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Go for young guns...

The Isley Brothers is an American band formed in Cincinnati and originally composed of the O’Kelly brothers, Rudolph and Ronald Isley. Trio which should have been a Quator in truth because the Isley brothers were originally 4 (with the fourth brother named Vernon who sang with them in a Gospel Choir before the creation of the group). Fourth brother who sadly died at the age of 13 after a car hit him while riding his bike.

The trio released their first album “Shout !" in 1959, an album with the most modest success but which still allowed them to obtain their first ranked title with the 45 Tours of the same name.

Success confirmed and especially amplified 3 years later with the release in 1962 of the album "Twist & shout", the group's first classified album. An album that will produce the huge single of the same name and launch the band's career in earnest.

The year 1966 will offer them their first big global success with the release of the album "This old heart of mine" in particular thanks to 2 flagship titles which are "I guess I'll always love you" but also, and above all, "This old heart of mine (Is weak for you)".

A worldwide success that shows crescendo with the arrival in 1969 of the album "It’s our thing", album from which the flagship single "It’s your thing" will be extracted. Shortly followed by the album "The brothers : Isley", album released the same year and which will add a new star to their charts with the title "I turned you on".

The 1960s saw them bloom, the 1970s saw them explode. Starting with the album "3 + 3" which in 1973 saw them take a new level of notoriety in particular thanks to the title "That lady". In 1974, the album "Live it up" will experience less success but will largely pull out of the game. Then in 1975, it will be the turn of the enormous album "The heat is on" to offer them a new planetary top hit with the title “Fight the power”.

At the rate of one album per year, 1976 saw the release of "Harvest for the world", album which is their first of its kind to hit this time on both sides of the Atlantic. Album which will mainly produce the single of the same name.

A rise to the top which almost reached its goal in 1977 with the release of the album "Go for young guns", album of consecration which paradoxically struggled to produce a single of global class apart from the title "The pride".

The album "Showdown" which came out a year later in 1978 was going to do almost as hard as its predecessor but would encounter the same problem in terms of producing a well-known single. Only the title "Take me to the next phase" will manage to save the furniture.

The year 1979 saw the group reorient its sound towards a much more Disco sound, a reorientation which was not really going to benefit them since the album "Winner takes all" would meet a much lower level of success than its predecessors.

A decline in success that will be accentuated during the 80s and 90s with a slow and inexorable decline. And this despite the release of a significant number of albums and singles.

Surprisingly, it was the 2000s that saw them come back to the fore in a shattering way, but that’s another story ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Shout (Part 1) 1959

  • Twist and shout 1962

  • This old heart of mine (Is weak for you) 1966

  • I guess I’ll always love you 1966

  • Behind a painted smile 1968

  • Put yourself in my place 1969

  • It’s your thing 1969

  • I turned you on 1969

  • Keep on doin’ 1970

  • Love the one you’re with 1971

  • Work to do 1972

  • That lady (Part 1) 1973

  • Summer breeze 1974

  • Fight the power (Part 1) 1975

  • For the love of you 1975

  • Harvest for the world 1976

  • Voyage to Atlantis 1977

  • Take me to the next phase 1978

  • Groove with you 1978

  • It’s a disco night (Rock don’t stop) 1979

  • Don’t say goodnight 1980

  • Hurry up and wait 1981

  • Inside you (Part 1) 1981

  • Welcome to my heart 1982

  • The real deal 1982

  • It's alright with me 1982

  • Between the sheets 1983

  • Choosey lover 1983

  • Colder are my nights 1985

  • May I ? 1986

  • Smooth Sailin' Tonight 1987

  • Come my way 1987

  • Spend the night (Ce soir) 1989

  • One of a kind 1990

  • Sensitive lover 1992

  • I'm so proud 1994

  • Down low ( Nobody has to know) 1996

  • Let's lay together 1996

  • Floatin' on your love 1996

  • Tears 1996

  • Contagious 2001

  • Secret lover 2001

  • What would you do ? 2003

  • Busted 2003

  • Just came here to chill 2006


Clips :

1959 ... after several unsuccessful tests, the group finally obtained the first classified title after which he has been running for 2 years. Like what, patience always pays off one day or the next ...

1962 ... it's a luxury cover that will allow them to take off in a more substantial way. This revisited version of the Top Notes title from the previous year does not equal the original but holds up as they say ...

1966 ... it's the move to Motown that will seriously boost their career. The year 1966 really marks the breaking point between their pre-vegetative career and this new game which will see them reach the highest peaks of success ...

1966 ... each title that comes out now immediately turns into a top hit at least. And let's go to last like that for a few decades ...

1968 ... the rise in power is linear and now positions the group as one of the sure values of the moment. A well-deserved recognition ...

1969 ... a BIG year 1969 which promises to be with several high caliber titles. Starting with this one even if it will be the 'little' hit of the year ...

