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Gloria Gaynor is an American singer who started her career in the 60s with a group called "The Soul Satisfiers".

Slow start to a career despite the release of two singles, "Will you be my guy" and "She’ll be sorry" (title released for the first time under his real name) in 1965.

She will have to wait 10 years and the year 1975 to finally be recognized at the height of his talents thanks to the release of a title that will profoundly change his destiny, namely the intergalactic hit "Never can say goobye". Flagship title from the self-titled album.

The same year, the album "Experience Gloria Gaynor" was released, with less success but which produced some minor hits like "Casanova brown" and "Let’s make a deal".

Slight public disaffection for the albums "Glorious" of 1977 and "Park avenue sound" 1978.

But the adventure started all over again in 1978 when the album "Love tracks" was released, an album from which was going to be extracted which would become one of the biggest hits of the last 35 years, namely the enormous "I will survive". It’s a global tidal wave. The notoriety of the singer literally explodes.

The year 1979 saw the release of the album "I have a right" which could not compete with the dizzying success of the previous one. Album that still produces the hit "Let me know (I have a right)".

The beginning of 80 is more complicated with 3 semi-failures in a row.

First the album "Stories" which came out in 1980, then "I kinda like me" which came out in 1981 and finally "Gloria Gaynor" which came out in 1982. All three struggled to find their public, the Disco current being in full swing disaffection.

Back in force in 1983 with the album "I am Gloria Gaynor" which saw her win a new mega hit with the title "I am what I am", certainly less prestigious than the previous two but mega hit anyway. Title which makes a huge success in particular in the Gay community.

This flagship title will be his last notorious success and the release of other albums will not allow her to return to lasting success.

Anyway, she will leave in contemporary musical history 3 of the biggest hits of all time, hits that still vibrate many dance floors on the planet today.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Honey bee 1974

• Never can say goobye 1974

• Reach out, I'll be there 1975

• Walk on by 1975

• Do it yourself 1975

• How high the moon 1975

• Let’s make a deal 1976

• We can start all over again 1977

• Substitute 1978

• I will survive 1978

• Let Me Know (I Have a Right) 1979

• Let's Mend What's Been Broken 1981

• I kinda like me 1982

• I am what I am 1983

• Strive 1984

• My love is music 1985

• Don't You Dare Call It Love 1986

• Be soft with me tonight 1987

• First be a woman 1992

• Mighty high 1997

• Last night 2000

• Just keep thinking about you 2001

• I never knew 2002

Clips :

1974 ... the first steps of a huge future STAR who will remain as one of the greatest singers of all time

1974 ... the mega intergalactic hit that set all Dancefloor on fire and elevated her One Shot to the rank of planetary star. She signs here one of the biggest Dance hits of the 70s and of the end of the XXth century. All on a cover of the Jacksons 5. And yes, originally, it was them who first interpreted this legendary title ...

1975 ... once again in cover mode, this time targeting a Four Tops title. And it works again, new top hit !

1975 ... this time, Dionne Warwick is the model. Well, Gloria, at some point, you will have to do something new ...

1975 ... ahhh, finally new. And it pulsates serious, to say the least. Like what, when she wants ...

1975 ... and we go back to luxury covers with this time a title by Benny Goodman. 100 % Disco version !

1976 ... Gloria is now at cruising speed and the heavyweight titles follow one another at an impressive speed ...

1977 ... a mixed year which saw no major hit produced by her. It's to better prepare for the incredible suite that is looming on the horizon...

1978 ... a year 1978 which starts calmly with this 'small' hit ... But what follows, there by cons, is HUGE !

1978 ... here she signs her biggest hit and probably one of the biggest Dance hits of all time. A musical monument of the 20th century all by itself. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... impossible to match the previous gem in terms of success as the bar is high. We will therefore be content with this new 'little' big hit ...

1981 ... the beginning of the decade in a mixed color due to a Disco-Funk transition that the singer has trouble negotiating ...

1982 ... she accumulates underperformances at the start of this decade, despite an obvious desire to do well. But when the fate is contrary, difficult to fight...

1983 ... then comes THIS title, his 3rd intergalactic hit ! A phenomenal career which will have seen her deliver no less than 3 legendary hits. Who says better ?

1984 ... well, Gloria is in the Intimist ... Not really her favorite field. But my faith, it works all the same !

1985 ... back in force and in Dance mode. We suspected that the natural would gallop. A title that will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed ...

1986 ... this time, she plays the soft force version. Another novelty for her. She will have tried everything ...

1987 ... a magnificent Ultimate Slow as the last success of the decade. Like what, nothing is ever finished. MAAAA-GIIIICCCC !

1992 ... she will even attempt the transition to the 90s. And the result is once again up to par but the title will go completely under the radar ...

1997 ... and we find her 10 years later in House mode. Yes Yes, it's possible. That's what I said, she will have done everything for us ! But what a career !

2000 ... here she came in 2000, who would have believed it ?! A truly incredible career that never ends and that never ceases to surprise us !

2001 ... and it continues ! But how does she do it ? Already its 4th decade of activity and still as dashing. Like what, music, it keeps !

2002 ... but this time, it is indeed the end. The end of an extraordinary adventure for one of the greatest singers of all time. Finally with an exit through the very large door. What more !

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