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The Selecter is an English group formed in 1979 in Coventry and originally composed of Neol Davies and John Bradbury. Who will be joined quickly by Arthur Hendrickson, Pauline Black, Neol Davies, Compton Amanor, Desmon Brown, Charley Bembridge and Charley Anderson, just that !

Group considered to this day as one of the founding members of the new version of the Ska movement, which would have its heyday in the late 1970s.

It was the title "Gangsters" of the Specials, and especially its B-side "The Selecter", which was also released in 1979, that will reveal them to the eyes of the whole world. The title will not go unnoticed and will allow the group to obtain a first major success. Flagship track followed by another hit single "On my radio" the same year.

The great adventure continued in 1980 with the release of their first album “Too much pressure”, an album which in turn was to hit the mark and produced three other successful singles: “Three minute hero”, “Missing words” and “Too much pressure” .

Another single "The whisper", present on the album "Celebrate the bullet" which will be released a year later in 1981, also had a nice run in the Charts in 1980.

The album "Celebrate the bullet" was released a year later in 1981 and was also popular with the public. But unbelievably, after 2 totally euphoric years, the band will be unable to produce any big caliber single this year.

And will simply disappear from radar for almost 15 years.

Before making a gradual comeback from the mid-1990s, a comeback that saw them produce more albums in the second part of their career than in the first part, paradoxical to say the least ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The Selecter 1979

  • On my radio 1979

  • Three minute hero 1980

  • Missing words 1980

  • The whisper 1980

  • Celebrate the bullet 1980

  • I want justice 1994

  • California screaming 1994

  • Die happy 1995

  • Sugar town 1995

  • Respect yourself 1998

  • Back to black 2011

  • Banging on a big drum 2011

  • Flatworld 2013

  • Post modern 2013

  • Box fresh 2015

  • It never worked out 2015

  • Frontline 2017

  • Mayhem 2017

  • Pass the power 2017


Clips :

1979 ... for the first title, it will be a story without words. Anyway, words or not, that will be enough to launch the group in the deep end. Mission accomplished !

1979 ... on the other hand, this title is going to have lyrics ! Lyrics that will really change the game and make THIS title the reference title of the group. Welcome to the big leagues !

1980 ... the group has become in just 2 years one of the phenomena of the moment. Certainly in a musical style that will not last for years but what is taken is no longer to be taken !

1980 ... a good-natured style with a unique rhythm. This is what made the charm of this new version Ska movement. Because the Ska movement, the real one, dates from the 1950s and comes from Jamaica and is considered today as the ancestor of Reggae ...

1980 ... the great adventure continues for the group, which unrolls with obvious ease. It must be said that their musical trend is THE phenomenon of the moment and so they just have to let themselves be carried by the wave !

1980 ... unfortunately, the Skamania will quickly go out of fashion and send a bunch of groups back to oblivion. Many will never recover and others will...and this group will be part of it

1994 ... of course, it will take 14 years to rise from their ashes, but the awakening will be impressive. Without almost changing their original style, they manage to mix old and new musical trends and it works !

1994 ... it is clear that they will never rediscover the success achieved at the beginning of the 80s but what they will now offer largely holds up, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it !

1995 ... and always this inimitable style in the form of accelerated reggae which will forever remain their trademark. We will not remake them again, that's clear !

1995 ... which does not prevent them from delivering tracks at a much cooler tempo. The group will have known how to reinvent himself in many different forms and this for our greatest pleasure !

1998 ... chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. It is certain that the slow tempos are not their goodwill and so here they are again in their usual rhythmic style. We also love them for that !

2011 ... they will have survived the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s. And here they are attacking the 2010 decade without complex with this revisited version of a title from Amy Winehouse dating from 2006. Unstoppable !

2011 ... what is incredible with them is that the decades go by and their musical style hardly varies. A strength as much as a weakness necessarily but that they fully assume ...

2013 ... where most of their 80s competitors hung up their guitars for a bunch of years, they continue their adventure quietly but surely. A desire to move forward which inevitably commands respect !

2013 ... especially since they are far from being ridiculous, it is clear. Even though their style isn't really trendy anymore, it's not totally out of fashion either. Sacred paradox as they say ...

2015 ... and unbelievably, they will even succeed in being classified in the Charts again. An unexpected return to grace but which they owe only to their will to believe in it to the end. Respect !

2015 ... of this unique musical movement from the 70s, they are almost the only ones to have survived. A real feat, especially when you know the ruthless side of the musical world ...

2017 ... and as if that were not enough, they deliver here a new opus which will also be classified. Like what, in music, everything is always possible. The proof !

2017 ... and the adventure continues all the better. We really wonder how far will they be able to go because with them, nothing is ever finished, it is clear ...

2017 ... another good job, once again. 40 years after their debut, still there and still as much energy. We therefore imagine that we will inevitably find them later ...


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