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For them, love changes everything...

Climie Fisher is an English duo formed in the mid-1980s and composed of Simon Climie and Rob Fisher, ex Naked Eyes.

Not much to eat on the news side for this band except that they will have produced 2 well-made albums, "Everything" in 1987 and "Coming in for the kill" in 1989.

And that they will know the international success with two excellent titles : "Love changes (everything)" and "Rise to the occasion", both produced in 1987.

They will end with a last hit "Love like a river" in 1988.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Keeping the mystery alive 1987

  • Rise to the occasion 1987

  • Love changes (Everything) 1988

  • This is me 1988

  • I won’t bleed for you 1988

  • Love like a river 1988

  • Facts of love 1989

  • Fire on the ocean 1989

  • It’s not supposed to be that way 1990


Clips :

1987 ... a rhythmic debut that suggests a very first-rate sequel

1987 ... and the rest of the first order, it begins with this pretty ballad which shows the full extent of their talent. And again, the best is yet to come !

1988 ... THE title that will surely remain as their biggest success. A first version which came out in 1987 and which, for lack of success, was re-recorded 1 years later. And this time, it will be guaranteed success !

1988 ... in the series of re-recorded tracks, here is another one which is actually the remix of their very first single released in 1986. And once again, the new version does a lot better than the original !

1988 ... a unique style and voice that allows them to produce high caliber tracks. A group that would have frankly deserved recognition much greater than what she was !

1988 ... an exceptional year 1988 which saw them produce no less than 4 notorious hits. What more ?

1989 ... change of vintage which unfortunately rhymes with slow deceleration. Difficult to compete with such a dense previous year ...

1989 ... even if the quantity is no longer there, the quality is still in order. The proof with this title !

1990 ... a little tour in the new decade and then go. Anyway, a very nice group that will have left in the musical history of the 80s titles that are no less


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