Gaby was particularly good at making Alain dizzy ...

Alain Bashung was a French songwriter who had the distinction, among other things, of being the most awarded singer at the 'Victoires de la Musique'.

He started his musical career in 1965 when he formed the ephemeral group "Les Dunces" rather oriented Folk/Rockabilly.

In 1966, he formed a group with musicians met in Royan with whom he released a first single "Pourquoi rêvez- vous des Etats-Unis".

Two years later in 1968, he released his first personal single "Les romantiques".

Then much more until 1972 when he participated in 3 Dick Rivers albums.

We find him in 1973 in Robespierre in the musical "La Révolution Française" by Claude-Michel Schonberg.

He released some titles in the following years, some under the pseudonym of David Bergen, others under that of Hendrick Darmen. Without success.

He released his first album "Roman-photos" in 1977 but was not much more successful.

Followed in 1979 by the album "Roulette russe" which does not get any better.

It was in 1980 that the miracle happened when the single "Gaby oh Gaby" was released, a single that was to make a real splash and sell more than a million copies.

He did it again a year later in 1981 when he released the album "Pizza" which contained another huge hit the now cult "Vertige de l'amour". His notoriety literally explodes, the singer becomes unavoidable.

In 1982 released the album "Play blessures", album for which the singer collaborated with a certain .... Serge Gainsbourg. Despite this weight gain, the album was a failure.

Followed in 1983 by the album "Figure imposée", another failure because it was too dark.

It was not until 1984 and the single "S.O.S. amor" that success finally came back.

Which will be followed by a new crossing of the desert between 1986 and 1991 despite the release of the album "Passé le Rio Grande" and then "Novice".

It is a woman who will relaunch him in 1991 where at least the album "Osez Joséphine" which contains the single flagship of the same name. The album sold 350,000 copies.

Another success in 1994 and change of tone with the release of the album "Chatterton" from which will be extracted one of the most emblematic titles of the artist, namely "Ma petite entreprise".

A title which will serve as a springboard for entering the last phase of an already oh so flamboyant career.

Last phase which will see him producing in 1997 one of its titles among the most incredible namely the sumptuous "La nuit je mens".

Last flagship title of the artist who will continue to produce titles thereafter but who will unfortunately meet only a fairly limited level of success.

A magnificent adventure that will end definitively on March 14, 2009, the date on which he will die from lung cancer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Pourquoi rêvez-vous des Etats-Unis ? 1966

• T'as qu'à dire yeah 1967

• Tu es une petitte enfant qui fait la belle 1967

• Je vous crois 1968

• Les romantiques 1968

• La rivière 1969

• Du feu dans les veines 1971

• Bois de santal 1973

• Roman photos 1977

• Je fume pour oublier que tu bois 1979

• Bijou, bijou 1979

• Gaby oh Gaby 1980

• Vertiges de l’amour 1981

• Rebel 1981

• Ca cache quekchose 1981

• C’est comment qu’on freine 1982

• What's in a bird 1983

• Elégance 1983

• SOS Amor 1984

• Touche pas à mon pote 1985

• Hey Joe 1985

• L’arrivée du tour 1986

• Dean Martin 1986

• Malédiction 1986

• Camping jazz 1986

• Bombez ! 1989

• Pyromanes 1989

• Étrange été 1989

• Osez Joséphine 1991

• Madame rêve 1992

• Volutes 1992

• Ma petite entreprise 1994

• J'passe pour une caravane 1994

• A perte de vue 1995

• La nuit je mens 1997

• Sommes-nous 1998

• Malaxe 1998

• Aucun express 1999

• Résidents de la République 2008

• Je t'ai manqué 2008

• Sur un trapèze 2009

• Immortels 2018

Clips :

1966 ... the very first steps. Yes, it is him. As incredible as it may seem, Gaby is not the starting point of the Bashung story ...

1967 ... a very Yé-Yé beginning of career which fits perfectly with the standards of the time. A very surprising submission to the system ...

1967 ... we don't even recognize his voice. Here he is in an Intimist register quite unusual for him. The Bashung of the 60s has nothing to do with the Bashung of the 80s, that's clear !

1968 ... we find him the following year in rocker mode. With a voice that strongly resembles that of a certain Johnny ...

1968 ... hard to imagine how busy his career was at that time. And he is far from being ridiculous ...

1969 ... the end of the decade which ends. A first part of career which will not have propelled him to the front of the scene but which prepares the continuation. And what a result !

1971 ... finished the yé-yé style, here comes Bashung Season 2. The voice becomes more husky, the style more aggressive ...

1973 ... he signs here a sumptuous Ultimate Slow, which goes completely unnoticed at the time. Like many of his titles ...

1977 ... a most surprising transition to Country mode. An artist who is looking for himself and who will soon find himself ...

1979 ... the style and voice that will create the legend are now in place. It only remains to unfold. And to unfold, it will unfold !

1979 ... a 1979 preparatory year. No one saw him coming, but he's already there, on the lookout. And he worked well, it's clear !

1980 ... then comes THIS title. The resounding rebirth of an alien that will deeply and irretrievably mark French song for the next 20 years. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... which will surely remain as one of his masterpieces. One of the biggest hits of that year and of the end of the XXth century on the French side. In just 2 tracks, the singer has just entered the pantheon of the best French singers of all generations

1981 ... the hits are now impressive. The singer is on an incredible dynamic that nothing and no one can stop ...

1981 ... a truly unique style, enhanced by a voice, too, one of a kind !

1982 ... a change of vintage which rhymes with darkening of this famous style so unique. At the expense of the melodic side which until then worked perfectly ...

1983 ... a delirious title, totally boosted and which borders on getting off the road. After the beginning of the 1980s, to say the least, the sequel turned out to be more complicated to manage than expected ...

1983 ... the singer goes to increasingly tortured musical regions. The year 1982 will have paid the price, 1983 seems to be a little more peaceful ...

1984 ... back to the fundamentals that made him successful. A winning return which reassures him that he is still there and above all in full possession of his means again

1985 ... a mid-decade that sees him reconnect with an inspiration more in line with his time, it's clear !