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Gatsby El Magnifico...

Wolfsheim is a German group from Hamburg created in 1987. Based essentially on the association of 2 accomplices namely on one side, Peter Heppner, singer and on the other, Markus Reinhardt, composer. The name of the group would be inspired by one of the characters from the book Gatsby the Magnificent. Very well known in Germany, they have to their credit some beautiful songs rather oriented New Wave. Even if most of the singles came out current, even late 90s, the sound and the atmosphere can only recall that of the 80s. Impossible to miss. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• The sparrows and the nightingales 1991

• It’s not too late 1992

• It’s hurting for the first time 1998

• Once in a lifetime 1998

• Approaching lightspeed 2003

• Care for you 2003

• Find you’re here 2003


Clips :

1991 ... the title that will reveal them. 1st Class Made In Germany !

1992 ... a quality sound straddling 2 eras but which perfectly joins the 2

1998 ... the age of maturity for an extraordinary group which deserved much higher recognition

1998 ... a quality which does not weaken thanks to an inspiration constantly renewed over the years

2003 ... we change from century to decade without affecting the quality of the melodies. Really good little guys !

2003 ... which will remain as one of their best titles. A group that will have fed on influences from 3 different eras for a completely stunning result

2003 ... a little last for the road and once again on a title with certain quality. Auf Wiedersehen Herren !


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