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From across the kitchen table...

The Pale Fountains is an English group formed in 1980 in Liverpool and consists of Mick Head, Chris McCaffery, Thomas Whelan and Andy Diagram.

Their first single "(There’s always) Something on my mind", a cover of the 60s, was released in 1982 and enjoyed great acclaim.

Followed shortly after by the single "Thank you" which will be their only title ranked in the Top50 single.

Other well-made titles will come out later but without grabbing notorious places in the Charts.

The group will eventually separate in 1987.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • (There’s always) Something on my mind 1982

  • Thank you 1982

  • Palm of my hand 1983

  • Unless 1984

  • (Don’t let your love) Start a war 1984

  • Jean’s not happening 1984

  • Meadow of love 1984

  • From across the kitchen 1985


Clips :

1982 ... a smooth and delicate start for a group which quickly established himself as one of the best of the decade on the English side

1982 ... a very special sound, out of time and the standards of the time. This is what makes all the difference !

1983 ... a year of transition where inspiration is somewhat lacking. Can do much better !

1984 ... and so much better, here it is ! A WONDER that literally floats in the air and literally captivates you !

1984 ... THE big year with no less than 4 high class singles. The group undeniably confirms its status as a sure value of the moment

1984 ... and still that sound that is unlike any other. A unique trademark that allows them to spend the years quietly and serenely

1984 ... probably one of their best songs. A fluid, airy and playful sound that is simply good for the ears

1985 ... a very beautiful adventure which will have lasted only a few years but which will have left a good number of songs of certain quality and undeniable originality


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