begins his 5th musical decade with an obvious desire to do well. Even if he has not been on familiar terms with the stars for a long time, he clings and does better than resist, that's clear !

2006 ... a 2000 decade not very prolific in terms of titles, to say the least. The quality remains essential but the artist had nevertheless accustomed us to better

2007 ... the artist will not have been able to find his place in this decade, it is obvious. Like most artists of his generation. At least for those still in activity ...

2009 ... a pity that the singer never again found the brilliant inspiration of the late 70s. But another era, other customs ...

2010 ... the adventure continues, no matter what. A decade that will unfortunately be the last for the artist, from all points of view ...

2013 ... a year 2013 which suddenly sees him return to the taste of the day. Like what, nothing is ever finished and you always have to believe in it !

2013 ... a beautiful year 2013 which saw him achieve several somewhat unexpected successes. Almost 50 years after starting his musical career. It is not beautiful that !

2016 ... this time, it's definitely the end. The end of an original and astonishing adventure which will have left several of the most striking pieces of the last 40 years on the French side. Hats off to the artist !


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