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9 to 5...

Sheena Easton is a Scottish singer-songwriter who started her artistic career by getting noticed in the first English musical reality TV show 'The Big Time : Pop singer'. Passage noticed which allows her to sign with the label EMI Records.

Label which allows her to release in 1980 two first Singles which are "Modern girl" and "9 to 5 (Morning train)". Two Singles that will immediately hit the world and propel the singer in a shattering way on the front of the stage. Enormous successes which make her the first English singer to appear in the English Top10 with 2 titles simultaneously.

A feat that does not end there, since a year later in 1981 she became the third English singer to place one of her titles at the top of the American Billboard Hot 100 after Petula Clarck and Lulu.

An exceptional year in all respects, 1981, since she had the privilege of performing the main title of the new James Bond's soundtrack "For your eyes only". The Single of the same name became a huge global hit thanks to the resounding success of the film and remains to this day the singer's biggest record success. His first 2 albums were also released that year, “Take my time” and “You could have been with me”, two albums which also became global successes.

New album "Madness, money and music" in 1982, album with less success than its 2 predecessors and which, despite the release of four Singles, will see only one, namely "Machinery", to be popular with the public.

The 1983 album "Best kept secret" did even worse than the previous album in terms of chart success. An album which paradoxically still contains the title "We’ve got tonight", a duet that she recorded with Kenny Rogers and which will give the singer a new global mega hit, to say the least unexpected.

New paradox in 1984 with the release of 2 albums, one in Spanish "Todo me recuerda a ti" and one in English "A private heaven". A second album which will see a low level of sales globally but which will remain as the highest ranked album of all for the singer in the United States !

Album from which will be extracted mainly the Single "Sugar walls", a controversial title whose video will be boycotted not because of the clip by itself, but by the sulphurous content linked to the lyrics of the song. A title written by a certain…Prince !

The 1985 album "Do you" was going to do even worse than its predecessor in the Charts despite being produced by the hugely huge Nile Rodgers. A very disappointing album which will not produce any hit worthy of the name. A severe decline that intensified two years later in 1987 when the album "No sound but a heart" was released, an album that would remain as the lowest ranked of all albums released during the 1980s.

This failure was counterbalanced by the enormous duet that she produced with Prince the same year on the track "U got the look", a track that would make a real worldwide hit and put the singer back on track in a shattering way.

The year 1988 therefore saw her come back in force thanks to the release of the album "The lover in me", an album which allowed her to regain a level of success in the Charts worthy of her rank. An album carried at arm's length by the Single of the same name.

New winning duo with Prince a year later in 1989 on the title "The arms of Orion", title present on the soundtrack of the film Batman.

The 1990s will prove to be much more complicated to manage than expected. Starting with a notorious incident when she performed in her homeland at "The Big Day" festival. After announcing on stage "it's good to come home" with a very American accent, several spectators will throw bottles at her, some of which will be filled with urine ...

Then the album "What comes naturally" which came out in 1991 will be his last notorious success on the album side, as will the Single of the same name which will be released in the wake.

Anything that comes out later will have little success after all and the singer will never come back in the race unfortunately.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Modern girl 1980

  • 9 to 5 (morning train) 1980

  • One man woman 1980

  • When he shines 1981

  • For your eyes only 1981

  • Just a broken heart 1981

  • You could have been with me 1981

  • Machinery 1982

  • Are you man enough 1982

  • We’ve got tonight 1983

  • Telefone (long distance love affair) 1983

  • Almost over you 1983

  • Strut 1984

  • Sugar walls 1984

  • Do it for love 1985

  • U got the look 1987

  • The lover in me 1988

  • 101 1989

  • The arms of Orion 1989

90s Decade :

  • What comes naturally 1991

  • You can swing it 1991

  • A dream worth keeping 1992

  • The miracle of love 1995

  • Too much in love 1995

  • Love me with freedom 1997

  • The place where we belong 1998

  • Carry a dream 1998

2000s Decade :

  • Giving up giving in 2000


Tracks :

1980 ... first title and first success directly. A start on the hats of wheel which ideally positions the young singer for the rest of the events ...

