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From here to eternity...

Iron Maiden is an English group formed in 1975 in London by Steve Harris and Dave Murray. Group which claims the leading position in terms of sales in the Heavy Metal niche with more than 85 million albums sold.

The name of the group would be a reference to the medieval torture device "The Iron Maiden".

The adventure really started in 1978 when the group recorded their first demo "Soundhouse tapes". Demo published in 5000 copies and which will literally tear itself away.

The EMI label signed the group in 1979 for four albums. First album, named after the group, which came out immediately and immediately ranked in the English Top5.

Followed by few of the hit singles "Sanctuary" and "Women in uniform" on the covers which will cause scandal.

In 1981 the album "Killers" was released, a long-awaited album that would do worse than its predecessor.

Followed in 1982 by the album "The number of the beast" which reached his planetary consecration. Especially thanks to the singles "Run to the hills" and "Hallowed by the name".

The album “Piece of mind” was released in 1983 and this particularly racy album was also a hit. Album from which the flagship title “The trooper” will be extracted.

In 1984, the album "Powerslave" was released. The group's success cannot be denied. "Aces high" and "2 minutes to midnight" are the flagship values ​​of the latter. Not to mention the record song "The rime of the ancient mariner" which lasts a whopping 13 minutes !

Two years passed before the release in 1986 of the album "Somewhere in time" with more electronic tones, new tones that surprised and somewhat shocked fans from the start. This will not prevent the album from being a new success for the group.

The ultimate consecration arrived in 1988 with the release of the album "Seventh son of a seventh son", an album considered the quintessence of the group thanks to flagship titles like "Can I play with madness" or "The evil that men do ”. Their latest major successes.

Other interesting titles will be released such as "Bring your daughter ... to the slaughter", "Be quick or be deab" and "Fear of the dark" but the group could no longer find the same level of excellence as before.

But whatever was the end, this group remains a reference in the matter.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Sanctuary 1980

• Twilight zone 1981

• Run to the hills 1982

• The number of the beast 1982

• Flight of Icarus 1983

• The trooper 1983

• 2 minutes to midnight 1984

• Running free 1985

• Wasted years 1986

• Stranger in a strange land 1986

• Can I play with madness 1988

• The evil that men do 1988

• The clairvoayant 1988

• Holy smoke 1990

• Bring your daughter…to the slaughter 1990

• Be quick or be dead 1992

• From here to eternity 1992

• Wasting love 1992

• Fear of the dark 1993

• Man on the edge 1995

• Virus 1996

• The angel and the gambler 1998

• The wicker man 2000

• Out of the silent planet 2000

• Wildest dreams 2003

• Rainmaker 2003

• The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 2006

• Different world 2006

• El Dorado 2010

• The final frontier 2010

• Coming home 2011

• Speed of light 2015

• Empire of the clouds 2016

• The writing on the wall 2021


Clips :

1980 ... the first notorious success. The tone is set immediately : it will beat up loud. A classic in this area ...

1981 ... the ramp-up is regular, year after year. And there is talent in this group, it's obvious !

1982 ... the start of planetary reconnaissance. The group now plays in the big leagues. No more supporting roles ...

1982 ... another track that spins at the speed of sound. Little guys are never tired. What a potato !

1983 ... we like it or we don't like this musical style but we have to recognize their talent more than certain !

1983 ... the confirmation of a total mastery of their art. Planetary recognition is increasing year by year. They sign here one of their biggest successes. Well-deserved recognition !

1984 ... the hits are now linked at an impressive speed. Nothing and no one can stop them now !

1985 ... pure demonstration of style. Despite this, the year 1985 will be a little bit inside. And yes, it happens even to the best ...

1986 ... the steamroller unwinds. The group takes on colors, inspiration is back, the top hits with it !

1986 ... a year 1986 which confirms that the group is at its best. Another particularly successful title !

1988 ... little air hole in 1987. It's better to come back the following year. A resounding return which allows the group to deliver one of its best opus. At the height of their possibilities

1988 ... in the same vein. A BIG year with several titles of very very large caliber and which confirms that this group is really one of the best in its category

1988 ... a 3rd top hit to end the year in style. Certainly the least prestigious of this very particular vintage. But whatever, we will be largely satisfied !

1990 ... 1989 was not the most prolific year for the group, so we find them in 1990. Still the mega potato ! If there is one unchanging constant among them, it is this one !

1990 ... new decade and still in high-energy mode. And always on top form. Race results : new mega hit !

1992 ... they sign here the 2nd biggest success of their career. 12 years after their debut, still there ! And more than ever ! MAS-TER-FUL !

1992 ... we wonder who will be able to stop them ... Because for the moment, they are staying on top with the most disconcerting ease ...

1992 ... incredible but true, here they are for one of the very first times in the Intimist register. And it works perfectly. Like what, when they want ...

1993 ... a song that goes straight to Mach 2. It bangs, it beats, it smashes. 3 words that could easily sum up their career !

1995 ... 15 years at the top. Already ! The group continues to align hits to hits. An extremely rare longevity ...

1996 ... half Angel, half Demon. A song that alternates 2 tempos, far from the habits and standards of the group ...

1998 ... the last top hit of the decade. We tell ourselves that the group will not survive the next decade. Gross error...appointment in the 2000s !

2000 ... while everything suggested that the adventure would not go further, it starts again in this new decade 2000. With the key to a return to the top of the Charts, to say the least, shattering ...

2000 ... a strong comeback on the front of the stage of the most spectacular and which replaces them de facto as one of the leading groups of the moment. Who would've believed that ?

2003 ... they confirm title after title that this comeback is anything but an unexpected stroke of luck. They owe it above all to an extraordinary talent who has been able to cross eras and styles in a remarkable way ...

2003 ... mega hits follow one another at a speed that is bluffing to say the least. A 2000 decade which will undoubtedly remain by far the most fruitful in terms of success in the Charts. Once again, who would have believed it ?

2006 ... the level of success in the Charts is holding up well but it might not last like that for years to come. We suspected that the return to grace would not last for years and years ...

2006 ... the dynamic of success does not weaken with this new title which adds another star to an already well-stocked prize list. When it wants, it wants !

2010 ... except that here, it does not want any more. As much as the 2000s will have been THEIR decade, the 2010s will be the decade of the outright disappearance of radars. Cruel turnaround ...

2010 ... the group will never come back to the race and will now have to settle for doing more some figuration than anything else. Hard law of the trade as they say ...

2011 .... anyway, they still believe in it. Afterwards, rightly or wrongly, it is them who see. Only time will tell if they were right to want to continue the adventure at all costs ...

2015 ... it is certain that their super punchy style no longer corresponds at all to the latest trends of the moment, hence this dropping, to say the least, violent in the Charts. Lack of noticeable development in the years to come to redress the bar will be extremely difficult ...

2016 ... no improvement to be expected for the moment unfortunately. Even the fact of calming the tempo a little is not enough to bring them to the surface, that is to say ...

2021 ... here they are even attempting the transition to the next decade. Will the 2020 decade be a renewal ? To be followed as they say ...


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