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Gloria's crazy lover ...

Umberto Tozzi is an Italian singer-songwriter who started his musical career at the age of 16 when he joined the group "Off Sound", a group from Turin. We are then in 1968. Musical debut without much success. It was not until 1974 that things accelerated when he co-wrote the song "Un corpo, un’anima" which will be performed by Wess and Dori Ghezzi. He released his first album in 1976 "Donna amante mia" from which came the single "Io camminero" with fairly modest success. And it was a year later, in 1977, that his destiny suddenly changed with the release of the now cult "Ti amo", a title that would stay at the top of the Italian Charts for 7 months and be a hit across Europe. On the strength of this incredible and sudden success, in 1978 he released a new single "Tu" which also hit the streets around the world. And he did it again a year later, in 1979, with the single "Gloria". Flagship title which will be taken up by a certain… Laura Branigan, who will also suddenly see herself propelled to the top of the hits. Several years will follow where the singer will unfortunately not find the same level of success as before. And it was only in 1987, thanks to his participation in the Eurovision competition with the singer RAF, with the title "Gente di mare", that he returned temporarily to the fore. To rediscover for those who have forgotten that he was the interpreter of these now cult titles. Discography (among others ...) :

• Io camminerò 1976

• Donna amante mia 1976

• Ti amo 1977

• Perdendo Anna 1978

• Tu 1978

• Gloria 1979

• Qualcosa, qualcuno 1979

• Stella stai 1980

• Per Angela 1981

• Notte rosa 1981

• Eva 1982

• Nell' aria c'é 1983

• Hurra 1984

• Si puo' dare di piu 1987

• Immensamente 1987

• Gente di mare 1988

• Se non avessi te 1988

• Gli altri siamo noi 1991

• Gli innamorati 1991

• Io muoio di te 1994

• Lei 1994

• Equivocando 1994

• Il grido 1996

• Aria e cielo 1997

• Mai piu' cosi 1999

• Thank you very much 2000

• Un' altra vita 2000

• Torna settembre 2000

• E vinci ancora tu 2005

• Amandoci 2005

• Angie 2005

• Les anges 2006

• Come si fa 2006

• Anima italiana 2006

• L'amore é quando non c'é più 2009

• Al sud 2009

• Mi apri O no 2012

• Se tu non fossi qui 2012

• E adesso sei 2012

• Ma che spettacolo 2015

• Sei tu l'immenso amore mio 2015

• Donne al potere 2015


Clips :

1976 ... a smooth start which suggests the full potential of the artist. The best is yet to come...

1976 ... he confirms with this title a talent well above the average in the Intimist area. But we will quickly realize that he is good everywhere in truth !

1977 ... then comes THIS title. The young Umberto simply signs here one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time and at the same time becomes one of the biggest planetary phenomena of the moment. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... the tempo suddenly accelerates. This is only the beginning but it is a safe bet that the rest may be much more Dance. And that, to be Dance, it's going to be Dance !

1978 ... in two years, he will have signed two of the biggest hits of the 1970s, just that. After the Intimist global mega hit, he signed here one of the biggest Dance hits of the end of the XXth century. A-MA-ZING !

1979 ... and JACKPOT, the pass of 3. The 3rd planetary mega hit which offers him a ticket for posterity and which makes him enter definitively in the musical legend of this end of the XXth century, the legend with a big L !

1979 ... the end of the decade which once again combines in Intimist mode. And as always, his expertise is obvious and the result is necessarily up to par !

1980 ... a decade change difficult to negotiate. Difficult to compete with previous jewels but he will prove that we will have to count on him for the years to come

1981 ... whatever the case, it is clear that he is trying to adapt to the sounds of the moment. And what he offers is far from being ridiculous ...

1981 ... the quality level is obvious but the public does not follow, or no longer follows, paradoxical thing. He will have to raise the level of play, that's clear !

1982 ... it's done on this title. The efforts pay, the inspiration is back and the public with it. It was time !

