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Girlie girlie...

Little interesting information about Sophia George except the fact that it is a Jamaican singer who will remain mainly in the musical history of this end of the XXth century for the single of big caliber "Girlie girlie", single released in 1985.

For that reason alone, we had to devote this article to her.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ain’t no meaning 1985

  • Make you feel fine 1985

  • I just love you 1985

  • Girlie girlie 1985

  • Lazy body 1986

  • Can’t live without you 1986

  • Tenement yard 1986

  • Fresh 1986

  • Love again 1987

  • Final decision 1987

  • Runnings well dread 1987


Clips :

1985 ... a nice first title but which shows all the same that there is still a little work left before hoping to be able to find herself in the long term on the front of the stage ...

1985 ... anyway the basics are good so we imagine that at some point something interesting will end up happening. Even very interesting ...

1985 ... still no major improvement in sight but it could well be that the next title has a nice surprise in store for us. So let's be patient a little longer ...

1985 ... and it is THIS title which will bring the young Sophia into the musical history of the 80s. We knew that at one point all her efforts would pay off, it is now done. HU-GE !

1986 ... a nice sequel but which will be unable to compete with the previous steamroller. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with it as they say ...

1986 ... and yet she puts a more than obvious good will into it. But at the time of everything electronic, difficult for his musical current to exist at the highest level ...

1986 ... a career that will spread over 3 short years, that's not much, that's for sure. Afterwards, if the quality is present until the end, it would be wrong to sulk our pleasure ...

1986 ... proof once again that she had everything to do great things. But fate will have decided otherwise ...

1987 ... her only mistake was to stay in her comfort zone from start to finish. It would have just been enough for her to reorient herself a little more on the side of Dance without denying her roots. And her fate would surely have been very different ...

1987 ... nothing will help, she will change neither course nor way of doing things. A jusqueboutisme that she will pay a high price and which will deprive her of a list of achievements that could - and should - have been much more substantial ...

1987 ... a career in the end for the less ephemeral but which will at least have allowed her to leave a mark in history. Isn't that the main thing...?


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