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Frantic romantic...

Jermaine Stewart was an American singer who started his artistic career at first as a dancer. That doesn't stop him from auditioning as a singer.

After being failed to join the group Shalamar, it is thanks to the title "Miss me blind" from Culture Club on which he plays the choristers that the label Arista Records will notice.

His efforts were finally rewarded in 1983 when his first Single "The world is out" was released. Which has a nice esteem success. Like the album of the same name released a year later in 1984.

It is in 1986 that the singer will reach the heights thanks to the album "Frantic romantic", which succeeds in a nice breakthrough on both sides of the Atlantic. In particular thanks to the flagship Single “We don’t have to take our clothes off” which will hit the headlines in many Anglo-Saxon countries. Few followed by another world-class Single "Jody".

Two years later in 1988 the album "Say it again" was released. Mixed success on the United States side but increasing continuously on the England side. The Single of the same name is a real hit, especially in Germany. As well as "Get lucky" and "Don’t talk dirty to me".

1989 saw the release of the album "Waht becomes a legend most". Album which will not know the same craze on the part of the public as for the previous ones.

He had two last major Single successes with "Tren de amor" also in 1989 and "Every woman want to" in 1990.

Unfortunately, the adventure came to an end when he died on March 17, 1997 from AIDS at the age of 39.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • The world is out 1984

  • I like it 1985

  • We don’t have to take our clothes of 1985

  • Jody 1986

  • Don’t ever leave me 1987

  • Say it again 1987

  • Get lucky 1988

  • Don’t talk dirty to me 1988

  • Is it really love ? 1989

  • Tren de amor 1989

90s Decade :

  • Every woman wants to 1990

  • Set me free 1992


Tracks :

1984 ... a start on the wheel hats with a first classified title, already. Very promising beginnings, to say the least !

1985 ... a continuation which one will qualify as sympathetic. But well below what we could expect given what we heard previously ...

1985 ... then comes THIS title. He finally confirms all the good that one could think of him by signing here simply the biggest hit of his career. HU-GE !

1986 ... still a good job even if this title cannot compete with its predecessor. The singer confirms year after year that he is not there by chance !

1987 ... the string that was missing from its bow : the Ultimate-Slow. It is now done and the result is quite up to par. A discography now complete ...

1987 ... between 2 waters on the tempo side for his only title of 1987. Anyway, a title that pleases given the success it will meet. New global top hit !

1988 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of his best Dance titles if not the best. Inspired, rhythmic, a title which makes him enter definitively the musical Pantheon of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with a second heavy hit in stride. A dynamic of success that does not weaken from an Iota. Hope it lasts ...

1989 ... the end of the decade once again placed under the sign of Dance. A field in which he excels, it is clear that even if the level of success encountered decreases from year to year ...

1989 ... even if he manages to keep his head above water, we can still see that he is starting to look pale in the face of competition which has already anticipated the turn of the 90s. Not him at first sight ...

1990 ... he clings, it's clear and tries to adapt. But the delay is already too great and the competition is already three notches before him ...

1992 ... a last title to end the adventure in style. And an adventure which ends rather well because he records here a last notorious success. Like what, nothing is never finished ...


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