1983 ... a title that spins at 200 km/h ! Light, airy, rhythmic, everything to please. The level of success increases title after title and allows the artist to keep all his chances for the next events

1984 ... of course, now it's only one title per year since he passed the milestone of the 1980s. But hey, it's better to have little with quality than a lot without inspiration ...

1987 ... at 3, it's necessarily better. A trio that works my faith very well and gives us here a title with more than obvious inspiration. Well done gentlemen !

1987 ... the level of success is mainly limited to Italy since the beginning of the decade but better than nothing at all as we say

1987 ... when 2 stars of the moment join forces to push the song, the result is necessarily up to par. We hoped for no less !

1988 ... a peaceful end to the decade, with no splinters, no particular relief but good work, once again

1991 ... he will have crossed the decade 70, then the decade 80 and here he is in the decade 90. Three decades during which he will have proven that he had all the talents. And it's not over !

1991 ... a particularly successful start to the 1990s which saw him go from hit to hit. Good, small caliber but he is still there and does not intend to stop on such a good path

1994 ... and the adventure continues. He clings, resists and stays afloat with obvious ease. And yet the competition is getting tougher ...

1994 ... here he returned to Intimist mode and we see that he has lost none of his talent in this area. Unfortunately, the fatal stall begins with this title and nothing, or anyone, can stop it ...

1994 ... big year 1994 in terms of production of titles but that will not stop the process of progressive disappearance of radars. And yet, quality is always a must !

1996 ... he tries to adapt by all means to the new sounds of the moment but the delay with the competition is now too great. He will never come back in the race ...

1997 ... but who would blame him for continuing to believe in it. Especially when he delivers titles that are still largely on the road !

1997... he will no longer be in contact with the best from now on but he will remain in their wake anyway. And at times will come very close...

1997... what will allow him to continue the adventure serenely is that the level of inspiration will be maintained at a largely sufficient level. And that will make all the difference...

1999...still there ! He is about to enter his 4th decade without the slightest doubt that the best is behind him. But when you have your talent, anything is always possible...

2000... he will have gone through the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s and here he is, proudly beginning this new decade of the 2000s. To do what, the future will tell us... do interesting things there anyway. Even if he will never know the top of the planetary Charts again, what he will continue to deliver will largely hold the road...

2005...we will lose sight of him for almost 5 years and here he is again with a certain force. Enough in any case to continue the adventure serenely... still have to remember that he started his career almost 40 years ago. An exceptional longevity for one of the most gifted artists of his generation...

2005...a great year 2005 with inspiration on all levels. The years have passed, just like the decades, the singer has lost none of his talent, it is clear...

2006... here he is embarked on a project that is original to say the least. A story without words where it's really hard to imagine that he is part of it, that's clear...'s so much better with 2 ! Here he is in duet mode, once again 100 % masculine, duets he likes at first sight...

2006...nothing exceptional but just a good job. The 2 accomplices make a copy for the less successful and which will have at least had the merit of playing the originality...

2009...a decade full of albums and titles of all kinds. The singer absolutely does not intend to give up and intends to put a layer behind …

2009...the proof with this sequel which shows that the singer is anything but finished. He manages to constantly reinvent himself and this allows him to survive all eras and above all all fashions...

2012...and here he is in this new decade of 2010. And once again he manages to amaze us with the quality of what he continues to deliver...

2012... he impresses with his will not to let go, that's for sure. Where most of those who started at the same time as him have disappeared body and soul, he is still there anyway. Incredible but true ! a style and a sound that does not really respect the latest musical standards of the moment, he continues his adventure in his own way. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else...

2015 ... certainly, the production of titles has slowed down somewhat compared to the 80s but he continues to be present regularly on the music scene. And we inevitably ask for more !

2015... almost 50 years of career, which grows, year after year, decade after decade, title after title. And titles released, it's starting to make a hell of a lot since its debut...

2015... so we can easily imagine that this title will surely not be the last. So there is a very good chance that we will find him later, that's almost certain...


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