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Gino loves black cars...

Gino Vannelli is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose particularity is to start writing songs at the age of 15.

He released his first album "Crazy life" in 1973. Without much success.

Things suddenly picked up speed the following year in 1974 when the album "Powerful people" was released, which was to be tracked as "People gotta move". Which will give the artist his first major success.

But he will have to wait for 1978 and the album "Brother to brother" to finally see him rewarded for his efforts with the flagship track "I just wanna stop". The title is a real hit across the North American continent.

New success in 1981 with the single "Living inside myself" from the album "Nightwalker". And which remains one of his biggest hits to this day.

As the album "Twisted Heart" planned for 1982 never saw the light of day, it was not until 1985 that the next album was released, which appeared under the name "Black Cars". The eponymous single was released in the wake and hit the world. Followed by a few "Hurts to be in love" which in turn completes a more than honorable course. The singer's notoriety was then at its zenith.

In 1987 the album "Big dreamers never sleep" was released which produced the artist's last notorious success, "Wild horses".

The albums and singles that will be released later will unfortunately not have the same level of success as the previous ones.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • People gotta move 1974

  • Powerful people 1975

  • I just wanna stop 1978

  • Wheels of life 1979

  • Living inside myself 1981

  • Nightwalker 1981

  • The longer you wait 1982

  • Black cars 1985

  • Hurts to be in love 1985

  • Wild horses 1987

  • In the name of money 1987

  • The time of day 1990

  • Cry of love 1991

  • If I should lose this love 1991


Clips :

1974 ... very fashionable beginnings. And already a whistling level to record a first notorious success. For now, nothing exceptional but the level will rise, you just need to be patient

1975 ... after a fanfare debut, the following year is slightly lower. The artist must find his definitive style ...

1978 ... then comes THIS title. The title that allows the artist to record his first mega hit. All on a sumptuous and highly inspired Ultimate Slow. Great work !

1979 ... he reoffends 1 year later in the same register. And the result is more or less equal to the previous gem. An Intimist niche that is particularly successful for him

1981 ... welcome to the next decade. And we start again on the same bases. When a recipe works, why change it...?!

1981 ... the tempo accelerates slowly but surely. Whatever the field, the artist's talent is obvious and asserts itself more and more, that's clear !

1982 ... not much to eat in this new year but the 'little' is of quality, that's for sure. We will therefore be largely satisfied with it !

1985 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of his most emblematic hits. After years 1983 and 1984 almost empty, we find it in this year 1985 in a dazzling form. And the result is amazing ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a decidedly exceptional year. It connects mega hits at the speed of light. Here he signs a new hallucinating Ultimate Slow which makes him definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s. Absolutely MA-GIC !

1987 ... new air hole in 1986. Here he is back in 1987 in an astonishing musical register. A musical paradox which does not prevent him from recording a new top hit ...

1987 ... shattering return to Dance. Admittedly, it will not be the top mega hit of the year but anyway, it rocks serious !

1990 ... he will have gone through 3 decades, leaving in each one traces of great, even very great quality. A well-deserved longevity !

1991 ... the last major year. Despite titles of always obvious quality, the Aura of the artist inevitably and irreparably decreases ...

1991 ... the last notorious success. More than 20 years after his debut, the artist signs here a last beautiful title. A very high-class career which ends perfectly !


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