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Forward your emotions...

One To One is a Canadian duo formed in Ottawa in 1984 and composed of Louise Reny and Leslie Howe.

Which come beforehand from a group called Mainstream, a group that they will leave from the year 1983 in order to stand on their own two feet.

The duo released their debut album "Forward your emotions" in 1985, an album that would not go unnoticed, at least in Canada. Album which will produce their first two major singles namely "There was a time" and "Angel in my pocket" a year later in 1986.

New hit album "1-2-1" in 1988, albums from which will be extracted new high-caliber singles "Hold me now" and "Do you believe".

Change of label from the beginning of the 90s and passage to A&M Records. Label with which they will produce the album "Imagine it". Album which will produce their biggest hit on the Singles side in 1992 with the title "Peace of mind (Love goes on)".

Album which will be the last for the duo because he will decide to separate some time later...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Forward your emotions 1985

  • There was a time 1986

  • Angel in my pocket 1986

  • Black on white 1986

  • Hold me now 1988

  • Love child 1989

  • Do you believe 1989

  • We’ve got the power 1989

  • Peace of Mind (Love Goes On) 1992

  • Memory lane 1992


Clips :

1985...a first title which shows from the outset that this duo has great potential, to say the least. So we are eagerly awaiting the sequel... took little time for the duo to win his first ranked title. Admittedly the success is limited to Canada but it is already that as they say...

1986...this time the success extends to the whole North American sphere. A fair reward when you see the quality of what they offer and which above all rewards a more than obvious talent !

1986...this title will do a little less well than its predecessor, but the dynamics of success are well and truly in place now. That's the most important thing...

1988...after a fanfare start to their career, the duo settled down somewhat during 1987. They therefore returned to us in this year 1988 in a form that we will qualify as certain in view of the level of success achieved by this title. At least in the Canadian Charts...

1989...a great adventure that continues at the end of the 80s. An end of the decade that will see the group line up no less than 3 high-caliber titles starting with this one...

1989... the group unrolls quietly and proves once again that it is surely not there by chance. Since their debut, the duo has never been unworthy, which highlights their performance all the more !

1989...a duo which would have frankly deserved to break through at the highest level but like any Canadian group, the success will have been limited mainly to the North American continent. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand...

1992... they believe in it in any case and that does not prevent them from continuing the adventure during the 90s. And history will prove them damn right since they will win with this title the biggest success of all their career. HU-GE !

1992...and despite this major success, this year 1992 will be the duo's last. Honestly a shame that the adventure didn't continue a little longer...


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