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For him, it's never too much...

Luther Vandross is an American singer-songwriter who started his artistic career playing backing vocals for artists such as Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Barbra Streisand and other Donna Summer.

We find him in a quintet called "Luther" at the end of the 70s, quintet which will release two albums and which will know some pretty successes of esteem with titles like "It's good for the soul", "Funky music (Is a part of me)” and “The second time around".

In 1978, then in 1979, we find him in groups such as "Greg Diamond's bionic boogie", "Soirée", "Mascara" and other "Charme".

His career took off at the very start of the 1980s when he joined Jacques Fred Petrus's concept project "Change". In particular thanks to 2 major titles of which he will be the singer and which are "The glow of love" and "Searching". Project that he quickly quit amid disagreement with Pétrus over the amount of his remuneration (which he considers too low).

He released his first solo album "Never too much" in 1981, an album which was certified Double Platinum and which mainly produced the single of the same name. Single which will perform well in the Charts, especially in the R&B ranking.

A year later in 1982 the album "Forever, For always, for love" was released. New success.

Followed in 1983 by the album "Busy body". Album that will produce one of his biggest hits, "How many times can we say goodbye" which he performs in duet with Dionne Warwick.

The next album "The night I fell in love" which came out in 1985 is even stronger than the previous one. Album from which the top hit “Til my baby comes home” will be extracted.

This is without counting on the album "Give me the reason" which was released the following year in 1986 and which was to be certified Double Platinum across the Channel and in the USA, just that. And which contains what will remain as one of his flagship singles namely "Stop to love".

The year 1988 saw the release of the album "Any love" which allowed the singer to record two new big hits with the titles "Any love" and "She won’t talk to me". Success that followed at an impressive speed, the proof in 1989 with the release of the single "Here and now". Single which will remain as one of the highest ranked of all his discography.

The turn of the decade is not a sign of its success given the impressive sales scores recorded by the albums "Power of love", "Never let me go", "Songs" and "Your secret love". Released respectively in 1991, 1993, 1994 and 1996. All certified Platinum at least in the USA !

From which will be extracted the mega hits "The best things in life are free" in 1992 which he performs in duet notably with Janet Jackson. And "Endless love" which he performs this time in a duet with Maria Carey.

Luther Vandross will stay as one of the most gifted and prolific singers of his generation. And his discography will remain as one of the most brilliant both in terms of quality and duration. Because it ran from 1981 to 2006 with an impressive number of hits !! Few singers can claim to have done so much ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The glow of love (Change) 1980

  • Never too much 1981

  • Don't you know that 1981

  • If this world were mine 1982

  • Since I lost my baby 1983

  • How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye 1983

  • I'll let you slide 1983

  • I wanted your love 1984

  • Til my baby commes home 1985

  • It's over now 1985

  • Give me the reason 1986

  • Stop to love 1986

  • There's nothing better than love 1987

  • I really didn’t mean it 1987

  • So amazing 1987

  • Any love 1988

  • She won’t talk to me 1988

  • Here and now 1989

  • Power of love 1991

  • Don’t want to be a fool 1991

  • The rush 1991

  • The best things in life are free 1992

  • Heaven knows 1993

  • Endless love 1994

  • Always and forever 1994

  • Love the one you're with 1995

  • Ain't no stoppin' us now 1995

  • Your secret love 1996

  • I can make it better 1997

  • Nights in Harlem 1998

  • Take you out 2001

  • Can heaven wait 2001

  • If I was the one 2001

  • I'd rather 2002

  • Dance with my father 2003

  • Think about you 2003

  • Buy me a rose 2004

  • The closer I get to you 2004

  • Shine 2006

  • Got your home 2006


Clips :

1980 ... the beginnings. The beginning of a career which, for the moment, combines with several. But it's not going to last ...

1981 ... the first single of the solo career. And for a first try, it's a real masterstroke. Probably one of the best Funk sounds of the start of the decade. Result : first global mega hit !

1981 ... he will prove to be as good in Dance as in the Intimist register. The mark of the Great !

1982 ... alone or with 2, he ensures, to say the least. A solo career that starts off with a bang where we can already see the artist's full potential

1983 ... for the moment, it is rather the phase 'Take out the handkerchiefs.' And my faith, in this field, he shows more than obvious aptitudes ...

1983 ... he sets the table for 2. And not with just anyone. Given the level of the partner, we can imagine that the result could only be up to par !

1983 ... back to Dance. The real. The success is limited to Anglo-Saxon countries but whatever, the quality is there !

1984 ... an 'inside' year with a slight drop in hit titles. We will mainly remember this one for 1984 !

1985 ... a change of vintage that rhymes with business recovery. Success is back and on a planetary level. A new dynamic is slowly but surely taking place ...

1985 ... there are the Intimist years and the Dance years. 1985 will be part of the 2nd category, that's obvious. ..

1986 ... an indefinable title, halfway between Intimist and Dance. Anyway, a successful title, that's clear !

1986 ... yet another track where the rhythms overlap. We can tell that muddling the waters has become a game that amuses him. And it works. Here he signs the second biggest success of his career !

1987 ... new duo but this time 100 % male. And it works perfectly again. MA-GIC !

1987 ... back to pure dance. A discography that grows year after year and which is on the way to becoming one of the busiest of the decade !

1987 ... an Intimist register once again in the spotlight with this particularly inspired title. It's becoming a habit with him !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with 2 mega hits starting with this one. The singer now perfectly masters the elements and everything becomes disconcertingly easy for him ...

1988 ... and here is the 2nd. The least we can say is that it grooves serious. A constant with him when he is in the dance field, it is undeniable !

1989 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. After one of the most brilliant years of 1988, 1989 seems somewhat palate in terms of quantity. On the other hand, on the quality side, it's something else. Only one hit on the clock, but what a hit. He signs here one of his Masterpieces, just that !

1991 ... a change of decade perfectly mastered despite a year 1990 almost empty. We find the artist in dazzling form in this year 1991 and here he signs a new global mega hit which shows that we will have to count on him in this new decade !

1991 ... another BIG year which sees him align mega hit with mega hit. A successful career that has been maintained for nearly 10 years in the highest spheres of success. A real feat !

1991 ... the pass of 3 ! Admittedly, this title will not reach heights as high as the 2 previous titles but will approach more or less

1992 ... when 2 huge names of the moment unite to give the best of themselves, the result is necessarily up to the task. New top hit !

1993 ... for the year 1993, the mega hit, it will be this one. A less 'glorious' year than the previous one but which saw the artist maintain himself at an impressive qualitative level !

1994 ... he will have sung with the greatest. But the converse is true for all its partners. He signs here a masterful cover of the sumptuous title of Lionel Richie dating from 1981. The copy is almost worth the original !

1994 ... a year definitely placed under the sign of romanticism and glamor. A succession of titles that literally float in the air. MA-GIC !

1995 ... not necessarily the best track of his career but a track that holds up, once again !

1995 ... he signs here a nice luxury cover of the magical title of the duo McFadden and Whitehead dating from 1979. It grooves serious !

1996 ... the last notorious hit, 15 years after its debut. An exceptional career which will have seen him align mega hits with mega hits. La Classe, la grande !

1997 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. Even if the artist is no longer at all in the standards of the time, that does not prevent him from continuing on his little path ...

1998 ... a little last for the road. History to end the adventure in style. An adventure which will last all in all during the 2000s and which will bring the artist a new batch of success !


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