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Cerrone, born Jean-Marc Cerrone, is a French composer and musician who has sold no less than 30 million records during his career.

It was at the age of 12 that he touched a drum kit for the first time, a gift from his mother and growing up, his musical references turned more towards Chicago, Cream or Santana.

It was in 1969 that things accelerated for him when he became artistic director of some 40 Clubs Med, after he convinced Gilbert Trigano to hire rock bands.

But the real start of his musical career took place in 1972 when he formed the group "Kongas".

Noticed by Eddie Barclay, who became his first producer, he released his first single "Boom". Without real success.

But the group is doing quite well and even goes as far as playing in Japan.

The adventure ends in 1974 when he decides to leave the group.

In 1975, he opened a record store and notably offered the first Disco discs from the United States.

By listening to them, inspiration comes to him and with the help of his friend Don Ray who owns a recording studio, he realizes a model.

In 1976, he decided outright to go to London to make a complete album there. That it self-produces.

And the result is purely and simply incredible for the time, both in terms of sound and duration of the songs, for some, lasting 16 minutes ...

All record companies refuse the album "Love in C minor" and Cerrone therefore decides to distribute it himself.

Miracle that he manages to accomplish in the United States and the result is enormous : more than 8 million albums are sold worldwide.

In 1977, he released a second album "Cerrone’s paradise" but the sound was too close to the previous one, hence a relative success.

Cerrone decided to bounce back quickly and in the same year composed the album "Cerrone III - Supernature". And this time, it's a real global success. It will sell for around 10 millions.

The single of the same name sets fire to all the dance floors of the planet, ditto for the second extract "Gime me love".

The album "Cerrone IV - The Golden Touch" was released in 1978 and followed in the footsteps of the previous one.

The singles "Rocket in the pocket" and "Look for love" are also a hit.

In 1979, he released the album "Cerrone V - Angelina" with a sound much more oriented new wave rock from which will be extracted the singles "Living in love" and "Call me tonight", the latter making a hit in gay clubs .

The 80s coincided with the release of 2 back to back albums : "Cerrone VI" and "Cerrone VII - You are the one".

Then released the album "Back track" in 1982.

And finally the album "Cerrone IX" in 1983. None of these albums will find the same level of enthusiasm on the part of the public as the previous ones.

Stopping the meteoric rise of this extraordinary little Frenchie.

Lack of success in the bins, Cerrone has since converted into mega shows version Jean-Michel Jarre, occupation which for the moment succeeded him rather well.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Love in C Minor 1976

• Supernature 1977

• Give me love 1978

• Je suis music 1978

• Look for love 1978

• Rock me 1979

• Living in love 1979

• Call me tonight 1979

• You are the one 1980

• Tripping on the moon 1981

• Back track 1982

• Your love survived 1982

• Freak connection 1983

• Cycle's woman 1983

• Club underworld 1984

• Oohps, oh no ! 1986

• Heart of me 1989

• I'm gonna take a another chance on you 1990

Clips :

1976 ... 1000 % D I S C O. The shattering beginnings of the one who will become one of the biggest Dance phenomena of this end of the XXth century

1977 ... one of the biggest Dance hits of the 70s. HUGE intergalactic tube which literally explodes the notoriety of the singer. A master stroke !

1978 ... he repeats a year later with an equally HUGE title. All Dancefloor literally catch fire ! Giant !

1978 ... a very nice suite but difficult to compete with the 2 previous jewels, it's clear. The impossible no one is bound...

1978 ... again and again, full DISCO. An unbroken dance tube festival that nothing and no one can stop

1979 ... after an exceptional year 1978 in all respects, the year 1979 will appear somewhat pale. There is going to be quantity but regarding quality, it is something else ...

1979 ... it's still nice but the great inspiration that had prevailed the previous year seems to have faded somewhat. Pity...

1979 ... this title will do a little better, but only just. It will be damn necessary to recover to avoid disappearing outright ...

1980 ... change of era and tone. Welcome to the funky music world and my faith, the transition is very successful. Like what, whatever the modes, when the talent is there everything goes !

1981 ... but still difficult to compete with the competition...the inspiration begins to weaken and does not really correspond to the new standards of the moment. So, a little last for the road ?

1982 ... the adventure is not entirely over but it is clear that the artist is no longer part of the leading group from now on. He will have to react and quickly !

1982 ... in an ocean of Dance titles, he will have ventured only once in the Intimist domain. And my faith, the result is far from being ridiculous !

1983 ... even if the recovery is timid, the artist resists as much as he can. Not sure that he still lasts a very long time but hey ...

1983 ... always as Dance, always as rhythmic, always as wild. But what worked perfectly during the 1970s did not really work the same way during the 1980s ...

1984 ... we knew Club Tropicana de Wham, flagship title of the previous year. This one looks surprisingly like him, with a much lower level of success unfortunately ...

1986 ... it was good trying to bring together 2 huge stars, one from the 70s and the other from the 80s. Unfortunately, mayonnaise does not take all the time as they say ...

1989 ... it was well tried to bring together 2 huge stars, one from the 70s and the other from the 80s. Unfortunately, mayonnaise does not take all the time as they say. Here, I have the impression of repeating myself ...

1990 ... he will even attempt the transition to the 90s. But there, the bet is no longer even impossible, it is downright crazy. And yet, the result is not that bad. But this time, it is indeed the end ...

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