1969 ... then here is THE title that finally allows them to reach the heights for the first time. It took them 12 years to finally be recognized at the height of their talent. Good things come to those who wait for...

1969 ... of course, this title does not have the same level of success as its predecessor but at least allows the group to remain at the level of the best. The essential is preserved as they say ...

1970 ... after the 1950s, after the 1960s, here they are proudly entering the 1970s. With a level of success still in good shape ...

1971 ... new luxury cover this time of Stephen Stills' title from the previous year. Good job once again !

1972 ... the group continues the hits but does not manage to find the first place of Charts. Yet they really don't lack much to repeat the feat of 1969 ...

1973 ... the proof with THIS title ! The group signs here a new title of very high caliber which allows them to come back in contact with the best. Like what, not much was enough ...

1974 ... the style of the group evolves in an obvious way to stick to the last tendencies of the mid-1970s. And the result is to say the least successful !

1975 ... the group went into Dance mode and it was obvious to them. An ability to adapt which can only pay off in the short and medium term !

1975 ... the exception that makes the rule. They are back in Intimist mode for the duration of a title and the least we can say is that it would have been a shame to miss it ...

1976 ... yet another title that will remain among their most emblematic. The group shows once again that its talent is undoubtedly well above average !

1977 ... yet another top-notch Intimist track. It is clear that in this area they excel and again, the word is weak !

1978 ... and yet, it is not in the Intimist that they will experience their greatest success. The proof with this title which will do much better in the Charts than its predecessor ...

1978 ... decidedly, the upscale Intimist does not succeed more than that. And frankly, given the quality of the titles, it is difficult to understand why the general public does not follow ...

1979 ... the group ends the decade in high-powered mode with this track at a sustained pace to say the least. A cheekily healthy group about to enter his 4th decade, just that !

1980 ... paradoxically, after having finished the previous decade on the hats of wheel, the group begins this new decade of 80 very gently. And why not !

1981 ... a year 1981 essentially under the sign of Dance. Starting with this title which will be their big hit of the year. But it is clear that the level of success is far from equaling that achieved in the previous decade ...

1981 ... and yet, the quality of what they offer still largely holds up. So surprising that the general public does not follow more than that ...

1982 ... they alternate with a certain mastery Dance title and a high-caliber Intimist title. But once again, this title will experience only a limited level of success ...

1982 ... the beginning of the 80s which saw them really struggling in the Charts. On the other hand, on the production side of titles, the level paradoxically remains bloated ...

1982 ... three very correct titles for this year 1982 but which will not bring them more than that. The good years are now behind ...

1983 ... one of the rare Intimist titles that will bring them back. A title that allows them to reconnect with success across the Channel but it will be the only time during this decade ...

1983 ... a year 1983 resolutely oriented towards the 'emotional' register. And in this area, their know-how is really no longer to be proven, the proof once again !

1985 ... after a year 1984 when not much will happen, here they are back in 1985 in a form that will be qualified as average. A good job all the same but not enough to get back to the leading pack ...

1986 ... production of titles slows down drastically. But better the quality than the quantity as they say ...

1987 ... 30 years of presence at the highest level, already ! Few bands can boast of such a performance and such longevity, that's clear !

1987 ... yet another title that literally floats in the air, one more. We will never tire of their extraordinary talent in this field !

1989 ... after 1988 when not much would happen, we find them again at the end of the decade in softness and finesse mode. We take !

1990 ... and here they are entering their 5th decade. We really wonder how far they will be able to go !

1992 ... they almost abandoned the Dance mode, it is clear. All the tracks that come out are now in slow tempo mode. However, an alternation would have been welcome ...

1994 ... nothing helps, it's now 100 % Intimist We will not shy away from our pleasure, but too many Intimist may kill the Intimist at one point ...

1996 ... well, it must be said that with titles of the same quality, we still ask for more. The group returns to success, the real one this time. It was high time ...

1996 ... a year 1996 which suddenly puts them back in the race. Like what, in music, nothing is ever finished ...

1996 ... the association with other artists will have given them a second youth. Like what, not much was enough to put them back in the saddle ...

1996 ... a year 1996 which will undoubtedly remain as one of their best vintages. Of course, always in the same style but we will largely be satisfied with it ...

2001 ... who could have imagined that they would reach the 2000s...? A truly incredible career which places them indisputably in the Top10 of the groups having lasted the most ...

2001 ... not to mention that they are far from being ridiculous and still in tune with the times. They have been able to adapt to all eras and for that alone, we can only salute this incredible performance !

2003 ... and the adventure continues ! Impossible to stop them and we really wonder how far they will be able to go ...

2003 ... one of their last notorious success. This time, the end of the road is indeed looming on the horizon. But we suspected that it would not continue like this for decades and decades ...

2006 ... almost 50 years after their debut, here they sign their last notorious hit. An exceptional longevity which will have established them as one of the greatest groups in history, quite simply ...


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