1980 ... one would have thought that she would pass like a shooting star and that the success recorded on the first title would be the one and only of her career. Not only does she confirm here all the good that one could think of her but she signs here quite simply one of the biggest successes of her career and surely one of her most emblematic titles. A title that will be taken up by a certain ...Sylvie Vartan who will also make it one of her most emblematic titles under the title "L'amour c'est comme une cigarette". HU-GE !

1980 ... the pass of 3 ? Unfortunately, this title will go somewhat under the radar. But who would blame her after such an incredible start to her career...?!

1981 ... here she arrived in the Intimist field and less than one can say, it is that she displays real aptitudes in this very particular field. And the future will vividly prove it !

1981 ... the WONDER ! She delivers here an absolutely sumptuous title which will undoubtedly remain as her most beautiful jewel and which allows her at the same time to reach a level of planetary notoriety that she would never have imagined reaching even in her wildest dreams. Thanks who, thanks James ! James Bond of course !!

1981 ... how to compete with the previous title...? It is purely and simply mission impossible given the incredible level of success achieved by the latter but to the impossible, no one is held as they say ...

1981 ... business resumes with this new Intimist title of great caliber. So there is no need to worry about the rest of her career ...

1982 ... which does not prevent her from playing in all categories. So here she is again in supercharged mode and on that one, the result will meet the expectations of the public !

1982 ... surprisingly, on this occasion, the public will not be there while this title is far from unworthy. Go figure ...

1983 ... the shocking duo, but above all charming, on a tailor-made track which therefore works perfectly. The pretty Sheena gets here one of her biggest successes and certainly does not intend to stop there !

1983 ... a BIG year 1983 with this new planetary class success that keeps the singer in the leading pack without any problem. All with a more than obvious ease !

1983 ... a year 1983 which saw her succeed in everything she undertook. Undoubtedly one of its best vintages. And the adventure is far from over !

1984 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The proof with this year 1984 plethora in terms of titles but rather uneven quality. Only 2 titles will be successful, including this one ...

1984 ... a year 1984 mainly Dance. Gone are the pretty Intimist moments that made her glory and her fortune. It may be necessary to think about coming back to it at one time or another ...

1985 ... a mid-1980s which turned out to be much more complicated to manage than expected. Admittedly, the production of titles is constant but it is rather the quality which is somewhat lacking. With a few rare exceptions ...

1987 ... fortunately, the providential aid arrives which will allow the singer to temporarily return to the race. It is clear that with a Prince up the sleeve, everything is bound to be better. The proof !

1988 ... a comeback which is confirmed with this title. The end of the decade saw her much more inspired and which above all enabled her to show that we will have to count on her in the years to come ...

1989 ... the sound, like the style, evolved in an obvious way at the end of the decade. A salutary and above all essential development, but will it be enough to put her back in the race for a long time. Good question...

1989 ... she sets the table again with Prince and the result will be almost the same as when they last met. A duo that definitely walks with the fire of God !

1991 ... a particularly successful transition to the 1990s, which shows that with her, nothing is ever finished. Like what, you just have to believe it a little bit !

1991 ... 10 years after a sensational debut to say the least, the singer gets her last notorious hit here. 10 years at the top which will have made her one of the most prominent singers of the moment and as such, she largely deserves her place in the musical legend of the 80s !

1992 ... here she is back in Intimist mode and even if this title will not be classified, it is clear that it largely holds up. Quite simply a good job !

1995 ... a decade of 90 definitely placed under the sign of the Intimist register. Even if the production of titles slows down more and more, it is clear that quality is always essential !

1995 ... the exception that makes the rule with this return to Dance mode. A return that shows once again that she intends not to let go until the end !

1997 ... the adventure continues for good. Even if no more titles are classified, she continues to believe in it. Unfortunately, there is only her to believe ...

1998 ... new duo of shock and charm with this time Jeffrey Osborne as a partner. All duos have particularly succeeded. Once again proof with this one !

1998 ... yet another lovely moment when time seems to be suspended as if by magic. It is clear that the 1990s saw her gradually disappear from radar but it is clear that she still had a large place there !

2000 ... and here she is attacking the 2000s without any complex. With the key to a 'small' success, to say the least, unexpected and which suggests that we risk finding her again in the years to come...


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