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For better or worse...

Debbie Gibson is an American singer-songwriter who can boast of being the female artist in American history having been the first to compose, produce and perform a track that will go No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

She released her first single "Only my dreams" in 1987 and for a first single, it was a real masterstroke. The title became a huge global success, exploded the notoriety of the singer and allowed her to sign with Atlantic Records, label which will allow her to record her first album.

Album "Out of the blue" which was also released in 1987 and which will produce no less than 4 other top planetary hits that are "Shake your love", single which also comes out the same year, as well as "Out of the blue", " Staying together ”and the enormous“ Foolish beat ”. Three titles which will be released the following year in 1988.

The same "Foolish beat" that allows her to enter the record books since she then becomes, at 17, the youngest artist to have placed a title at the head of the Billboard 100 while having composed, produced and interpreted it !

She did it again two years later in 1989 with the album "Electric youth", an album which was going to be even stronger than its predecessor in the Charts, in particular thanks to 2 top hits "No more Ryhme" and "We could be together". But also and above all thanks to 2 mega hits that are "Electric youth" but also, and above all, "Lost in your eyes" which will be a real worldwide hit.

New album "Anything is possible" the following year in 1990, album somewhat disappointing and which above all marks a breaking point in his career. The level of success encountered by this album has nothing to do with the previous 2 opus, just like the singles that will be extracted from it. Only the title bearing the name of the album will struggle with difficulty.

It will be even worse in 1993 with the release of the album "Body mind soul", album of very relative success. Album that will produce the singer's last major single, "Losin 'myself".

Anything that came out thereafter in no way experienced the staggering level of success she experienced at the start of her career and she gradually disappeared from the radar at the end of the 1990s ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Only in my dreams 1987

  • Shake your love 1987

  • Out of the blue 1988

  • Foolish beat 1988

  • Staying together 1988

  • Lost in your eyes 1989

  • Electric youth 1989

  • No more rhyme 1989

  • We could be together 1989

  • Without you 1990

  • Anything is possible 1990

  • One step ahead 1991

  • In his mind 1992

  • Losin’ myself 1993

  • Shock your mama 1993

  • How can this be ? 1993

  • You're the one that I want 1993

  • For better or worse 1995

  • Didn't have the heart 1995

  • Only words 1997

  • I love you 2010

  • One step closer 2021


Clips :

1987 ... a startling to say the least with a first global top hit obtained by the young Debbie from the first title. What more !

1987 ... one would have thought that the incredible success of the first title was more luck than anything else. She confirms with this second title that her success is due to anything but luck ...

1988 ... 1987 was an exceptional year in every way for the young singer. 1988 will be of equivalent level. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1988 ... after having smashed everything with several very high caliber Dance titles, here she is trying the Intimist. A daring bet but above all a winning bet because here she will obtain one of her biggest discographic successes. HU-GE !

1988 ... a sweet parenthesis quickly closed. Return to pure and hard Dance mode, a mixed return to say the least with a seriously declining level of success ...

1989 ... she will have obtained her greatest successes in the Intimist field. An area that suits her perfectly and in which she can express all her potential. MA-GIC !

1989 ... a year 1989 which will undoubtedly remain as its best vintage with 2 top planetary hits and above all 2 mega planetary hits. The young singer is at the top of her possibilities at the end of the 80's and it shows. Especially we can hear it !

1989 ... she alternates with an obvious mastery Dance titles and Intimist titles. With the key to a level of success that does not weaken one iota and which keeps her at the top of the bill without too much difficulty

1989 ... the 1980s saw her hatch and then explode. A dazzling success in just 3 years which makes her one of the big phenomena of the moment and this undoubtedly !

1990 ... now remains to be seen whether the 1990s will be so favorable to her. For the moment, and this despite a title of more than obvious quality, we would see dawning as the beginning of deceleration ...

1990 ... a deceleration contained with this title but it is clear that the transition to the 90s is not going to go as well as expected ...

1991 ... she will try to adapt to the latest trends of the moment to try to raise the bar. It starts with a good feeling but when inspiration is somewhat lacking, it's almost a waste of time ...

1992 ... until then the Intimist mode had been particularly successful for her. Even in this area the fall will be severe. A more than worrying trend reversal ...

1993 ... the last notorious hit. She will succeed in saving the furniture in this decade of 90 with this title but it will indeed be the last time that she will make talk about her in a consistent way ...

1993 ... the fall will have been as rapid as the rise unfortunately, as is often the case in these cases. 3 years at the top followed by an irremediable dropout that she will never be able to stem again

1993 ... and yet she is far from unworthy, especially when she produces this kind of title. But the public has gone elsewhere and will never come back ...

1993 ... here she is in the new version of one of the most cult musicals of the end of the 1970s. An umpteenth version which suits her rather well and which above all allows her to go back in time from a moment to the area

1995 ... the rest will be more anecdote than anything else. Her good will is evident, but that is no longer enough to save the minimum. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... a year 1995 definitely placed under the sign of the register 'With emotions'. And the least we can say is that the inspiration is back. But it is the general public who are absent subscribers ...

1997 ... the adventure continues for good. A jusqueboutisme which will allow the singer to obtain a last very 'small' hit. It's always better than nothing as they say ...

2010 ... after a catastrophic 90s decade for the singer and an outright disappearance of radars, she will attempt an improbable comeback during the 2000s. Unfortunately, what did not work during the 90s will not work anymore the following decade. End of story as they say ...


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